3 Easy Steps to Writing a Comic Book Script

Do you love storytelling? Are you passionate about reading comics? Do you love doing something creative and innovative? Then writing a comic script book is the best option for you. You can show your skills and make it a promising profession.

Comic writing is an art. You have to put in a lot of effort before coming up with desired results. You may have to face many rounds of editing and a hit and trial approach. But that’s OK! Once you have hands-on experience, you will come up with flying colors.

Research and generate ideas!

You may have a pool of ideas. You have to select the theme which is most engaging. To accomplish this task, you have to research and find the best option you think people will love to read.

Keep in mind the concept should be unique and appealing. Why would people read your script if it is repetitive and have an old storyline?

After selecting the topic, churn out the rough draft. What’s your story? How many characters do you want? What should be the length of the story? What dialogue will you use?

All the things should be in a manageable order. Make it easy to understand. Your comic will read by people of different age groups and educational levels. So, use the language easily comprehended by the people.

Design each panel carefully:

As a comic lover, you must know that the book is full of attractive illustrations. Once you decide on the characters and dialogues, the next step is to design the pictures for each page.

Picture, dialogue, and character should acclimatize with each other. Illustrations should be attractive and represent each scene. The images should not under-represent or over represent the scene.

Chose the tone, color, and highlight wisely. Thoroughly select the number of illustrations that can fit in each panel.  Also, work on the momentum of the story to keep it as engaging as possible.

Rigorously, plan the layout. You have a great story to tell, but what if your page layout is not up to the level? You will not get the desired output.


Once your script is ready with the illustrations, put it in a sequence. Check the number of images you can adjust on a single page.

Do not overstuff the page; also, do not under stuff the page. Also, consider the scenario, you have created eight pages, but you have an order according to which you have to complete it in six pages. In such cases, you have to edit the story with caution. Cut the parts that should not spoil the flow of the story.

After compiling the book, go through it several times to make it perfect.  Check each dialogue, presentation, flow of the story, tone, and highlights before you sent it for publishing. The more you review; the better will be the output.


For instance, we look at Cameron Stewart art as a Comic book illustrator and storyboard artist. Cameron Stewart is best known as the co-writer of Batgirl and as an illustrator for his work on major titles such as Batman & Robin, Shazam, Catwoman, and more. If you are creative and make your comic books, then do not forget to promote them. You can create your website and also share it on social media platforms to make people aware.