The Main Types Of Slot Machines In Online Betting

In casinos, there are different types of slot machines. This allows casinos to adapt to all types of players. This is also due to technological developments. Indeed, some models are newer and improved from others and work differently. We will, therefore, detail the main types of them.

Multi-Line Slot Machines

It is the second generation of slot machines that offer many more possibilities which includes free bets. Indeed, they generally all have five reels and several payment lines. These can go up to 100 lines, which ensures players very regular gains. You must select the number of lines you want to play on before starting a game.

However, the greater the number of pay lines, the larger the initial bet. It is, therefore, necessary to find the right balance between the number of lines on which you play, and therefore your chances of winning, and the initial bet. 

Video Slots

Unlike the two previous models, video slot machines no longer work thanks to mechanical reels. The rollers indeed appear on the screen and operate electronically. It is also a machine that offers many more options and interactivities.

For example, on some models, it is now possible to play with a maximum of 7 reels. This makes it possible to offer a greater number of combinations and therefore, more chances of winning. In addition, it is now possible to unlock mini-games or special draws. These generally allow you to win big, but also to break the monotony.

In terms of design, improvement is really important. While previous generations already allowed to take advantage of a themed slot machine, its exploitation is now much more careful. On specific models, it is even possible to follow a story of adventures, mini-games generally making it possible to advance the story.