Top 3 Hidden Gems to Explore in Batam

In this article, we’ve discovered a list of hidden gems to explore so that you may follow it for its beauty. A fantastic waterpark and IG-worthy cafes have sprung up with the town evolving much during the past ten years.

During Batam’s evolution are under-appreciated shores, each defined by their charm. We frequently veered off the primary road, and we highly recommend hiring a driver for the day. Suppose you find yourself needing a last-minute change of destination, bookmark this list for back up. Below are some things to do in Batam that you won’t find in tourist guides.

  1. See the BIGGEST inflatable water theme park near Singapore

Playgrounds bring out the kid in me with slides and swings, but an inflatable park water sports park takes the fun to the next level. At SeaForest Adventure, there is a simple entry fee for adults (Rp35,000 ~S$3.50) and children (Rp25,000 ~S$2.50) and a top-up for each task based on duration.

We bought tickets to Aqua Adventure Track for 60 minutes (Rp120 000 ~S$12). There were lockers and clean bathrooms with shower stalls beside the counter. We quickly changed, slapped on sunblock, and moved out to the beach to grab a life vest.

The whole park is as big as a basketball court and included swings, wall climbing, monkey bars, giant slides, free falling, and even a three-metre broad trampoline. We were eager to get to the trampoline in the middle, but the slippery playground had us shrieking in bliss whenever we dropped.

Some assistants watched over us and helped us back up every time, so even though we can’t swim, we weren’t super scared. The playground kept us busy all day so that you’ll want to sink to the beanbags on deck to get a rest now and then. There is a Floating Snack Bar in the middle of the park and a tent at the shore with a little stall for refreshments.

  1. Swing from the sea or stand on heart-shaped planks at Pantai Viovio

For an epic background shot, swing from the sea at Pantai Viovio. The wave was high when we waded around ten metres past the shore until the waters reached my knees. There is another swing not too much off using a pair of seats, as well as a makeshift stage if you would like to wait for the sunset with friends.

Mangrove trees bound the beach, and small islands dot the shore with ships sailing across in the distance. The expanse of complete soft sand was sprinkled with gazebos available for rent (Rp150,000 ~S$15 per day).

Pantai Viovio is 800m of the unpaved road after passing Barelang Bridge 5 that looks like the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. There were clear signposts and an entrance fee of Rp10,000 ~S$1.

  1. Have a treetop selfie above a cliffside beach at Taman Wisata Habibie 1000 Tangga

Taman Wisata Habibie 1000 Tangga (Rp5,000 ~S$0.50 per person) means “a thousand steps” due to the sheer number of stairs there that lead to picturesque spots in the garden park. Around Dangas Sekupang Beach, it gets its namesake from BJ Habibie, Indonesia’s third president, who used to reside here. We dropped off at Area Sunset before the evening set in and found many tiny groups resting on seats in the shade, looking into the horizon.

We walked up to a rustic treehouse (Rp2,000 ~S$0.20 per individual), from where we could see Singapore’s skyscrapers, eager to see Marina Bay Sands. We had to get a treehouse selfie to indicate the memory, and a shot of a panoramic view of the shore. Lush greenery dominated the location, and the treehouse had a charming view of the sunset, which gave me Tarzan and Moana vibes.

At around 6 pm, we followed a trail down a flight of stairs to the coast where the trees and silhouettes of men on sampans outlined the sky. It is a romantic spot to take in the serenity with the beaches gently breaking at our feet. There’s a tiny offshore island, Pulau Putra, which you can get to by boat (Rp10,000 ~S$1 per person).

Before you plan a trip to Batam, please explore and research more about Batam and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.