Tableau By Premchand

Was created discord in the house for several days. Pouty mother was sitting apart, the woman separately. The air in the house was full of venom. Make dinner, the day I can not put on the stove; Nobody ate. The children were not hungry today. The little girl came to me arises ever, ever close to the mother, grandmother ever; Somewhere on there were words of love for him. In her lap was not any raises, the values ​​he has crime. The boy came to school in the evening. Someone gave her something to eat, not said to him, nor asked. Both victims were sitting on the veranda minds and hearts of people are probably wondering why in the home were to have him so again. How often brotherly fight, often goes wailing; It would never be not to eat at home or do not speak to anyone. Twenty-four hours have passed it on what type of fight that is not cool, it probably did not understand them.

There was the bone of contention. Ammaa to my sister’s house Tija Bejn Likhayi the list of goods, the wife more, given the state of the house was known to live. Ammaa themselves are sensible. He had little crop; But the idea of ​​living with his wife and had to be trimmed. Place three five sarees, then even what is evil. What are so many toys, so the need for dessert! He had not found employment here; Daily operations have to pulls, milk and melted butter was Tkhlif budget, then why such generosity should be, fresh? A lamp in the house before it burned in the mosque have not been in the mosque had been burned and the house dark. Mother-in-law was on this argument, then went branches broken foot. Where it came from where, buried the dead were uprooted. Anyoktion came around and began a period of satire Munalnkar finished.

I was very upset. If I say something on behalf of Ammaa, the wife started crying, that live, start your Nsibon bashing; So many people say the wife gets the title of a fan. Therefore supports the two sides were alternately; My sympathy was with the wife on egotistical. Nothing was said openly Ammaa; At the heart of these atrocities was to understand what is on. The store does not have it is like this sometimes hallo. Taka does not recover from vassals, these old lines, their lives threatened, beaten and why should cast!

On the affairs of the household was repeatedly Jhuँjlati health. The three of them at home, so the creature and not the Love! In such a household should fire. Sometimes, such that all left-Chhadkr tended to obsess about running away anywhere. When will your head, then they will be conscious; How then would know that household moving. What no one knew that this evil will suffer not only takes the name of marriage. Such were the sickening feeling that. No matter, I want to get Ammaa. Daughter not suppress his feet, put his head in the oil, it is my fault? I have never refused him! I will enjoy the true, the mother-in-law should be so much in love; But let me put my hand in the matter that both love. If Ammaa his mother’s sari is washed, pressed their feet, their Gudkiya eaten, so now she wants to settle old scores daughter why? Why can not they see that times have changed? SaaS Byvs slavery laws now do not. Take the matter of love scrape his head, but who want to rule over them, showing Rob, so he had is over.

Janmashtami festival was all over town. War was waged in my house. It was evening; At home was dark. There was a grim dystopian. I was furious at his wife. Fight, the fight; But why put dark house? Said Jlenge not go home in the evening lamp?

Fulakr mouth wife said why do not burn. Your hands are not?

My body caught fire. So what steps did not come when you spoke to, when not in the house were burning lamp?

Di- Ammaa not air the fire, all the people were lying in the dark.

Ammaa law wife’s comment was out of the chariots. Bolin- flask soil will burn! So I have not seen the lantern. Ten years have passed, I came to this house.

I Daँta- nice quiet, not much go.

‘Ah! So you are scolding, as I have brought the price? ‘

“I say, shut up! ‘

‘Why should I be silent? If a call, listen to the two. ”

“This is the name of fidelity to husband? ‘

‘As is the mouth, so get wad! ”

I went out and defeated, and was sitting in darkness, cursed the wretched clock. When I was married to this Kulchcni. Ten years in the life of the darkness of the cinema-like pictures ran in front of my eyes. It was not even a glimpse of light, the softness was not much affection.


Suddenly the door Pukara- More Pandit Jaydevji Hey, why today it has a dark-law? But do not own anything. Where are you?

I have no answer. Wondered where it came from today boarded at the head.

Then Jayadeva Pukara- Hey, where are you bro? Why don’t you speak? If someone in the house?

From somewhere he did not respond.

Jayadeva Jँjodha door so hard that I was afraid, do not fall anywhere along the door jamb-side. Yet I could not say. His visit was vile.

Julian left. I took a breath of comfort. Satan turned about, does not head for hours.

But in five minutes and then came the footsteps of the intense light from the torch This time I woke up the whole room. Julian asked me where you were sitting, looking inquisitively law? Shouted for hours, until someone did not answer. This is the case today? Why not burn the lamp?

What do I pretend to be done, I had a headache, lie down, come to the shop, then went to sleep

‘And then slept selling horse, bet from the dead?’

“Yeah man, went to sleep.”

“But if in the house the lamp should burn or be Ritrencment? ‘

“Today, people at home are fast. Will empty hands. ”

‘Well, let’s go somewhere to watch the tableau? Seth Gureml temple remains a tableau that is worth watching. Decorated glass and electrical accessories such as the eye-blink arise. It is estimated that the front of the throne of watering cans with rose water are blown out. I was so overjoyed Chola. Coming to you straight away and ran. You really must see Jhakiya, but it is the same thing. Alam has cracked. Delhi came to hear a clever craftsman. This is the same trick. ”

I do not wish to go so coolly told my brother! Is head pains.

“Then surely come. If the pain would not say. ”

“You boy, we’re sickeningly. The death that somehow I had quietly Tle rape; But you were riding on the head. I will not say canonised.

“And I must say I gave’ll take.”

Me to overcome my friends remember the recipe is very simple. Thus handgrip-part, Dhinga-Musti, slap-Dppe’m not going to be second to none but they tickled me and being eliminated. Then I do not run anything. I think adding hand Gigiane think I am, and sometimes I even feel like crying. The same recipe was tested by Jaidev and his win. Treaty shall be subject to the same view that I went secretly to come tableau


Seth Gurelal those men whose morning to take the name, then do not eat all day. Hundreds of their Mckicuspane are prevalent in the Folklore town. Says one of Marwar was a beggar alms at their doorstep credit will boil. Seth has also insisted that will not beg, do whatever. Marwari was their own land. Been a while extolling their ancestors, then began to condemn him, finally getting laid at the door. Seth regardless of the zero-filled. Mendicant was also a man of his tunes. Bay-grain-water lay at the door all day and eventually died there. Then Seth and his action Pasije so grandly that anyone would be very low. Seth was a boon to the beggar’s satyagraha. Their inward devotion as open source. All that was dedicated charity.

We reached Takurdare then the crowd was engaged. Chilta was shoulder to shoulder. The entry and exit routes were different, but we had the opportunity to go within half an hour later. Jaidev decorations were squeals were brought up, but it seemed to me that the spirit of Krishna in the design and decoration of the fair has been lost. Their she jeweled, sparkling image of the power generated by the guilt in my mind. The residence is in the form of love? I have seen so full of gems arrogance and ego. I do not remember that at that time was that it is a millionaire Seth temple of God, who roll in wealth and the rich man could imagine. Her trust in God might be rich. Not have the money, he could have his mercy, never trust.

Julian Temple known. They all know that all over the place. The group had been sitting in front of the temple of music. Kelkar living your demigod-school pupils sat for the lute. Pakhawaj, sitar, sarod, knows who harp and musical instruments, whose names I do not know, his disciples were near. Was prepared to play a song. Julian saw Kelkar Minister called! I also sat in Tufail. The song originated in a moment. Smaa mesmerizing. Which was so noisy that not even hear the sound of cannon, there’s melody that flows into all anyone seduced her. Which was where, exactly Mntr- which stood enchanted. My imagination was not ever so illustrated and lively. He was not in front of me blinding power, not the twinkling gems, not the function of the physical personalities. In front of me was the bank of the Yamuna, tumor-face veil of vines camping. The siren was Guaa, water sports of the gopis, the sweet sound of the descent, the soft moonlight and the lovely nandakishor! Vatsalya was the light of love and in the face-image which would be serene views from the heart.


I was in this state of bliss-forgetfulness as the concert got off and began to chant Acharya Kelkar Dhrupad a teenage pupil. The artists used the words that are twisted such that the majority of listeners do not understand what are singing. I did not understand a word of the song; But the vocal elegance filled drunkenness was something that would have thrilled me every tone. So vocal magic-filled power, the experience I had today. In mind the creation of a new world began, which is to enjoy the pleasure-the-love-the-love, sacrifice-as-sacrifice. It seemed to afflict only an instinct of the mind, is the only true pleasure. A clean, pathos-filled tenderness, as was Msosne mind. The gentleman that was sitting there feeling that arose in the mind, all my own, are inseparable. Then sped past the statue came from the womb of my brother’s memory.

My younger brother was quite a long fight with me, stay with deposit-Jatha had fled Rangoon, and there he died. Remembering his brutish behavior arises I was frantic. If he is able to win his blood is drink, but this time looking at the memory-image as my mind became very vocal. To embrace him was wounded. With me, with my wife, the mother of my child, whatever bitter, vile and disgusting behavior had, that’s all I have forgotten. My brother was a feeling in the mind only so sad. Never had so much affection for this brother to me, then the state of mind was the feverishness can say! Expressions such as enemy was erased from the mind. Whatsoever beings had a sense of my hate-long abuse, violence Mukdmabaji had everything, he fell all were laughing, as I hugged. Then Vidya (wife) Hui He sculpted the statue standing in front of me ten years ago I had seen those eyes had the same nervous tremor, believed the suspect, but he cheeked Lzza- redness, no obtrusive love lotus pond be floral. The same passion, the same passion, the same cry-filled curiosity, that unforgettable night in which I was welcomed, once again aroused in my heart. Which was exposed as the source of the sweetest memories. G so craved by the same time rubbing the head on the steps gazing cry and crying myself to go into a trance. My eyes became hydrous. The harsh words came out of my mouth, he began Gdne in my own heart. In this case, as the loving mother came and lifted me lap. In childhood did not force me to enjoy the Vatsalya, just today I took it.

The song stopped. Everyone got up, and went. I imagine-I am immersed in the ocean.

Suddenly Jayadeva Pukara- walk, or sitting quiet?

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