Your Option to Write a Farewell: The Best Choices

Writing and sending a farewell email is more than recommended, for various reasons. First of all, if we use it to say goodbye to our colleagues, we will leave a good taste in them and it will be an ideal starting point to maintain professional contact.

Life is very long and the world is very small: we do not know when and where the circumstance of meeting again with former co-workers may occur. For this reason, and whenever discussions or personal problems with any of them have not been the reason you leave the company, it is best to end the employment relationship in the best possible way. In case of the goodbye sayings and wishes the below options are there.

And the same goes for those who have been your bosses, those responsible for your department or even the manager of the company. It is likely that you have not always agreed with the decisions they have made, even if some of them bothered you, but you should try to make an effort to make the parting as cordial as possible . To achieve this, writing a good farewell email may be the best solution. If you want to know how to do it, take note of the following tips:

Use a positive tone

It is one of the bases or techniques of good communication, the one that offers the best results: using verbs in positive, not negative. For example: say “a new adventure begins for me”, instead “a stage of my life ends”. Or “I will always remember my time at the company”, instead of “I will miss being part of this company”. Do you notice the difference?

Also, and much more important, do not use the farewell email to deal with negative issues that you have left in the pipeline, or to reproach anything to anyone. It is the ideal time and support to talk only about positive aspects.

Speak from a personal perspective

A farewell email will be much more effective if you use a personal tone and do not write it as if it were a typical email. To achieve this, you can even name the people who have helped you the most or who have been most important to you, and highlight how well you have had and what you have learned in the company.

Comment your experience

Along these same lines, take the opportunity to summarize and highlight all that the work has brought you on a personal and professional level. It is important that your colleagues and your bosses understand that, although you leave the company, you have made the most of your stay at it and do not regret any of the time shared with them.

Obviously, the reasons for stopping the activity will greatly influence this aspect, but you should always be as positive as possible.

Give thanks

And, continuing with the same positive tone , do not forget to say thank you. To your colleagues, for their help, for their collaboration and for the good times shared. And to your bosses, for giving you the opportunity to work with them and for allowing you to expand your professional experience and learn in the company.

Say goodbye with best wishes

Don’t forget to dedicate a part of your farewell email (usually the end of it) to wishing everyone the best in the future. Above all, it indicates that you would like them to do well, both personally and professionally, and that you hope to meet them again at some point.

Following these simple tips, you will be able to write a farewell email that will make everyone remember you with affection and in a positive way. In addition, an email of this type will help you in case you have to resume the relationship with former colleagues in the future.