Zapya Wiki – File Sharing App

Zapya Wiki – File Sharing App

Zapya is the cross platform File Sharing App available on all the mobile and PC platforms. While the app was initially conceived for the Chinese market, it has spread to neighboring countries such as Myanmar, Pakistan, and India and is available across multiple operating systems. Wang Xiao Dong, Steve Gu, and Shangpin Chang designed Zapya.

Zapya Wiki

Overview :

Licence : Freeware

Type : Utility software

Licence : Freeware

Website :

Available in : English Language, Chinese language

Operating system : Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows NT, macOS

Developer(s) : Dew Mobile Inc. (Wang Xiao Dong; Steve Gu; Shangpin Chang)

Zapya Wiki - File Sharing App
Zapya App

Working Method of Zapya App

  1. The app enables users in countries with low internet penetration and poor internet architecture to transfer and share files without using the Internet, by creating a Wi-Fi hotspot to which other devices can connect.
  2. The app allows communities to make a local network and then subsequently transfer data – apps, videos, music – back and forth.
  3. In addition, Zapya’s “Phone Replicate” feature can easily backup and transfer files from an old mobile device to a new one.

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