Creator 101: Learn Video Editing to Hook Audience

With the rise of Instagram in recent years, the number of content creators across the platform increased to thousands. Somewhere along the line, everyone became a content creator in a way. It may be as small as posting a video of singing a song or showing the process of you making your art pieces, the point is as long as you create and post a piece of content you are a content creator too. If you have observed, the most eye-catching and engaging form of content is video. If you want to grow as a creator and reach more people, the key is to make more content in video form. The most important part of a video is how it looks as well as how it sounds. Poor quality video won’t take you far. At this point, editing comes into play. Many overlook editing, we suggest you don’t. Editing a video properly will increase its quality and make it irresistible eye candy. You don’t even need fancy tech to edit video, all you need is a smartphone. There are many apps available to help you edit and elevate your videos.

Are you new to the world of editing? Don’t know where to start? No worries, we got you! Editing a video is simple as long as you have a rough image of what your final export should look like. The first step is to import your video into the video editor app you are using. Remember a bad video can’t be fixed in editing. Try to take multiple shots using your camera or smartphone and then use the best ones for editing. Once you have imported the videos you want to edit, we move to the next step which is dissecting the videos and selecting only the useful frames. This is where you will use the split and trim tools. After you are done with picking the parts that are needed, arrange them in the order you want your final video to be.

This is where the fun begins! Now you can experiment with the colors using the color correction tool. Some people color grade at the end of the edit, but either way is fine as long as the video looks pleasing to the eyes. Achieve the aesthetic you want by playing around with the controls. As you edit more, you’ll be able to color grade more efficiently. The next step is to add music and edit the clip to the beat. This will give a certain flow to the video. Now comes adding transitions, if used properly, this tool will elevate your video to the next level. Try not to go overboard with it.

Just click export and you are done!

Apps like MontagePro, Inshot, and many others have all the features mentioned above. The process and steps mentioned above can be modified or replaced according to your needs. There are many other tools at your disposal, try them out and see what fits the best.