Streaming Music Services as Per Requirement Now

For those who have definitely made the choice to switch all their music to a streaming service like Spotify, the daily use of these applications, on smartphone, tablet or PC, has become so commonplace that we sometimes forget to go dig through the menus to discover all the practical features offered by these services.

Time has compiled a list of eight little-known and yet very practical features housed in Spotify, which could change your life as a musician a bit (We just invented this barbaric contraction of mobile user and music lover, sorry). We adapted them to my sauce and completed with two other tips. From Brett Napoli you can find the best choices now.

Of course, each of you will know at least two or three of these tips, and for the best, all (well done!) But there is a good chance that a majority have never seen the color. Let’s go.

Spotify: some albums will be reserved for paid users for two weeks

Hide from your friends

On Spotify you can not only share your playlists (the base) but also see what your friends are listening to, live. Something that can sometimes be a bit tricky and earn you some great moments of solitude. I remember for example this summer during a big session of messing around at the beach having played on my iPhone some titles of the incontrovertible Frédéric François. Until I realize that my “friends” (well, those who follow me) saw it live with their dumbfounded eyes. Obviously, out of context, it’s a little, um, annoying.

Private listening

Mobile private listening

To avoid this kind of deadly shame during a session, two possibilities: on the desktop version of Spotify, go to the main menu at the top left, select File> Private listening session. And hop you can make the complete Carlos quiet. On the mobile app, go to Preferences> Sharing and check Private listening. Please note, this setting is deactivated after 6 hours of inactivity. If you want to deactivate the sharing of what you listen to permanently, on PC and smartphone, go to Preferences (and Confidentiality on PC) and uncheck “Publish my activity” or “Share my activity”. To live happy, live hidden.

Optimize and save time in your Spotify searches

The internal search engine of Spotify may not be sophisticated and efficient than a Google but it uses a little the same logic of keywords and expression associations (in geek language we call that “operators”) . You can specify your searches by artist, genre or year. So if you are looking for a title of Chantal Goya or Beginning of the evening in 1985, you just have to do “Chantal Goya year: 1985”.

ISRC: Displays the titles corresponding to their identification number according to the International Standard Recording Code.

UPC: Displays the albums corresponding to their identification number according to the Universal Product Code.

TAG: new – Lists the most recently added albums. The tag will not return any results from any other keyword.