Thakur Ka Kuan By Premchand

Joku put the pot with water, desperately stench came from the mouth. Gangi spoke of how it is water? Can’t drink due to bad smell . Throat Pilaye water is being drained and you rotten!

Gangi filled water everyday in evening . Kuan was away, it was hard to go again and again. Yesterday he brought water, it was not quite Boo, what odor to the water today! He placed the small pot close to the nose, the smell was really bad . No animal must be well into the fall and died, but the other is water Come From?

Who will climb to well Thakur? Tell people off scolding. Sahu’s well on that end of the village, but also who will draw water? A third well is not in the village.

Joku ill for several days. I was silent for a while then stopped thirst, I thirst not died now spoke again. Bring some water, shall nose closed.

Gangee didn’t give water . Knew it would be bad water increases illness, but it was not aware that his failure to boil water are provided. How to quote this drink water? Which animal is not dead. I’ll bring water from other wells.

Joku saw surprised him where to bring water?

Thakur and Sahu are the two wells. What will fill a pot of water?

“And nothing will come fractured extremities. Sit quietly . Brahma-god bless, blackjack Maregen Thakur, a five Sahu said. Who understands the pain of the poor! When we die, so do not interfere in any Duar, laid side is so great. Such people would draw water from the well? ”

There was bitter truth in these words . Gangi have answered, but he gave that stinking water to drink.

It was nine o’clock at night . Tired workers were sleeping then, ten-five Befikre Thakur had gathered at the door. So now is not the age of heroism in plain, not chance. There was talk regarding legal bravery . How intelligently Thakur Sho bribed in a particular case and clean out Gyekkitni wisely brought a trial copy of marketing. Mohtmim Nazir and all would say, can not be copied. Ask a fifty, a hundred. Here Bepase- copy fetched squandered. Should work properly.

At the same time came to take water from the well Gangi.

Flask’s hazy light was coming on well. Gangi opportunity waited sitting in the shadow of the world. The whole village is drinking water from the well. For anyone not stopped, just unlucky they can not fill.

Gangi’s rebellious heart to injuries to customary restrictions and compulsions meet you- why we oonch vile and why are they? So that they manage to put thread in the throat? So here are all the one- to-one are Cँte. The theft, the mesh-Faryab’s make it to the false cases. Thakur shepherd of the sheep now so poor that day and later stole and ate dead. Pandit these twelve months in the house is gambling. Sahu Ji then sell the fuel is mixed with the oil. Once work on, give sanction grandmother dies. Which of us in this high, we do not shout that loud street to street, we high. Never come to the village, then start looking juice-filled eye. Looks like everyone’s chest snake rolled around, but boast that we are higher!

There was the sound of someone coming on well. Gangi’s chest started beating. See the miracles should be somewhere. Not even a single leg should be put down . He picked up the pot and the rope running down a tree and stood in the dark shadows. When these people have pity on anyone! I spit so much blood that hit Mahँgu poor month. That’s why he did not force the labour without payment . In spite of it they feel themselves great ?

The women had come to the well to draw water. They were chatting.

“Dictate that we go to eat and bring fresh water. Pitcher has no money. ”

“We like to see people sitting comfortably Mrdon become jealous.”

“Yes, it was not so long that took Klsia bring. That domination that bring fresh water, as we’re only Lundiya. ”

‘Ludinya or what are you? Food and clothing not fail? If it takes five to ten rupees Cin- Jptkr. And Ludiya are like! ”

‘Do not Ljao, Sister! Lost-in-law to relax the Trskr remains. Work so as to someone’s house, it remains far from comfortable. Above all he acknowledges the favor ! Die meditates work here; The mouth does not direct any. ”

Both drew water retreated, then came out of the shadows of the trees Gangi and came to the well of the universe. Ref Befikre were gone. Thakur were going to sleep in the courtyard inside the locked door. Gangi was a sigh of momentary pleasure. If any field is clear. In another era, the prince to bring nectar was stolen, perhaps consciously so with caution and properly. Gangi tiptoe climbed to the world of the well, as was not her first experience of victory.

He inserted a loop of rope into the pitcher . Right and left vigilant looked like a soldier may worsen at night in the fortress of the enemy. This time he was caught, then do not expect him to apologize or around zero concessions. He was remembering the gods in the heart, and put the pot into the well.

Pitcher swayed in the water, very slowly. There was not the slightest sound. Gangi also killed two to four hands frequently Kgdha come upon the well’s mouth. No big Shazor wrestler could not drag too fast.

Gangi leaning grabbed the pitcher suddenly Thakur Sahib has opened the door to the world that housed. The lion’s face is not going to be any more terrible than this.

Gangi missed the rope by hand. Pitcher crashing down with a rope into the water and hears the sounds of waves in the water were several moments.

Who is Thakur,who ? Were crying on the side of the well, and jumped out of the world Gangi was liable.

Joku pot coming home saw the muddy-dirty drinking water is placed in the mouth.

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