Reasons to hire a Singapore Wedding Live Band for your Wedding

A wedding is the grandest event in two people’s lives. Under all the glitter, a shadow of tension and anxiety remain subdued for the couple and their immediate family. For reducing the stress and for adding soul to the auspicious occasion, a live wedding band has a significant role to play. If your Singaporean wedding day is all set, then find the most talked-about Singapore Wedding Live Band stealing the spotlight every time.

Even though the Coronavirus pandemic is restricting more people to the crowd, with a limited guest list and an incredible live band, you and your spouse can experience the most-awaited event of your life. Find the best live wedding band that can gift you good memories to cherish for the remaining life.

Music unifies people and the most beautiful tonic to celebrate a union. Don’t make the canned music destroy the fiesta when you can have a live wedding band for your Singaporean wedding. Wedding bands are formed of 5-6 people of great musicians and singers eager to entertain your guests with an incredible live musical performance.

Many guests rave after the schedule of the post-wedding party. During this time, the music band is in their top pitch playing the most relevant songs from contemporary movies or top-listing singers of international repute and make your friends tap their toes until they’re completely satisfied partying.

Here are some reasons to hire a Singapore Wedding Live Band for your wedding

Add soul to your party 

A live wedding band in Singapore is needed for adding soul to your party. Guests want to complete entertainment at weddings. Therefore, being a good host, you must want to put 100% entertainment to your wedding party by hiring a talented band performing live at your Singaporean wedding.

Creates ambiance 

Shakespeare once said, “If music is the food of love, play on”. So, let the live music create the ambiance at your wedding party where the guests will enjoy the fiesta of your union with the love of your life. Weddings are special and the couples getting married dream of making it no less than a fairytale event. When the decorators put their best efforts in decking up the venue, let the live Singaporean live bands put live in it and create an incredible ambiance with their state-of-art sound system.

Engages audience 

Live music engages the audience. Let your guests interact with each other and develop countenance during the dance on the floor. The live band performers communicate with the audience and let them get involved directly at the party to sing and dance in your happiness.

Ensure entertainment 

They know how to create an increase in the entertainment quotient by creating a playlist after consulting with you. From slow romantic songs for the newlyweds to the foot-tapping songs, they know the best way to engage people at the wedding in the best possible manner. You leave the rest to them and enjoy your wedding party by dancing and singing with your spouse and guests.

Play your loved music 

You must always want to listen to your favorite songs at your wedding. A live Singaporean wedding band can sing those songs for you. Before hiring them, you can share the playlist and if they sing those songs like a pro, hire them without a second thought.

While creating the playlist, make sure it’s a mishmash of old and new songs applicable for the seniors and the younger generations attending the wedding. While dancing with her father, the bride would love to play the favorite song of her dad. Again with her brother she would want to dance with a new Ed Sheeran number or a fresh rap song by Jay- Z. So, make sure, the singers can promise you versatility in their performance.

Request to play a specific song

Requesting to play a song is possible if you have a live band at your wedding. They do the same for letting the audience get engaged with their performance. It’s also their chance to show their unique ability to sing so many songs at a wedding.

Creates a memorable experience 

You should get a live band for making great memories. When you’ll see the video of your dead uncle dancing with you after so many years, you’ll feel great. The pictures and videos will be the evidence of the wedding that you and your loved ones enjoyed thoroughly and created so many wonderful memories.

Play during Wedding 

The wedding band that you hire can play for the whole day. They can even play different wedding songs during the ceremony. This will not only create a wonderful ambiance but the guests will also not get bored before the part begins.

Ready to play extra hours 

Talk to the band manager about playing for a few hours extra if needed. Sometimes, your friends might rave after the party and start dancing with drinks and enjoy their hearts out. Don’t spoil their spirits by calling off the party within the given time-frame. Request the band to keep playing unless your guests are tired and intrigued to call off the day.

Use their PA system

Use the PA system of the live wedding band for announcements. You don’t have to install a separate microphone for that.

Excellent sound system

The best live wedding bands in Singapore are acclaimed for installing a technologically improved sound system where every bit and bass will enthrall the audience. Let them do the best for your party so that whether they play live songs or get a DJ with them, the wedding party will be a super success with the incredible music arrangements they would bring for you.

Talk about the payments and advance payments before signing up with the best live wedding band in Singapore. Make sure, they’re highly-recommended for the talented musicians and singers they have. Have a clear discussion about the party songs and for playing extra hours if needed before hiring them. Enjoy the best wedding party with the live band at your wedding.