How to set-up a bar for cocktail party?

You want to host a party, but don’t know how to begin with a full blown get-together. Celebrating any occasion with family and friends always mean special. You can’t afford to compromise with anything; small nibbles, marshmallows for tasting, small plates of food, hot drinks to serve, etc you need to decide on everything to throw a cocktail party.

Decide the theme

A cocktail party is a great concept for office or house functions. The guests usually mingle in a group, creating more chances for networking and interaction. Usually cocktail parties serve starters, not a full-fledged meal. It may seem very easy in the beginning to set up cocktail party, but it isn’t. Many think that small bites of appetizer and some drinks is enough for cocktail parties, but tend to ignore what kind of drinks are being served at the bar – beer, spirits, wine, scotch or all? Decide in what theme you want to host a party, such as Blue Hawaiian or Tiki cocktail, so that pubs can serve related drink options. You should also consider the budget for the party; you need not offer a full bar, but have a variety of beer, wine, spirits, rum and some non-alcoholic liquid that all sorts of guests can enjoy.

Set the tone

You should also set the tone right for the type of party you’re hosting; for example, early party setup for wedding reception or whole night mood for informal gathering.

If it’s a formal party, you need to book bar that’s having totally professional bartenders and caterers. You need to also arrange some place for shirt meetings or announcements meant for potential clients. Ensure to have a fast, active Wi-Fi connection in the bar. Informal parties are usually held for friends and close family members where you know what kind of food and drinks are appreciated by the most.

Know what to serve

Depending upon the type of the party, you can serve drinks in a full bar or themed or signature style. Make sure to choose a pub that offers wide variety of liquors, garnishes, and mixers that can tailor to any occasion.

Choose the best bar or pub to host party that covers all the aspects for hosting a successful cocktail party. Have a wonderful time for hosting parties! Mad hatter bar is the best location to let your party live with the best experience. The bar has a casual yet elevated vibe, serving you the seasonal cocktails from around the corner.