Son-in-law who stays at wife’s home By Premchand

Hridn brother out of the sun came and sat by the water in sugar cane. Smoke was seen rising from the house. There was also the sound of jingling. Both his brother and then came into the house and left. Filed within two years the boys came and went the same way; Hridn on the inside could not. Here was being treated for a month with her, who had received a reprimand and especially tomorrow as he put his feet in what was the cuffs. His mother then told only yesterday, had filled my soul to you, I’m sitting on your life-long Indenture What? And above all the ruthlessness of his wife, who had given his heart to pieces. She sat listening to the reprimand has failed On one occasion, not out of his mouth, Ammaa, why they are insulting! Sitting gut-gut listened. Maybe it was my misfortune to be happy. The house should he? What the same abuses, to hear the rebuke? Ten years have passed and today lives in the house, it is recent. I’ll work any less? Sweet sleeping brother and I both live mash-water to give the bulls; Chhaँti me cut. There is no let everyone drink the pipe, I am occupied with the work his eyes were closed. Evening, family members singing goes, I watch the night Duhta cow-buffalo live. This award is to get her to ask someone not to eat. Conversely, there are abuses.

Dole out of the house and said to his wife, just pull it off well. Not a single drop of water.

Hridn brought water from the well, and the Dole. Her emphasis was hungry, eat now call explaining impulsive; The woman went inside while getting the scoop. Hridn had-had fallen asleep exhausted, distraught Maada apps.

Suddenly, the woman came and woke him vainglorious.

What is the set-lying Hridn said? What will be needed or not and water.

Vainglorious tone sarcastic quote what a noise, then the call come to eat.

Hridn saw his brother and older brother, both of which have two boys were dining. His body caught fire. I now reached the point that these people can not even eat together. These people are the boss. I’m going to lick their Juti plate. I’m his dog, which has been released after eating a piece of bread. Ten years ago, the house where he was much hospitality. Brother made slaves lived. SaaS mouth was always awaits. The woman was worshiped. Then he was worth, was property. Now he is poor, these people refuse to put her entire property. Now the bread are also afraid. What a blaze that broke his spirit right now and for years to her to go in and put Bhigo- soaked; Seized on the left. Lying-lying spoke I’m not hungry. Not eat today.

Vainglorious said not eat my goodness, yes else! Eat, you will be in the stomach, my stomach will be a short run.

Hridn became angry tears. This is my wife, for whom I have ruined one’s shirt. I now want to remove it by owl. Where should he! What to do !

Why do not you come and bid her mother-in-law went to eat, what to Rutte? Here you have to endure the tantrums are not the guts. Do not whatever you give and what you do. Daughter married you, some of your life is not written indenture.

And he said yes Ammaa Hridn deeply, my understanding was that I had forgotten. Now that’s what I’ll have you in my life indenture. Then everything was when I had the money. Now penniless, why can you ask that.

Old mother went inside the mouth Fulakr.

For children, the father is a useless thing – a luxury item, like horse gram or cates for officials. The mother is the bread-dal. What if I get over the loss Cates age; But one day, bread and lentils are not philosophy, then see what is the latest. Father’s vision are sometimes evening-morning, she tosses the child, Dularta never takes lap or finger caught walking and bus, that is his duty Chron. He is to be taken abroad, the child would not care; But the mother of the child is supreme. For a moment the boy could not endure his disconnection. Father, if any, he did not care to be a bounce-hopper man; But parents should be your own, come Solhon his; As the same color, the same love, the same everything. If not, if it dries up the source of the child’s life, then he is Shiva, Nandi, which is bound to offer flowers or water, is Akhtiari. Hridn while his mother had died ten years now; At the time, her marriage had become. He was sixteen years old Kumar. On realized her mother’s death, I am so helpless. Such that it may not have any rights. The sisters were married. There was another brother. I was afraid to go home alone too poor. Mother was crying; The mother was afraid of the shadow of. He had renounced his body in the closet, there she raises eyes not. An aunt in the house, he would caress Hridn much. Hridn to get more milk, less work to do. Aunt repeatedly Pucti- son! A hot dog? Father loved him more now, ordering a cow was different for him, the way you sometimes give him some money to spend. The wound was not accomplished by these ointments; Who had hurt his soul. The affection and the love of the mother reminds him repeatedly. Gudkion mother who was fun; He was in this affection? Mother, asking, execute Tunkkr, sought to lay the joy of taking what he did in this charity? First he was healthy, asking account, the Fighting-fought account, now he was ill, the good-to-excellent material were provided to him; There was hunger.

In this case he was a year. Then the world changed. His mother used to say that people have a new woman in her home, and was watching him like a black cloud covered the globe compressed Gyi- all greenery, all turned on the light veil of darkness. Hridn not even talk to the fake mother, sometimes he was not. One day left home and moved in-laws.

The father called repeatedly; His alive he was not in that house. On the day of her father’s death was reported, it was a kind of joy Irshyamay. Was not a single drop of tears from his eyes.

Hridn come in the new world once again had the joy of motherly love. Like her mother’s sage-boon has zero life full of personalities. The creation of green in the desert. Sister of the banter, the mother in affection, lived for years in speech and in love with the women of his life were all fulfilled. SaaS Khti- son, you only consider this home, only you are the apple of my eyes. Him of his boys, wives complain of. He understood at heart, your sons more than me Sasji want. Father’s death, he went home and property of its parts by garbage, came with a money-bag. Now there was a double honor. SaaS offering at the feet of his property and made their lives meaningful. By now it was sometimes missing home. Now do not forget to remember him, as if his life was a horrific case, which was good for him to forget. He first arise, most functions, his attentiveness, his finger pressed hard by the villagers under the teeth. Bkhante part of her father, who got a son; But hopelessly As days pass, his respect curves. First God, then man of the house, went home at the end of the slave. The bread was also disrupted. Thought to be an insult. If family members die of hunger as well as him to die, he would not complain at all. But see, and people are proposals on mustache, only I was the fly on milk, so its end: Stl a long, cold ah stick out. Just five short years of age, was then. So old in this house will pass? What’s more, his wife took the turn eyes. The most brutal was the scene of the disaster.


The hungry -pyasa Hridn then, worry-Dah was burning, in recent years both at home and there was talk in-law. Yes-yes, even in mixes was vainglorious.

Let us emulate big brother said. They do not realize that the task of his life is taken somewhere. Ten years have passed. These days what would have taken two or three thousand, not steal?

Younger brother Spoke sanctioned even if the man rebuke, scold, now no matter what they say. They never let the ball get past or not. At its heart will understand, I have given two thousand rupees? When two thousand of them, who do not understand it fly. June should the quart.

Mother in law told huge rationing is serious attitude!

Vainglorious mother was removed from the head lice. Scraps man eating smoldering heart quote from the work itself but to what remains?

Large eating nothing. Khay as much as the appetite, but also the need to create something. Do not think anyone in this day Phuni are severed!

So one day I’ll tell small, now take their way, you have not eaten Krja.

Vainglorious family heard such-things began to hate her husband. If he brings out four money, then how much respect he had in the house, he would become queen. Why not, get out and earn his grandmother dies. What was the very infancy of vainglorious Mnovrittiya yet. He did not own a house. For interest-harm was also head of the house. Considering that the same words, the problem looks like his eyes would see her family. In fact, two thousand bucks will buy anyone? Once in ten years, what are two thousand. In the same year the two hundred. The two men also do not eat throughout the year, two hundred. Then the cloth-rag, milk and honey, all is something. Ten years have passed, not a brass ring. So get out of the house as their PRAN. Were worshiped like to know before the birth will continue throughout. Do not think it was the first thing, now is it. Daughter-in-law, if the first is how much Mahatm. Descending from his palanquin to the musical ringing, village and neighborhood women come to watch his mouth is Rs. Months from around the house to get good food, good wear, no work is taken; But six months after not even ask him, he is house-maid over. I too have the same speed in their home. Then why did she cry. I’ll say it works, then you have forgotten, and is sanctioned. Scold her man, too, kills, too, when one wants, keeps the wants, removes. Tightly takes work. Not when it came to living, nothing worked, the law came in, falling asleep.


Hridn was still smoldering inside-the-inside, was that both brother and boss Spoke brother came out, was already late afternoon, get up, how long will you sleep? The whole farm is lying.

Sat up and spoke in sharp tones Hridn eat what you guys have understood me owl.

Both were struck dumb law. The man never opened tongue, hands tied here forever like slaves, he must now be overweening so abruptly, it was enough to give them a surprise. Not hit upon some answers.

Hridn saw these two steps have been uprooted, and then give a push could not resist cravings. In the same way, my eyes spoke. I’m not blind, I’m not deaf. Do the work and should be on the dog’s chest and yell; Nowhere are such ass!

Now big brother too hot Pde- Badँ someone here you have not kept.

This time was wonderful Hridn. Suji not matter.

The first said the same manner that you want it Pahune around birth and remain the same honor is yours, so it’s not a matter of power.

Hridn out his eyes told you guys I’ll work less?

BIG – Who says?

Hridn- your house policy that most work must hit the hungry?

Large did not eat yourself. Put any food in your mouth?

Chew said I was not eating himself says his lips Hridn you ashamed?

‘Sister had not come to call you?’

Younger brother also had come Ammaa said. You’ve said, I’m not hungry, so what do.

Mother was standing inside seam. How he lost hearing this quote, there were neither should I do?

Hridn poisoned, full of blood and fire in unison falsely said I’ll eat you guys? I a dog that you throw a piece of bread people ate before me dry?

So what do you guys draw Aentkr said the old woman?

Hridn was defeated. All his work in the same speech-old woman was attacked. His tight-loose Bven wane, extinguished the fire in the eyes, the nostrils Fdkte became calm. He fell to the ground, like a hurt man. “Would you draw my boys? ‘ This statement goes a long spear was like a stinging in his heart, was not the end of the heart, not the spear!


All home ate Hridn not picking on. Mother in law, observed the celebrated sister, the celebrated father, brother constrained both tired. Hridn not away; The door had a sackcloth on. Took him up on the different wells and lay spread on the world.

It was a rainy night Play like a bright star in the infinite light were children. No dances, no bounce, no laughs, no eyes open Binckr again, a brave lad flat by filling in a moment that crosses wide area and not knowing where it was hidden. Hridn remembered his childhood, when he used to play similar. Her child was ignited memories, like those bright stars. His small – little house, she mango grove, where he was elected Keriya, he’s where he used to play kabaddi, remembers him coming. Then a member of Snehmayi mother stood in front of her idol. How much compassion in those eyes was how it was compassion. It seemed as if her mother’s eyes filled with tears, her hands spread out to embrace him standing. He forgot his sweet spirit. It seemed as if the mother embraced him and has turned his hand to his head. He wept, and wept uncontrollably. The same self-hypnotized state was a voice from his mouth, Amma, so have forgotten me. Look, what state is your furry red? Asks him to water. What where you are, there is no place for me?

Suddenly came Pukara- vainglorious what you sleep, sleep came Nauj any such monstrous. Why do not you go eat? When you are seated, no?

Hridn fantasy-world that has come directly from the cruel. He did well in the world, standing in front of the tattered sackcloth and vainglorious was saying, how long a you’re sitting!

Hridn sat up and spoke as if the sword out of my improvements so good you came. So I said, I’m not hungry.

So how day Gumani- not eat?

“This house will drink water not, you come with me or not? ‘

On hearing these words full of determination arose vainglorious consent. Where are you going bid.

What it means is that if you said Hridn drunk? I will or not? Do not tell the back, told me not.

Why do not you quote the vainglorious spirit of objection, where are you going?

‘You will go with me or not?’

“As long as you will not tell, I will not.”

‘, Then it is, you want to go. I just had to ask, not half so far I have slipped away. ”

He got up and walked toward his house, saying. Vainglorious was crying, ‘Listen,’ listen ‘; Even back then he saw.


Thirty miles traversed floor Hridn five hours. When he arrived in front of his village Amraiyon, his mother was playing in the spirit Usha golden lap. Seeing his feverish heart was dancing trees. The golden urn at the temple as if she ran such a stride, will be up to him. He ran in velocity as if it was going to be calling her mother spread adoption. When he came to the garden of mangoes, where he sat on the branches could enjoy an elephant ride, where the raw berries and Lisodon a heavenly taste, so he sat down and head bowed to the ground and wept, as though his mother When I heard your affliction-fiction. The air in there, there in the light, as if it was Virat Rupini mother prevailed, there Angul Angul in the footsteps of the Holy Land was the mother, the mother’s affection submerged in word yet if there were echoes in the sky . The air and the sky, which was not what his lifesaving heart Balotsah Sorkatt filled. He climbed a tree and began to eat the balance of the common break-breaking. SaaS the harsh words, the brutal shock of a woman, she forgot all the insults that. Flowers were his feet, soles was jealous; The joy that her mind was not on.

Pukara- keepers who has suddenly risen Ray? Not just the cold that hit off the stone will be pulled.

He also gave numerous abuses. The reprimand and the streets enjoying the moment was supernatural Hridn. He is covered with branches, fall down several common cut-cut, and laughed loudly mocked dead. Laughter filled with such joy from the very day he was not laughter.

He was known to many keepers familiar laughter. But here’s where Hridn? He is to break the bread of laws. What was the jester, so Cibilla! Do not let what happened to the poor? Tree branch had to jump in the pond. Now in the village Who?

Scolding spoke laugh sitting there, then I will come and remove all the laughter, not directly come off.

He was going to abuses that came to his head hit a stone. It is Satan who spoke to the head Shlata? Yet does not stop, I’ll come to you the news.

He put down his stick and went up like monkeys Ctpt. Muskira is then seen sitting Hridn. Hey Hridn spoke amazed! When you come here? When sitting on the tree?

While both childhood boyfriend hugged.

“When you come here? Come on, gentlemen’s home, there were not accessible to the general? ”

He said Hridn Muskirakr Maagru, which in these mangoes taste, he is somewhere in mangoes. What is the complexion of the village?

Maagru- all Canchan brother! So as soon as you have broken ties. This leaves a village-house? When your grandfather was dead, destroyed all Girsti. Two small boys, made them what happens?

Hridn- Girsti that have to do with me now, brother? I have given my take-. Approval will then not? Gaia I’ll have your own feed; Give me food to eat.

Maagru sense of disbelief as she told talk Hey brother, you know the spot. What laws will not now? No worries. First, is your home. Watch the him. Small children, Palo them. You were afraid of new Ammaa undeserved. Poor big straight. Just treat your mother, you will be there so floored. Well, then bring the good wife?

Hridn- not see his face now. He died for me.

Maagru- will be engaged on the other. This time will bring such Meharia drink his foot wash-wash; But so far has come first?

Hridn- he will not.


Hridn reached his house, both brothers’ brother came! Brother came! ‘ Mother rushed in and broke the news to him.

Step into the house itself Hridn glory experienced such calm as if he is sitting in his mother’s lap. His heart was soft dusting eating these days. Where was the first pride, was urged, was arrogance, there was disappointment, defeat and was soliciting. The emphasis of the disease was alleviated; Now that could impact on minor drug, had pierced the walls of the fortress, so it was not unbearable infiltration. He was home sick one day he, was willing to shelter him now spread adoption. Finding shelter as if it were filled with Hridn Nirvlnbn mind.

Evening stepmother said son, you’re home, our Dnbag. Now these kids Palo; Mother’s relationship, if not there is a kind of father. Give me a loaf of bread, lying in a corner, I will eat. My sister is a kind of your Ammaa. So that even as you are, my boy?

Hridn feverish eyes of the mother was witness to his mother as stepmother. Mother’s memory in one corner of the house like a speck of moonlight was sixth, step mother of the adult Mukmndl was stained with the same hue.

By resolution on the shoulder and went to the farm the other day Hridn. Her face was joy and pride in the eyes. He is not dependent any longer; Was patron; Not a beggar at the door of the home keeper.

One day he heard, the home was vainglorious. Kaki mother spoke hear! The house was vainglorious.

Kaki said the house will do, is mocked? This injustice to the community? Panchayat not, the court then?

Hridn not Kaki said, was very good. LA, Mahabirji Lddu to come up. I was so scared, my throat may happen anywhere. God heard me. I went there this Tankr did not see his face now.

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