Naming Your Business and Using Feng Shui for It

Feng Shui is one of the most popular ways of ensuring good luck. People all over the world follow or at least try to follow the guideline of Feng Shui to find their share of luck. Starting something new is really a tough experience as everything might just not go the way you want it to go. The initial hurdles often make people drop their ideas and even reconsider the whole thing. Names of the new business always play an important role according to Feng Shui. But some logos and names actually stand as a barrier between the business and its success. When followed the rules properly, one will find that some changes can make it comply with Feng Shui and it can change the luck. 

Simple things to remember

Put acronyms in the name of the business and promote the shortened form. Shake things up a bit to spice things up. You might land on a really unique yet easy to remember name that goes with Feng Shui.

Never hold yourself from using some term that were unknown to your but are immensely significant. 

You would never appreciate the thing that the name of your company is constantly misspelt. Choose something that is easy to utter for everyone including overseas audience. Internet can provide some serious help here. Choose a name that properly represents the business and is closely related to what your business offers to the audience. If you have a plan to go out of the city or country, try not to choose a regional name that keeps it stuck to a specific place. One can definitely go for other cultures as well and consider their views while going for audpicious store naming (ตั้งชื่อร้านมงคล. This is the term in Thai). If you are looking for a unique name, start with your own ones. As soon as you start using your own name, you will easily find some beautiful and unique names to choose from. 

Feng Shui and numbers

The best numbers for ensuring that a strong flow of energy may enter your house and office unhindered are considered to be 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, and 9 according to Feng Shui. The number 1 is related to new beginning like birth. It is always an auspicious number to have in the name. The number 2 denotes harmony or unity, just like the yin and yang symbol does. Due to its special qualities, the number 3 is a wonderful number. The numbers 6 and 9 are considered to be extremely lucky since they are multiples of three. Feng shui experts assert that the number 9 denotes the conclusion of a phase when circumstances are at their most intense. 

Owners of homes and businesses with the number 9 should anticipate staying in their properties or places of business for a long time. The number 8 will transfer positive energies if it is related to your business, just like the number 3 does. In Cantonese, good fortune and eight sounds almost identical. Although the number 7 is viewed as unlucky in feng shui, the number 5 may represent a time of extreme transition.