11 Best Playlist Curators to Submit Music

As an independent artist in today’s music landscape, getting your songs heard can be a daunting challenge. With millions of tracks uploaded every day, standing out on major streaming platforms like Spotify is more competitive than ever. One effective way for artists to increase their discoverability and reach new listeners is through playlist placements by influential curators.

Spotify playlists curated by music tastemakers, influencers, and the platform’s own editorial staff have become powerful engines for music discovery. A well-placed song on the right playlist can expose an artist to thousands or even millions of potential new fans. However, landing on these coveted playlists requires catching the attention of their curators.

Fortunately, there are now numerous services that allow artists to directly submit their music to playlist curators for consideration. These platforms connect artists with curators across genres, from indie rock to hip-hop to electronic dance music and beyond.

In this article, we’ll explore 11 of the best playlist curators and music submission platforms that independent artists should consider utilizing to amplify their music and expand their fanbase on Spotify.

1. Playlist Curator

Playlist Curator is a prominent online platform that curates and distributes music playlists across major streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music, and SoundCloud. They offer a diverse range of themed playlists covering various genres, moods, and topics.

How It Works

Playlist Curator maintains a vast collection of curated playlists organized by themes such as love, life, resilience, travel, and adventure. These playlists feature a mix of mainstream hits and indie gems, catering to different musical tastes and preferences.

Artists can submit their music to Playlist Curator through an online submission form. The team at Playlist Curator carefully listens to each submission and evaluates it based on strict criteria to ensure it aligns with the theme and quality standards of their playlists.

If a song is selected, it gets added to the relevant curated playlists, exposing the artist’s music to Playlist Curator’s dedicated listener base across Spotify, YouTube Music, and SoundCloud.

In addition to music discovery, Playlist Curator allows users to create an account and bookmark their favorite playlists for convenient listening anytime, anywhere.

2. iMusician

iMusician is a digital music distribution service that allows artists to submit their music to iMusician’s own curated playlists for free.

How It Works

iMusician maintains its own curated playlists across various genres. As an artist distributing through iMusician, you can submit your music for free consideration to be added to relevant iMusician playlists.

Simply log into your iMusician account and navigate to the playlist submission section. You can browse iMusician’s playlists by genre and submit your tracks to any that are a good fit for your music. The iMusician curation team will then review submissions and add accepted tracks to the appropriate playlists.

3. Soundplate

Soundplate is a platform that connects independent playlist curators with artists looking to get playlisted.

How It Works

On Soundplate, artists can search for and browse playlists curated by independent Spotify curators. The playlists are organized by genre, mood, and other filters to help find relevant matches.

Once you identify playlists that suit your music, you can submit your tracks directly to those curators through Soundplate for consideration. The curators then review submissions and decide which tracks to add to their playlists.

Soundplate is free for artists to use, making it easy to pitch to multiple curators through one platform.

4. MySphera

MySphera is a music promotion platform that helps connect artists with independent playlist curators, bloggers, and influencers.

How It Works

Artists can run paid campaigns through MySphera to have their music pitched to MySphera’s network of over 1,000 playlist curators, bloggers, and influencers across genres.

When setting up a campaign, you provide your track and some details about your music. MySphera then analyzes your submission and pitches it to the most relevant curators in their network. Any curators interested in your music can choose to add it to their playlists or blogs.

MySphera offers different pricing tiers based on the number of curators your music is pitched to. They have a “no features = money back” policy if your track doesn’t get added anywhere.

5. Rizing Playlists

Overview: Rizing Playlists is an independent playlist curator highlighting up-and-coming artists across genres like pop, hip-hop, R&B, and more.

How It Works

As an artist, you can submit your music directly to Rizing Playlists for consideration to be added to one of their curated playlists. They have playlists spanning a variety of genres and moods.

To submit, simply visit the Rizing Playlists website and fill out their submission form with details about your track and links to stream it. The Rizing Playlists curation team will then review submissions and add tracks they want to feature to their playlists.

Rizing Playlists is free for artists to submit to, though they don’t guarantee playlist placement for every submission.

6. SoundCampaign

SoundCampaign is a music promotion platform that connects artists with playlist curators who can add their music to playlists.

How It Works

On SoundCampaign, artists can pay to run campaigns where their music is pitched to SoundCampaign’s network of independent playlist curators across genres.

When setting up a campaign, you select your track and provide some details like the genre. SoundCampaign then identifies relevant curators in their network and pitches your music to them.

Any curators interested can then choose to add your track to one of their playlists. You’re able to see which curators listened and their feedback.

SoundCampaign has different pricing tiers based on factors like the number of curators your music is pitched to and the size of their playlists.

7. Indiemono

Indiemono is a free music submission platform that allows artists to submit their songs for consideration on Indiemono’s editorial Spotify playlists. It’s run by independent curators who listen to and playlist music they enjoy.

How It Works

Indiemono has a simple online submission form where artists can submit their unreleased or released music. The songs are sorted into different genre categories like indie, alternative, electronic, etc.

The Indiemono team listens to all submissions and playlists the songs they like on their curated Spotify playlists across different genres and moods. They don’t provide individual feedback on submissions due to the large volume received.

Artists can check if their music was playlisted by looking at the Spotify for Artists analytics for that track. Indiemono encourages artists to follow them on social media for updates on new playlists and opportunities.

8. Tunemunk

Overview: Tunemunk is a free platform that connects Spotify playlist curators with artists looking to get their music on playlists and gain more exposure.

How It Works

Spotify playlist curators can submit their playlists for free on Tunemunk. To submit a song to a curator’s playlist, artists must follow that curator’s Spotify playlist and Tunemunk’s default playlist.

Once an artist submits their song, the curator receives an email with the track. The curator can then decide whether to add it to their playlist or not. Tunemunk does not allow curators to charge artists for playlist placements.

The more followers a curator’s playlist has, the more submissions it is likely to receive from artists on Tunemunk. Curators are encouraged to promote their Tunemunk submission gate to gain more playlist followers.

9. Playlist Push

Playlist Push is a premium music promotion service that allows artists to submit their music to independent Spotify playlist curators for potential playlist placements.

How It Works

Artists sign up and create a campaign on Playlist Push, selecting their genre, budget, and other criteria. Playlist Push uses an algorithm to match the artist’s song with relevant playlist curators.

Curators on Playlist Push go through a vetting process to ensure they have an engaged audience. They receive the submitted songs in their dashboard and provide feedback on whether they’ll add it to their playlist or not.

Curators are paid between $1-$15 per song review, with higher rates for playlists with more followers and engagement. Playlist Push takes a percentage of the artist’s campaign fee.

Artists can view analytics on their Playlist Push dashboard to see which curators added their song and track the streams/exposure generated.

10. SongRocket

SongRocket is a music promotion platform that allows artists to submit their songs to Spotify playlist curators for potential playlist placements and editorial support.

How It Works

Artists create a campaign on SongRocket by providing details about their release and setting a budget. SongRocket uses data to match the artist’s song with relevant playlist curators.

The curators receive the song submission in their SongRocket dashboard. If they enjoy the song, they can add it to their Spotify playlist and provide feedback/support like sharing on social media.

Curators earn money from SongRocket based on the streams and playlist placements they generate for the artists’ songs. More prominent curators can earn higher rates.

Artists get daily reporting on their SongRocket dashboard to track playlist placements, curator feedback, streams generated, and other analytics.

11. Daily Playlists

Daily Playlists is a music promotion platform focused on getting artists’ music placed on prominent Spotify editorial playlists like New Music Friday, Release Radar, etc.

How It Works:


Artists submit their upcoming release and campaign details like genre, budget, goals, etc. on the Daily Playlists website. The team at Daily Playlists then vets the submission.

If approved, Daily Playlists uses proprietary data and industry connections to pitch the artist’s song to Spotify’s editorial staff and influential playlist curators.


Daily Playlists aims to secure placements on major Spotify editorial playlists as well as prominent user-curated playlists to maximize exposure for the artist.


The artist receives reports on playlist placements achieved, streams/followers generated, and other analytics from their Daily Playlists campaign.