How a VPN Enhances Your NOW TV Experience Anywhere in the World

Streaming television has changed the way we view our content, offering on-demand viewing without the long term contract of cable; in the UK NOW TV curates entertainment, sports and movie packages from big retailers like Sky so there’s likely to be something for everyone. A problem, though, for those who want to access NOW TV when outside the UK, is that NOW TV is geo-restricted and inaccessible – unless you use a VPN. If you’re living or travelling abroad, here is the reason why a VPN is the most important streaming device you’ve never heard of. 

Circumventing Geo-Restrictions with Ease

Your only predicament with NOW TV is that its stuff is quite regional, so outside the UK you’ll likely hit a wall. Luckily, you can simply route around it using a VPN and connect to a UK-based server to make it look like you’re in the homeland, immediately gaining access to a library of NOW TV content that might otherwise be out of reach, especially if you’re outside of the UK to catch the latest blockbuster or sports event. 

Quality Streaming from Any Corner of the Globe

A lesser-known use of a VPN is that it can help reduce problems encountered when streaming your favourite shows. ISPs may throttle your bandwidth depending on what you’re using it for. For example, if you’re streaming at peak times or super high-definition content, this may result in slower speeds, reducing the quality of your stream. A VPN can help to prevent your ISP noticing your streaming activity and thus causing potential bandwidth throttling. It’s good to know that this could help you avoid those frustrating times spent buffering to watch a show or movie on NOW TV, or reduce the need for a long wait to start streaming content in HD.

Privacy, Security, and Peace of Mind

There’s arguably never been a stronger reason to give any attention to your online privacy than right now. Online security is a concern for all of us, but not all of us use a VPN to encrypt our data travelling through the internet. Beyond enhanced security on public networks, a VPN can also hide your IP address from hackers and snoops that might try to identify your location and internet use. Using a VPN with NOW TV not only gives you access to your favourite TV and film, but it also protects your privacy when you’re online.

Flexible Viewing for Travelers and Expats

Whether you’re a UK resident travelling abroad or an expat living overseas, a virtual private network (VPN) can give you a taste of home by allowing you to watch domestic shows or live sporting events. NOW TV is your portable entertainment device that you can take everywhere with you, a VPN connection allows. Don’t miss a single episode of ‘Game of Thrones’, live cricket match, ‘Love Island’, or catch up with EastEnders while away thanks to a VPN.

Cost-Effective Entertainment Without Borders

Because of the huge regional blackout, if you want to subscribe to anything else, you have to subscribe to loads of local services that aren’t going to cost the earth. And, you will only ever be able to watch stuff through those services from one London or American company, but you’ll never get the quality on what you’d get with NOW TV. What a VPN gives you is the ability to continue to use at NOW TV. So, if you’re like me and you want your entertainment to be as easy as possible, and you don’t want to be spending money on loads of different services, it’s the cheapest way in the world to access quality entertainment.

An Experience Tailored to Your Lifestyle

What makes a VPN service so valuable in this context is the fact that you can choose where online you should appear at any given time. This is great for anybody wanting to pursue their NOW TV subscription with bespoke viewing from other territories and gain from a greater variety of content to enjoy overall. 

A Broad Spectrum of Entertainment at Your Fingertips

Access to NOW TV combined with a VPN means a range of content that has no equal, be that new releases of blockbuster movies and series, live sport action or exclusive shows. This really does mean more content but you also have more ways to enjoy them. 

Your Ticket to Unrestricted Entertainment

However, while accessing now tv all’estero without one acts somewhat as a workaround for geo-restriction, getting a good VPN service alongside your Now TV subscription unlocks a far wider world of enjoyment. Whether you are into sport, movies or series, combining NOW TV with a VPN is the smart way forward for anyone looking to improve their media consumption experience, no matter where you are on the globe. With these two tools at your disposal, any screen in your home becomes a portal to your favourite UK content. Happy hunting!