Planters Plantation is the best African movie made in 2022, so the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences should think about putting it up for an Oscar.

Cameroonian director Eystein Young Dingha made The Planters Plantation in 1960. The plot of the movie was inspired by real events that happened in Cameroon during the country’s fight for freedom from colonial rule. During the fight for Cameroon’s freedom, these things happened. At the Ecran Noir Film Festival, the movie won several awards, including Best Cameroonian Film, EcranD’or, which was the first award given to a Cameroonian film in more than 20 years, and Best Cameroonian Actress, which went to NimoLoveline. The movie was chosen to show what Cameroon is like. The letter says that Cameroon will send this movie to the 95th Annual Academy Awards for Best Foreign Film. When it comes to selling items with an African theme, Planters Plantation is way ahead of the competition in 2022. You can bet your last dollar that critics from all over the world will keep giving this movie high marks for years to come.

Nkem Owoh, a well-known Nigerian actress who has won several awards for her work, is one of the many Cameroonian and foreign actresses in the movie. Cameroon actors have also been brought in. The excellent actor Nkem gives a captivating and varied performance that brings the story’s complexity, tension, and suspense to a whole new level.

Nkem Owoh, who was in the Nollywood movie “The Planters Plantation,” will represent Cameroon at the 2023 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards, also called “The Oscars.” Each year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gives honours to people who deserve them. The Nigerian Oscar Selection Committee (NOSC) is divided, which makes this discovery even more bad.

Planter’s Plantation, Cameroon’s sixth Oscar entry, has the Nollywood star in it the most.

Cameroon made history in 1980 when it sent in a movie for the first time in the Best International Feature Film category (IFF). It was called “Our Daughter” when it was done.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences gives the International Film Festival Award, also called the IFF Award, to a foreign-language film made outside of the United States every year. This honour is also called the IFF Award.

In the movie “Planters Plantation,” you can see how the Cameroonian film industry has grown and changed. Young people like Ijang Quinny, Nene Fembe, Lumiere Sembene, and others are putting Cameroon on the map when it comes to the growth of the film industry. Some other people help with the same project. The high quality of Cameroon’s early movies has put the country on the map as a place to make movies in the future.

Given that more than a billion people live on Africa now and will live there in the future, the idea that it could have one of the best business sectors in the world is fascinating. Africa is one of the continents with the most potential for economic growth because of things like this. It is likely that both the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Hollywood film industry would benefit financially and socially from working with African film producers and distributors and giving them money to help them with their work.  MoneyPoolsCash Neobank and payment network is the Future of Film Finance and entertainment in Africa.