Ways you can educate your children when you’re busy working from home

When working from the office, the distractions are fairly limited. Mainly, they are our colleagues, our work (ironically), and our phones. When working from home, however, we will have one of the biggest distractions out there demanding our attention; our kids. 

Seeing as they can’t go to school, or child care, they will be at home with you. The problem is that you still need to work, and they still need to learn. Don’t worry though, your hands aren’t tied. In fact, in this guide, we’ll give you great tips to help you educate your kids while you’re working from home! 

Get Screen Time Right:

Whilst many parents may hesitate when it comes to screen time, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. There is an abundance of digital content online that will allow you to keep your kids occupied whilst learning a thing or two at the same time! 

Kids love cartoons, right? So, why not let them enjoy some free kids cartoons that are both educational and fun? This way, you can get back to work knowing your little ones are laughing and learning. 

Apps are another great tool at your disposal. They are interactive and full of bright colours and characters for your kids to enjoy. We recommend doing some research to find something that is at their level and gives them the lessons that they need. 

Utilize Books:

Time spent indoors presents an excellent opportunity to get your kids to fall in love with books! Reading and comprehension are essential life skills that every child needs to master, so why not use the time at home to do just that? 

You could start a reading program, where they have books set by you, and earn a small reward when they finish. This way, they’ll be motivated to continue with it! 

Alternatively, there are workbooks and educational books that are great for kids too! These are designed to help kids learn and have fun at the same time. These are widely available online and cover a range of different topics. 

Send them on virtual field trips:

One of the best parts of school is the field trips! Sadly, many kids may miss this experience at home – but what if they didn’t have to? Virtual field trips allow you and your kids to visit places all around the globe, and outside of our planet too! Fancy taking your kids to Mars? This link will let you do exactly that! 

Virtual Lessons: 

Many teachers, and parents, are hosting virtual group lessons to help parents stay on top of their children’s education. Contact the school that your children normally attend to see if they have organized anything like this, or do some research online to find something that will suit your needs and schedule.  

Final Thoughts

As you can see, educating your kids whilst working at home is much easier than you may have thought!