Mother Story By Premchand

Coming home today after escaping captivity. Karuna house a day earlier had leap-vessel. In these three years by tough austerity which he had amassed ten-five rupees, he gave husband spent preparing for and welcoming hospitality. Husband brought new added to the divested, new coats were built, a new coat and hat for the baby was planned. Frequently the child is happy to embrace. The child, like the sun shining through the darkness of his life would have not illuminated, perhaps the end of his life would have Tokron. Husband’s imprisonment sentence of three months after the child was born. Brought up the mouth of the faithful were cut off for three years. Socti- I’ll take the boy to him, then he will be so happy! Will be surprised to see him at first, then the arms will lift and mercy will say, you have floored me with this gem. Totli things will forget all the suffering of the imprisoned child, he had a simple, pure, seductive vision Driday shall wash all grievances. Was not fully fit it took pleasure in the imagination.

Thinking he was a man of many with Aditya said. By the time he Phuँchege door, shouting “The sky will echo with the sound. How much will it heavenly scene! Karuna’s men sit a bit torn sackcloth was laid, some had given up drinking from the eyes towards the door Takti Ashamay was repeated. Tejpuarn currency strengthened generous husband she was often in the eye again. They miss things they were repeated, which was the time of his mouth, His patience, his self, which strikes the front of the police was also adamant that grin at that time was playing on his lips; He Atmbhiman, which at that time was still dripping from his mouth, to the heart of what mercy could ever be forgotten! Remembered the compassion of her languid face Atmgurv There was redness. This recourse, in the three years of severe persecution had assured his heart. Fakon went through many nights, often burning lamp in the house did not happen, but in humility, not tears fell from her eyes ever. Today, all those troubles will end. He withstood everything will laughingly husband in deep embrace. Then there will be no desire to receive the infinite fund.

Gagan was caught Cirgami-path goes towards leisure, where the evening was decorated by the golden floor and had spread a bed of bright flowers. Compassion comes at the same time a man appeared to bow sticks, like a chronic cause of man’s pain-sound. Stop and think to step on was coughing. His head was tilted, his face Krna could not see, but the old man had known none of gait; At a moment when he came near, the compassion was identified. He was her loving husband, but the weeds! How different was her appearance. The youth, the fastest, the agility, the shapeliness, all had departed. Only a framework of bones was left. No music, no partner, no man, not man. Upon recognizing him mercy came out, wished to embrace the heart buried. The dust got into all Mnsube. Sarah Mnollas flow of tears shed, has disappeared.

Step into the house, saw the smile, kindness Aditya. That smile was full of anguish at the world. Such kindness was loosely, as if the heart has stopped pulsing. He cracked his eyes on the eyes of the Lord stood tied, as if not believing his eyes still falls. Reception or grief, not a word out of her mouth. Child sitting on the lap of nervous eyes looking at the skeleton and was pressed in the mother’s arms.

Finally he said it gingerly in tone is what your state? Are not recognized at all!

Aditya to calm his anxiety by trying to smile, said nothing, just want to be lean. The food will be getting your hands healthy.

Kruna- shit! Chopsticks were dries. You do not get enough to eat, there?

Aditya’s Tyorion emphasizing fall. This is a very bitter experience Spoke mercy! I knew that my bonds are not the only people who will turn my eyes from side to quantify, not ask nothing. Mitnewalon is the only award in the name of the nation, did it not to me. Public servants are forgotten very soon, so I knew it, but my colleague assistants are so disloyal, that I first felt the same. But I’m not complaining. The service has its own rewards. For it was my fault that I wanted fame and name.

So do not serve food there was Kruna-?

Ask Adity- not compassion, is very tragic tale. Just understand that it won Thankfully returned. Baday see You were not suffering-that raised such that so far I should be leaving. I’m just lying. Cannot stand up for long. Day’ve come across so far.

Kruna- go eat something, then Lie comfortably. (Lap child raising) are Babuji son, your dad. His lap to go, you will love.

Tear-filled eyes, saw the lad Aditya and began to reproach him with one Rome. Them on their chronic condition so much grief had not. God’s boundless mercy if his condition is steady, so he would not approach the national movement. The flower-child rather than throwing them in the fire of poverty in the world by bringing what was right? He would worship Lakshmi and his petty life for the child’s upbringing will Apirt. This time it was discovered that the child is to ignore them from sight, as if to say is’ what my duty to follow you? ” His whole desire, to put all the love child heart became impatient, can not spread on hands. There was no power in the hands.

The boy woke up in mercy and brought out some food on the plate. Aditya Kshudhapuarn, eyes looked toward the plate, as if this thing has come after a long time of no food. After several days of fasting and healer knew that this was the case, went to hold her tongue could not have patience at the plate, watching the broken plate and had cleared. Karuna was timorous. He has not asked for anything again. Taking the plate left, saying his heart had never ate much.

The child was feeding some mercy, mercy that abruptly Ayi- tinnitus!

Mercy came and asked you called me?

Aditya’s face was pale and there was a loud sigh. The tots were down on the back of hands. His condition was amazed mercy. Should I go and call a physician bid?

Aditya convinced him by the hand, said the gesture is pointless mercy! Now you hide in vain, I have tuberculosis. I escaped death at times. You see people Baday, so there were not life. Look, honey, do not cry.

Siskion mercy, overriding the doctor said I’ll be back.

Aditya is the head Hilaya- mercy, only to be sitting beside me. There is no longer any hope. Doctors have answered. I wonder if it has to reach. Who let the pull of divine power brought me there. Perhaps it was the dying lamps of the last glimpse. Ahh! I’ve done great injustice to you. It is always sad to be! I could not give you any rest. Could not do anything for you. Sohag by only stain a child’s upbringing and going left. Ahh!

By fortifying the heart Karuna said you do not have any pain? Should I make a fire? Some do not you tell?

Aditya said something needs to change direction now, dear! No pain anywhere. Simply, it is known that the heart is sitting, as the water is poured. Lila’s life is ending. I see the dying lamp. Can not say when the voice said. Which is to say, he wants to say, why should he take crave. My answer me a question, I ask?

Infirmity of mind of all mercy, all mourning, as if all the pain disappeared and in their place arose a spirit who laughs at death and disaster plays snakes. The jeweled velvet sheath sharp sword is hidden, such as the immense power hidden in a gentle flow of water, so ramani courage and patience of the gentle heart is hidden in your lap. Such as anger drags sword, opening up new sciences such as water-power, courage and patience are illuminating ramani loved park.

Karuna said, keeping his hand on the head of the husband asks why not, dear!

Aditya while experiencing the gentle touch of the hands of Karuna said my life was like in your opinion? Complimentary? Look, you did not cover me, ever. At this point even clearer. I should laugh or cry in your life you should consider?

Why do mercy with glee Darling said this question? I have your neglect? What your life was the life of the gods, selfless detachment and perfect! Obstacles and harassment How often I have tried to drag him to the world; At that time I knew that in mind, I am dropped from a high seat. If you are caught in the Maya-love, then perhaps more satisfying to my mind; But my soul is not the pride and joy, which is happening at the moment. I can bless someone bigger-than-big, it would be that his life be like you.

Saying this, it was in the mercy Jyotirmay lackluster.And countenance, as if his soul was divine. Aditya said proudly looking at the eyes of the faithful, just now I was contentment, compassion, do not doubt me on behalf of this child, I could not leave him in the hands of more efficient. I believe that this high and holy ideal for life always be in front of you. Now I’m willing to die.


Seven years passed.

Now ten years old, handsome lad light, athletic, was Prasnnmuk Kumar, force fast, courageous and intelligent. He was not afraid to touch. Karuna’s scorched heart becomes soft it looked. Got Compassion Abagini world and oppressed. He does not cry cry fate. He sold those ornaments, which were dear life to her husband’s life, and some of that money went to buy cows and buffaloes. She was the daughter of a farmer, and a new business was not for him to follow the cow. That made his livelihood. Where is accessible to pure milk? All milk sold off by hand. Compassion has to be pressed into the third hour of the night to watch the night, but she was happy. No shadow of disappointment on his face or humility, determination and courage fast. Atmgurv from one part of the light-emitting is C; A divine light in the eyes, severe, profound and infinite. Ruthless method of widowhood and mourning all Vednaaa-thump-all that’s been lost in the depths of light.

He gives life to light. His pleasure, his desire, his world, his heaven is laid on all light; No mischief on the light and mercy not dare take your eyes off. No, he is cared for by her character’s greatest rigor. Mother of light, are both parents. In love with the mother of her sons and her father has had too harshly. Husband’s last words still ringing in his ears are. He Atmollas, which was reflected in his face, he Grwmay redness, which was enveloped in their eyes, is yet again in her eyes. Aditya constantly thinking husband has direct in her eyes. He has always felt his presence. It seems to him that Aditya’s soul always keeps his defense. That heartfelt desire that the father of her young Pthgami be light.

It was evening. A beggar came to the door began to beg. At that time the water was giving mercy Guon. The light was playing out. So the boy stayed! Suji mischief. Little straw house and came away with the cup. This time he faced Randy spread. Light poured into the straw and won loud applause ran the plays.

Randy said he saw the fiery eyes ray Ladhle Wow! To me, laughter is gone! The parents have taught! Then the name Jagaoge plenty!

Karuna hearing the speech came out and asked her mother what? What are you saying?

Randy said, pointing to the light that is not your boy. Look, straw in the cup filling is put in my lap. Pinch the dough around, he also found in the soil. This is a poor persecuted? Everyone from day one we live! Man should boast.

Pukara- lighting in harsh tones mercy?

The light was not ashamed. Carrying head proudly and said he had come to ask why our home is begging? Why does not anything work?

Karuna said by trying to convince him not ashamed to show the contrary and eye.

Why were light shame? Why does it everyday to beg? Here we get something free?

Kruna- you had nothing to say directly; Go. Why did the mischief?

Departs how light their habit?

Pitoge mercy angrily told you my hands now.

Pituँga light Why? You shall lament force? If someone asks for alms in other countries, should then imprisoned. It should be given the inverted Bhikmngo and incitement.

Kruna- who is crippled, how he works?

Light went and drowned dead, is alive, why?

Karuna was without excuse. So he sent the old woman with atta-dal, but in his heart boils light sophistry is similar Tisata. He impudence, insolence, where it learned? The night was persecuting him repeatedly care.

Suddenly woke up to light near midnight. Lantern is burning and compassion is in tears. Ammaa sat up and spoke, yet you did not sleep?

Karuna said the strike could not sleep mouth. How have you awakened? Did not you thirsty?

Ammaa not light, why not let the eye opened up. I took great offense today, Ammaa!

Mercy toward his face seen through the eyes of affection.

I light of this old woman with great naughty. I’m sorry, I will not never such mischief.

Wept saying. Mercy of Snehardra and embraced him and kissed him and bid-cheeked son, are you saying this to please me or in your mind is truly repentant?

Prakash said sobbingly Ammaa not, I am heartily sorry. This time, the old woman would come, so I’ll give him a lot of money.

The heart of compassion is drunken. It seemed Aditya are standing in front of the child and saying grace, mercy, do not shock, the light will illuminate his father’s name. Will satisfy all your wishes.


But the light was not in deeds and words match and days part of his character was apparent. There was sharp, her stipend from the university met his bountiful mercy helps people, but had not completed his expense. Simple life full of learning and lecture on the economy could have, from his living fashion diehard loyalists had declined over barley. He always used to tune the performance riders. There was constant conflict in her mind and intellect. The race was the mind, the intellect its side. Wisdom mind was always suppressed. One of mind was not moving in front of him. The service is the cultivation of sterile castes, there may be a larger-than-great gift, that pride and glory; He not permanent, lifetime earnings at the moment so unstable that water can again. Therefore his conscience with the velocity essentially bends toward life was luxurious. Even slowly began to loathe her sacrifice and abstinence. He understood upon Durvstha and poverty. His heart was not found were not only was the brain. Pain in the brain where? If there are arguments, are Mnsube.

Floods in Sindh. Thousands of people have been devastated. The school sent a service committee. Having in mind the duality of light meet you- go or not go? If he so long to prepare for the test, the first class to have. He was walking down the pretext of illness. Written by mercy, you Sindh were not, so I’m sorry. You could be there even when you’re sick. The committee also wanted the doctor! Light did not answer the letter.

Famine in Orissa. People were dying like flies. Congress created a mission for victims. In those days the schools history Lanka decided to send students to the historic discovery. Karuna Prakash wrote-you go Orissa. But the light was tempted to go to Lanka. It was several days in the same dilemma. Ceylon finally overcame Orissa. Karuna This time he wrote nothing. Crying quietly.

The light returned from Ceylon vacation home. Compassion was her drawn-drawn. This time I was ashamed and determined that no light-hearted occasion came, Ammaa will surely delight. He returned to school by this certitude. But as soon as the interests of the exam was over. Even the day of the test came; But the test was not the time from receiving the light house. Kashmir was going to drive a school teacher. Light stood with them on Kashmir. When exams come first-fruit turned out the light, and he remembered home! He immediately wrote to the mercy and reported his arrival. Words to his mother delighted about the race-service Lettering-Signs Now I am ready to obey. I decided to have education-related work from this idea that I have received specific location. If our leaders respect the schools masters. The fascination of these titles yet they are not free. The ability of our leaders, Sdutsah, so do not respect the perseverance, the titles! Supengen now my honor and responsibility for work, who do not even ask.

Kindness bound around again.


The school opened in the name of the Registrar’s letter came to light. He went to England light-school reported to the approval of the government scholarship. Light letters in hand, and in the frenzy of joy Ammaa mother spoke, I got a scholarship, went to England to read the official.

When asked what you intend shrugged mercy?

Light my intention? Who draws this opportunity!

Kruna- you were going to be admitted to the volunteers?

If you think light, to become volunteer nation-service? I also come from England and the service can work Ammaa, strictly speaking, a magistrate may favor their country as much as a thousand volunteers can do together. I sit and I believe that the civil service examination will be successful.

Karuna was surprised and asked the magistrate then you’ll be?

Quote Service magistrate bearing a light-Chairmen of Congress more than a thousand can do favors. Newspapers not compliment her long, Cpengi, cheers on his Vktritaon Bjengi not, nor will pull him towards the car and not the public schools of his procession student papers will greet him; True service can only magistrate.

But the magistrate said objection in a spirit of mercy servants of the people are to give Garnish, run them on the tablets?

Light sense of charity in the heart of the Magistrate, he dearly does the same job, which can not second firing.

Kruna- I will not accept it. So freedom is not government servants. He makes a policy and have to follow his every public servant. The first is that the day-to-day government policy is more organized and strong. Suppression of freedom of expression is essential for it; If a magistrate against the policy works, it will not magistrates. He was an Indian, who your dad sentenced to three years with just the small matter. The sentence for the son of his soul, so to speak, as if my. Giro government positions not. I accept that you eat fat and plump, wearing some of the country to serve, instead you become the ruler and gracefully walk in. The day you take it sit on the pedestal of the governor, the leaders of that day, which will clear your head. That’s what you would like to be the officers and elevate your reputation. Take the example of a loutish. The girl in the McKay Cwari lives in the same house he understands, but the day the law goes, he seems to understand others’ home is your home. Parents, brothers and close all remain the same, but that is not my home. This is the way of the world.

Prakash said vexedly life around so that what you want me around Firuँ dusting account?

Bid if seeing through the eyes of compassion rigorous independent spirit may stumble, I will say the food is good offense.

He asked with a sense of light Cogent your wish?

No mercy gave the same answer in unison, my wish.

Light did not answer anything. Went out and immediately got up, wrote a letter to the Registrar disclaimer; But from the moment his head upon the values ​​taken by the seat. Vimn estranged and lying in her room, not to go somewhere, get rough. Hanged and then goes out and falls within the mouth, even a month has passed. Redness on the face, is not it, not the vigor; Eyes full of orphans face like a solicitation, laughing lips forgot disclaimer form with values ​​that all his liveliness and agility, was sent all simplicity. Karuna regarded his attitude and tries to forget his grief had not consented to the gods were incensed.

Finally one day he said to light a son, if you have the determination to go abroad, so go away. Will not refuse. I am sorry that I stopped you. If I hurt you so much, will know, so never stop. I was only prevented by the idea that you see people engrossed in the service of your dad would be happy spirit. He was walking down the bequest.

What gave the cold shoulder will respond to the light! Disclaimer-letter wrote. I no longer have to sit somewhere. Chose another boy and then what to do? When is your choice Firuँ pours around the villages of the same right.

Karuna was shattered pride. He wanted to impede the work of the permit; Was not successful. Not yet determined will bid. Write, I am willing to go.

Prakash said angrily now, nothing can be done. People Udhayenge laughter. I’ve decided that life will make your wish-friendly.

Kruna- you would have intended it from the pure mind, then you are not quantify. You’re satyagraha me; Suppressing the mind, I wish you all the way to the understanding of the thorn, so what? I know in your mind you-only-when you generate a sense of service. Mr. Registrar wrote to you two today.

Now I can not write light.

Then the stem will sit in mourning? ”


Mercy and said nothing. Just in time, he saw that the light is going somewhere; But he did not speak anything. Karuna was not anything unusual to go out; But when it was evening and there was no compassion, the light began to worry. Where were Amma? This question came up again and again in his mind.

Light sat at the door all night. Concerns arose in the minds of like-like. He still remembered how sad compassion was walking; His eyes were so red. Why not look at the things that came to light? Why was he blind selfishness?

Yes, remember the light Aya- mother wore clean clothes. Umbrella in his hand was. If he were somewhere far away? Asked what? Wept out of fear of unwelcome light.

Sawan terrible dark night. Megmalaaa black sky, like a terrible dream had dominated. Light intermittently looked skyward, as if his mercy Megmalaon are sitting dormant. He decided, as soon as the morning you go and find mother ….

Someone knocked on the door. Light ran, opened and saw, standing mercy. His face-board so lost, so it was tragic, as today it is up Sohag, as the world is now looking for him, as he loaded his boat parked along the river and do not see the setting can.

Prakash asked nervously Ammaa were gone? Planted too late?

His gaze fixed on the ground, gave mercy of a job was the answer. Late.

Saying he threw light in front of a closed envelope. Prakash curious lifted the envelope. The stamp of the school. Envelope opened and read immediately. The race was mild redness on the face. This is where you got asked Amma?

Kruna- you’ve brought to the Registrar.

“There you were gone?”

“What else does.”

“Yesterday was not the time to train? ‘

“The motor was taken.”

Light stood silent for a moment, then spoke in a frustrated voice when you do not wish to be sending me why?

Karuna told the expressions of love because you want to go. You is not seen the somber garb. Twenty years of his life were devoted to your friendliness; Now you can not kill ambition. Your journey to become successful, it is our heartfelt desire.

Ruँd throat and could say nothing of mercy.


The light from that day began to make preparations for travel. Kindness to say something which was all that expense. Some even had to take out loans. New suit made, suitcases taken. The light was engrossed in his tune. The demand was never brought anything, never anything.

This has been a week so weak mercy, how white his hair has come, how many wrinkles on the face fell, it made no sense to him. England were visible in his eyes inhabit. Ambition is a shroud eyes.

Came the day of departure. Today the sun came out after several days. The owner was out of compassion for old clothes. His thick sheets, coats of hand-spun cloth, pajamas and envelope yet were stored in the ark. Every year they get dried in the sun and the trees were kept wiping. Karuna today then removed clothes, but to give to the poor to keep dry. She is angry with her husband. He spoilers, consistency, door and watch, which was Aditya’s Cirsngini twenty years and whose worship was mercy, was thrown into the courtyard out today; For years it had been mounted on the shoulders of the Aditya she had won, you were put in the trash; Jhukati twenty years before the head was the image of mercy, today he was mercilessly thrown to the ground. A memento of her husband she did not want to keep in your home. His conscience is torn by grief and despair and anger at what he put thereto husband? Who are his own? Whom he called his agony? Who appeared to rip your chest? So what are the light chains of servitude of triumph can fit it in the neck? Aditya, who explained to him that on the occasion of repenting can do nothing else.

Prakash’s friends gave him today farewell banquet. From there he returned to motor evening with several friends. Travel goods placed on the motor, and the mother come in and spoke to the mother, I am. Bombay Phoonckr write the letters. I swear to you, do not cry and give me the same answer letters.

Such as relatives of the patient while removing a dead body is left out, staying set out tears and waves of grief is brought into question, the case was kindness. Was an outcry in the liver, which sent a chill down his lean soul one molecule. Behold, the feet in the water and he waves the book is being tripped. Her mouth was not a word of condolence or blessings. Light his bowed, teardrop-feet of water from the mother Pkhara, then went out. Karuna was standing like a stone statue.

Gwale suddenly came and said Bhugi, brother left. Many were weeping.

Broken tomb of kindness. Seen, there is no front. What silence in the house of death, and if the heart rate is stopped.

Suddenly the eyes of mercy have woken up. Aditya’s lifeless body in his arms, he noticed that the light would stand for. Mercy and fell backward.


Karuna was alive, but did not have any connections to the world of her. His little world, which he had formed in the hearts of your fantasies, were consigned to eternal dream was. The light in the darkness of life in the face of the wealth of the hopes was living in the heart, it was extinguished and the property was plundered. No shelter and no longer need him. The grain-feed Guon he does with his hands and caress both instances, they now bound mooring disappointed eyes toward the door Takti lived. Now there is no carrot and hugged with calves for which Duhe milk, whey extracted. Who was eater? His mercy in his own little world had gathered.

But in the same week of mercy life again changed color. Her little world was expanding and expanding worldwide. The anchor had tied the boat to the shore on a center, he was so upset. Now endless expansion of the yacht will be traveling across the ocean, it would not disappear even in the thoracic boisterous waves.

Mercy and sits down at the entrance to the neighborhood around the store suckling boys. By noon the boy eat butter extracts and butter locality. Like-like dish cooks and feeds the dogs. Now that the law has to be continual. Birds, dogs, cats, all were Chinte-Chitiya. Love the door was not closed for any longer. Around the finger in place, which was not enough for the light, so the whole world was ending.

The letter came a day light. Throw him have mercy. After a while, then tore him up and feed the birds was Chugane; But Nisha-elf lit and its fumigation Vednaaa soul fainted-and moved him to ask for a blessing, then kindness Mnovedna Uti- also become aware of the light to read the letter became his spirit. He thought, Who is my light? So what is my purpose? Yes, who is Prakash to me? Yes, who is Prakash to me? Heart said, Thy supreme light, it is a sign of eternal love that is in thee, which thou has denied forever. He is thy life, thy life-lamp, the melody of thy desire deprived, you gonna tear-water excursionist laughing. Karuna began to collect pieces of the letter, as if his life were shattered. Each piece of his lost love, which seemed a footprint. When gathered in assemblies, adding he was sitting in front of the mercy lamp, such as a disjunctive broken heart of love continues to add stars. She Ri Hi! He Purjon add unfortunate person who was engaged in all night. The letter was written on both sides, so it was even harder to place Purjon properly. No word, no sentence disappears in the middle. He seems to find that one piece. The night passed, the letter was still pending.

The day came, butter and milk in a quest for Lunde locality were collected, the cats, the dogs arrived, birds came back and started jumping in the yard, sitting on a mortar, at a basil Chautre, kindness to take the head no time.

Afternoon, the Karuna lifted up their heads. There was no hunger, no thirst. Then the evening. He had been kept on paper. Letter of Intent had understood anywhere-to-anywhere ship being of light. Cocked in his heart. What is cocked, thinking it could not compassion? Karuna’s son forth in writing and reading one word imprinted on her heart wanted.

Three days have passed like this. It was evening. Just a blink of eyes were awake for three days. Karuna saw a gigantic room, the tables and chairs are involved, a man sitting on a pulpit in the middle. Mercy observed, was light.

In a moment, a prisoner was brought before him, was chained at his hands and feet, waist bent, it was Aditya.

Karuna’s eyes were opened. Tears started flowing. He drew back the sheet and burning the pieces. There was nothing but a pinch of ashes, which were put in his heart was torn. Gudionwala his childhood in the ashes a pinch, his tormented youth and all his fallen Trishnamay widowhood.

Morning people saw, was blown off by the bird cage! Aditya’s picture still pressed her heart was zero. Bgnhriday husband’s affection-in memory of the ship was able to recreate the light was traveling Europe.

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