4 lessons we learnt from watching ALTBalaji’s Crashh 

Let’s all admit: ALTBalaji’s Crashh is a phenomenal sibling drama. From leaving us teary-eyed with the painful separation to making us jump with joy with a reunion, the show has set the bar way too high. The blend of happiness and sadness in the Crashh web series has won the hearts of the viewers (for all the right reasons). 

Here are the top four lessons learnt from the series that are worth remembering for a long time: 

  • The older one is the wisest! 

Out of the four of them, Kabir was the eldest and the wisest. His maturity, discipline, and sense of responsibility made him the right fit to look after his younger siblings. No wonder why his parents trusted him with such a huge responsibility! 

In the Crashh web series, Kabir was the literal representation of every older sibling ever. He shows us how elder siblings can handle every possible situation with dignity, calmness, and grace. He taught us how they are every family member’s saving grace in times of crisis. 

  • Blame games can ruin relationships

Destiny brought Kajol and Jia together in the worst possible way. When the two sisters meet as strangers, it doesn’t go down as planned. They turn into enemies who go above and beyond to ruin each other’s life (*whoa*). You know why? Well, to say the least, their hatred develops due to one tiny blame. 

One of the most common mistakes everyone makes is blaming. And hey, there is nothing more disastrous than pointing fingers at each other when something untoward occurs. So, ladies and gentlemen. Give it up right away! Instead, keep an open mind and understand one another’s perspective.

  • Always be the bigger person

Kabir may have been a matured member of the family. But Kajol was the girl with the big heart. She put others above herself in the web series. Her only aim in life was to smile from within and spread joy in everybody’s life. 

Being a bigger person takes courage. But trust us, it’s worth it. You’ll be able to put yourself in their shoes and take a fresh perspective into consideration. Remember the goal here is to do what’s right without being manipulated by others! 

  • Families never give up on each other 

Although the entire family separated in an accident, Kabir continued to look for them after he turned into a cop. His hope, determination, and courage took him a long way, indeed. You’ll see! 

The best you can do is never give up on your family. Sure, the situations can get tough. But hey, have faith. Change your mindset, stay positive, and wait for the magic to unfold. It’s that simple! 

The story of Kabir, Jashn, Jia, and Kajol will move you to the core and teach you the importance of siblinghood. Catch their heartbreaking tale on ALTBalaji. All you have to do is download the app, pay 80 paise per day, and bam. You’re ready to watch Hindi Web Series online!