Why you should enrol your kid into a Music School

Why you should enrol your kid into a Music School

Music is considered to be a great extracurricular activity for children. It engages your kid and fosters overall development. A lot of school offers musical training programs or music classes. Here are a few reasons why you should enrol your kid into a music school

  1. Increased attention span

Playing instruments requires your child to be completely focused on it, and pay close attention to the details. This increases your child’s attention span. Playing notes and learning a musical piece for a performance also improves memory. All of this leads to better academic performance.

  1. Increased emotional intelligence

Students who learn music tend to be more sensitive to different cultures and have an open mind about diversities. Music is all about expressing your emotions and giving your feelings an outlet, it encourages your child to be open about his/her experiences and emotions from a very early age. This transcends into good inter/intrapersonal relationships later in life. They have a better understanding of how to control and regulate their feelings. 

  1. Improved language skills

The Suzuki school of music believes that children can learn music just like they learn language. Therefore, training in music helps students to develop language and reasoning. Music stimulates certain part of brains, essentially the left side of your brain which is responsible for linguistic abilities and reasoning abilities.  

  1. Increased self confidence

Playing an instrument is a difficult task, when your child is able to play an instrument it gives him/her a sense of achievement, which in turns boosts his/her confidence. Playing in front of an audience, like in school functions or family gatherings, gives your child a sense of accomplishment and makes him/her feel worthy. All of this not only improves your child’s confidence, it also increases their self-esteem. 

  1. Increased eye hand coordination

To be able to play any instrument, you need to have excellent eye-hand coordination as the player has to do multiple tasks at once, for example, a pianist has to play the keys, remember the notes and read the music all at once. Therefore, if your child goes to a music school, it will help to develop your child’s motor skills and finger dexterity. 

  1. Better Discipline 

Any kind of musical training be it vocal or playing an instrument, the world of music requires you to have a certain kind of discipline. The first thing that any music teacher will teach your child is to focus completely on the training. Another benefit of a music school is that it improves your child’s posture. With increased use of mobile phones and laptops, children spend a lot of time sitting on their beds, indulging themselves into their phones. This is why a lot of children today have a bad posture which has a negative impact on their overall personality. A music school will ensure that your child never has bad posture. 

By now we have come across a lot of positive impacts of musical training. If you want your child to have an overall enriching experience, then you should definitely enrol him/her into good music school