Some Lesser Known Interesting Facts About Gorgeous Scream Queen; Jane Levy

Jane Colburn Levy is an American actress, who was born on December 29, 1989 in Los Angeles, California to Mary Tilbury and Lester Levy. Her mother is an artist and florist, and Father is a mediator. During her infanthood, her family relocated from Los Angeles to northern California, settling in the city of San Anselmo. She did her schooling from Sir Francis Drake High School, where she was on the hip hop dancing team and was captain of the soccer team and amazingly she began playing soccer at a very early age of five.  She played soccer in high school, and played Division III soccer at Goucher College for one year. About her experience she said she wasn’t naturally talented, but she worked hard and committed myself 100 percent. She enjoyed the process of training, learning and hanging out with her teammates.

Jane Levy attended Goucher College for one year before dropping out and enrolling at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting to pursue a career in acting. Apart from these some highlighters there is much more to explore about the star. Read some of them:

  1. Like other female population out, Jane Levy can’t resist a plate of good French fries. Isn’t it quite hilarious?
  2. Surprisingly at an early age of 7 she was in musical Oklahoma.
  3. With a huge fan following the star has a special connection with her fans. Do you know how???? She has countless letters, postcards, and thank you notes and she saves all of them.
  4. Like any other girl out in town Levy is also passionate for online shopping,
  5. Do you know!!! As a teen, Jane Levy was impulsive and ready for adventure. Remembering one of her incidences, when she was only 15, the Northern California girl studied abroad in England for six months.
  6. She rose to prominence portraying the lead role on the television series Suburgatory before earning further recognition for her roles in Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe, both directed by Fede Álvarez.
  7. The star began her acting career opposite Emmy Rossum on Showetime’s Shameless.
  8. All her fans know her as Jane Levy, but do you know it is Jane Colburn Levy.
  9. Jane Levy’s grandfather, worked as an NYC trial officer
  10. She celebrates Hanukkah, a Jewish festival.
  11. Recently Jane shared her story about her dream of becoming an actress. She stated how her abortion allowed her to finish high school, go to college, drop out and pursue acting career.
  12. The beauty further earned recognition through her roles in other movies like Evil Dead, Don’t Breathe, and Nobody Walks among others.
  13. In 2011, Jane Levy was also named as one of the breakout celebrities and also ranked among the top eleven funniest women.
  14. With the popularity of Suburgatory, Forbes named Jane Levy among the future brightest stars under the age of 30 years.
  15.   She also earned a tag of Scream Queen due to her role in Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe.