Fun Party Games Fit for a Princess  

You want your little princess’s party to be memorable and fun. According to Fairytale Princess Parties, one way to do this is to ensure that they have plenty of fun activities. This will keep the kids entertained and allow the party to flow easily from one activity to the other.

Creative Coloring

Kids of all ages enjoy coloring, and it’s easy to incorporate the princess theme into this activity. Instead of simple coloring pages, consider coloring your own cardboard castle. Coloring capes is another option, particularly if your fairytale princess sports one.

This is an excellent activity for the beginning of your party. No one will be excluded from the fun if guests are still arriving. They can jump right in.

If the Shoe Fits Relay Race

Everyone knows the story of Cinderella and her glass slipper. Fairytale Princess Parties says that this game is a fun take on the tale. Divide the kids up into teams.

Have all the kids take off one shoe, placing them into a pile. Move the group away from the shoes to the area that will be your start and finish line. If you have an extensive guest list, you may want to create a pile for each team. For smaller parties, combine all the shoes into one bundle.

The beginning runners will run to the shoe pile and locate their shoes. Once they have the shoe on, they run back to the line and tag the next runner. The first team to get everyone to the finish line wins. This is an excellent way for kids to burn off some energy and experience excitement.

Princess I Spy

Fairytale Princess Parties say this variation of I Spy is significant for princess parties. Choose one room or outside area to use for the game. Hide some princess objects around the room.

This can be based on all princesses or your little girl’s favorite character. It can be a great way to get your guests excited about seeing the princess in person!

Write out the objects on slips of paper or print out flashcards to play the game. The girl who spies will choose a slip of paper or flashcard and then call out clues to help the other girls guess. Once they’ve guessed the object, another girl will spy.

Ballroom Freeze Dance

Fairytale Princess Parties knows that many little girls dream of ballroom dancing like a princess. For this game, you’ll give them a chance to do so. Be sure there’s enough room for all the guests to dance.

You can choose traditional ballroom music or contemporary tunes. You can also play the soundtrack of your child’s favorite princess movie.

When the music plays, everyone dances. When the music stops, the princesses must freeze. Those who don’t freeze immediately are out. The game continues until only one princess remains or the princesses tire of the game.

If you or your guests aren’t comfortable with competition, you can use the fainting variation. It’s based on Sleeping Beauty. The princesses wake up when the music is playing and faint when it stops. This gives some room to react faster than others and isn’t competitive.

FairyTale Princess Parties

If you want to book a princess for your child in Ottawa, Fairytale Princess Parties is a perfect choice. Mary-Jean Harris has many princesses and characters for you to choose from. She ensures that every princess party is a success!