We Heart It Wiki – Social Networking Website

We Heart It Wiki – Social Networking Website

Description of We Heart It:

We Heart It is a awesome Social Networking Website where you can explore videos, photos and articles from friends that share your passion for photography, travel, quotes, music, beauty, fashion and more. It describes itself as “A home for your inspiration” and a place to “Organize and share the things you love.”

We Heart It Wiki - Social Networking Website

Overview :

Website : weheartit.com

Headquarters : San Francisco

Type : Image-based social network

Created by : Fabio Giolito

Current status : Active

Languages : Multilingual (20+)Industry : Internet

Area served : Worldwide

We Heart It Wiki

Features :
  • We Heart It is a great visual platform that supports images, animated GIFs, and video.
  • It offers  live widgets, share buttons and follow icons for users who want to incorporate We Heart It on their website or blog.
  • Users can access the site through a web browser or official smartphone apps.
  • Customize yours to make it unique
  • Write something about you and where you’re from
  • Full control over what hearts appear on your profile
  • Find like-minded friends and connect by sending messages in the app
  • Integration to edit photos before you post with PicLab Photo Editor

Author’s Note :

Beautiful Website, Beautiful app, user friendly interface. This is a perfect application for picture crazy people like me! The pictures you share and the implicate interfaces makes it a top choice. It’s actually one of my favorite apps because it’s got such a good vibe and it can give you inspiration for things that never even interested you before.

My favorite Quote – Sometimes you want to shout HEY! YOU! LISTEN. You have ideas to share, but nobody listens. But you’d look like an idiot. And you know it wouldn’t work.

We Heart It Wiki – Social Networking Website



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