ZipRecruiter Wiki – Job Search Engine

ZipRecruiter Wiki – Job Search Engine

ZipRecruiter is a search engine for job advertisements. It offers a job search app designed for both prospective employees and employers.
The cannabis industry’s job growth is outpacing all other industries in the United States, according to co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Ian Siegel. According to Siegel, ZipRecruiter is the “fastest growing employment marketplace” and has “helped over 1 million businesses and 100 million job seekers find their next perfect match.”
ZipRecruiter Wiki - Job Search Engine

Feature List:

The #1 rated job search app on Android & iOS.

Over 8 Million Jobs.

Millions of job seekers and 100+ job distribution partners.

Over 40 million job alert email subscribers.

Over 10,000 new companies subscribe every month.

One-click posting to the most trafficked jobs boards.


Ziprecruiter Application

ZipRecruiter - Android

ZipRecruiter - iPhone

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