Vistaprint Wiki – E-commerce Brand

Vistaprint Wiki – E-commerce Brand

Vistaprint is a Dutch E-commerce brand that produces physical and digital marketing products for small and micro businesses. It was one of the first businesses to offer its customers the capabilities of desktop publishing through the internet when it first launched in 1999. Vistaprint is wholly owned by Cimpress N.V., a publicly traded company based in the Netherlands.

Vistaprint Wiki

Overview :

Industry : E-commerce

Founder : Robert Keane

Headquarters : Venlo, Netherlands

Employs : 5000+

Parent : Cimpress (1999–present)

Website : Visit Link

Products : business cards, marketing materials, printed marketing materials,  signage and photo products.

Trivia :

  • Vistaprint founder Robert Keane founded a company in Paris in 1995 called Bonne Impression, a direct marketer of desktop publishing software and pre-printed laser-printer-compatible specialty papers that helped small businesses produce printing brochures, stationery and business cards. In 1999, the company adopted an internet-based business model and changed its name to Vistaprint.
  • In November 2014, the company announced it would reorganise with the intention of clarifying the distinction between the corporate entity’s manufacturing platform and the company’s portfolio of customer-facing brands.
  • Vistaprint continued operating under the Vistaprint brand while the parent company became Cimpress. As a result of the change, the company’s ticker symbol was changed from VPRT to CMPR.

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