Mistress Story By Premchand

Shiv Bhandare threw the key in front of their daughter Rampyari said with tears in his eyes, the old law, it is up to you to take care of Girsti. My happiness was not from God, then do not take it s young son! Someone is needed to do his job. Snap a solution, then it will not survive. The wrath of God came Kukrm me, and I’ll take him on his forehead. Now I Snbaluga birju solved. The care home, lay-who else is going to take you? Do not cry son, who had the desire of God, that happened; And who will wish he would. Just what is ours-yours? My alive you will not see a crooked eye. Do not you think of anything. Birju, so I just sat happened.

Ramdulari Rampyari and had two real sisters. Birju Mathura and was married two brothers. Two sisters-in-law of Nahr lived in love and joy. Shiv received the pension. And are logged on all day and the chit-chat. The whole family are pleased to see the full-faith-and most were employed in the discussion; But the bird in bush and the big boy was sick birju today is over fifteen dead. Today’s funeral was the leisure and Shiv Sangram true to life again, like Karmaveer bent. Him in mind no matter how sad are not seen him cry one. Today, looking at his daughter for a moment, his eyes became hydrous; But he took heart and began to console him occlude the jugular. Perhaps, he thought, to be mistress of the house will Poonch widow’s tears, at least it will not work so hard, and he threw in front of law key to Bhandara. Widowhood wanted to suppress the agony of pride of ownership.

How can it be said to the blithe throat Rampyari grandfather, hard labor that you and I sit as the owner? I will work in the business started, then the mind will be changed. If sitting crying would do nothing else.

Shiv son explained, bird in bush so is another matter, but to cry and hand-washing will Hlkani? Even at home, there are dozens of chores. Jayँ come no saints, came as no Pahuna have anyone to stop their service will have to stay at home.

The bride has many reluctance, did not listen to the Shiv.

At the exit of Shiv Rampyari raised the key, then pride and responsibility in mind uncommonly experienced. Just disconnection late husband’s grief forgot him. Her younger sister and brother both had gone to work. Shiv was out. The house was completely empty. At the moment he is certainly open and Bhandara. What is that stuff, what is greatness, became eager to see his mind. She had never come to this house. Whenever someone would give something or do something, then come Shibdas had opened the closet. Bandkr it takes to keep his waist was then clap.

Sometimes the door was Rampyari Jhakti within crevices, some not visible in the dark. Material Man or secret closet in the house he was, of whom there were thoughts of like-internalized. Rampyari open secret that today got the opportunity to see. He stopped outside the door, take the view that it stores not open, do not think, why he opened unnecessarily, and came trembling hands opened the lock. That was a knock at the door was not beating his chest. If taken within a few feet of the same type, but intense pleasure than that which was used to open her own jewelry-clothes basket. Jars of molasses, sugar, wheat, barley etc. Things were lying. Side stood a large pot, which were extracted on the occasion of marriage, were given or asked for. Revenue receipts and transactions on a scaffold bonded assemblies were held. What a figure in the closet was grim, as if Lakshmi was unknown whether the Virage. Rampyari half an hour sitting in the shadow of the greatness of his soul been filled. The opiate-like attachment at the moment his heart was going to shadow. When he came out of the closet, then changed her mind were the rites, as if to put a spell on him.

At the same time voiced at the door. He immediately closed the door and went Bhandara Sadr opened the door. Jhunia neighbor saw a steep and demanding money is borrowed.

Rampyari crudeness told the house is not just a money-law, the funeral was all Really.

Jhunia baffles added. Chaudhry’s house this time not even a rupee, it was not a matter of faith. Here is the exchange of hundreds, he could not spend all the funeral. Shiv is the excuse, it does not surprise. Only then was known in the village for his simple nature. Neighbors saved eyes Shibdas often used to give the desired objects. Just yesterday he made Janaki set-filled milk. Even giving her jewelry was asserted. Shiv miserly such Skrj daughter come home village knew their privilege.

Gigi was surprised and said Jhunia Say No, when you are in the big dark’ve come, you know, that’s not my habit. The rest is to pay a rupee. Pawn is standing at the door murmured. Give the money, then somehow it Tle disaster. Today I will give him the eighth day. Who else in the village home, where would I ask for?

Sweet did not budge.

Lovely evening he went to the kitchen and began to raise water. First rice-dal Apadh weave seemed to go to the kitchen and was not at the crucifixion. Sometime Jhav- Jhav sisters would come and say the Shiv, kitchen today will not have one of two broad Tikkd by Mote- keep rising and, as bulls are roughage. Today the sweet-souled is engaged in managing the kitchen. Now she is the mistress of the house.

Then he went out and saw how much garbage is lying! Budhu all day to hit fly. Just do not give much thought to the broom. What they will not do so now? Smooth door should be pleased to see that the mind of man should. Not like that he began to vomit. If I say now, he will be irritated. Well, apart from the manger Munni is standing?

He went to the manger Munni peeped at. Deodorant was coming. Fine! Seemingly, the water has not changed for months. Cow will stay no longer in this way. Filled his stomach, was discharged, and what does that mean? Yes, milk everyone feel good. Grandfather sitting at the entrance pipe are drinking, but not so the four-pot into a water trough. He has sanctioned three penny. Eat half set; Why is it so hard for you to work? So today I am asking is, why not change the water in the manger. To stay, are or should be. You will meet many men. People are knocked around.

At last he could not stop himself. Picking the pot she went to get water.

Shiv water Pukara- What law? Water is filled in it.

Sweet said water trough is rotting. Munni in the mouth does not exert straw. Do not you see, standing at around cursing.

Shiv poignant expressions pitcher Muskraye and took him by the hand of the daughter.


Several months passed by. Only in the right in that house as soon as the spring has come. Look within and outside the home, a skillful manager skill, the icon would look good thoughts and good taste. Grihyntr tightening of the key that was lovely that all assemblies were walking fine. Get good food in advance and paid on time. Milk is higher, oil higher, and are more frequent. Sweet does not recreate themselves, not others, is taking a break. Ask a blessed thing that has come into the house, the house comes out. From man to animals all appear healthy. Now he is not the first case that a patchwork of small wrapped, moving someone obsessed jewelry. Yes, if someone is sick and worried and somber dress, it is sweet; Still the whole house was jealous of him. Even if the old Shiv sometimes his obloquy. Anyone who watches the night do not get up. All wants to stay away from hard work. However, everyone agrees that it is not sweet, the chore runs. What’s more, the sisters also not warm much longer.

The morning was the time. Only by bringing the hands in front of his favorite pieces were tough and had a quote from Gunnai also stops in Bhandara.

Sweet and gentle tone, told him to take stringent say given, give the money in hand, will build. It has not yet eroded today should be thrown off.

Dulari came with the plan to fight. Quote into your hands, why, why ever come and the money will be tough. Grade somehow not to enjoy?

Only manipulate the Hॅnskr hang thou hast said that I was sitting there, I’ll take the most food-wear. When my infinite had broken.

Dulari- you do not eat and wear, so it does not quo. Here except eat and wear, what is? I do not know your accounts, send me to be tough today.

Only the simple sense of humor money is asked, from where will I have?

‘I had no business with dulari arrogance. I want bangles.

Likewise all the men of the house to their beloved on the occasion were heard three or four base-forward, and he laughed and bullied everyone could endure poor. Mistress of religion and that everyone listen to the same threat, which house wellness! Armor ownership bully, taunt, is not affected by any threat. Imagine his mistress and of these shocks were also healthy. He is keeper of the household. All their grief cry in front of him, but whatever it is, is the same. He was so much to delight. Beloved village was appreciated. What is the age now, but the entire house is sustain. Had I wanted, I could have lived peacefully by engaging The house is behind the deleted. Laughs from anyone-not even speak, was like seeing a transformation.

Several days later came as stringent dearest. Only a goldsmith’s house was chasing.

It was evening. Dulari and Mathura returned from the market. Given the stringent new darling dearest. Dulari was floored. Brute was wearing and ran into stiff Ctpt show was going to Mathura. Brute lovely view it was parked at the entrance to the hidden. His eyes turned tearful. Dulari was just three year younger to him. But there is a lot of difference between the two. Her eyes were frozen on the values ​​that view, the simple pleasure of the couple, their embrace, his fascinated gaze of the beloved of currency was little mesmerizing, even in the dim light of the lamp they both went missing from his eyes and his own past Leela’s life before the eyes repeatedly came as new.

Suddenly Shiv Pukara- elder daughter! Give a paisa Mangwaoo indian tobacco.

Cutie broke the trance. Poncti tears had left the money in Bhandara.


One by one out of his hands were lovely jewelry. He wanted to be the richest in the village, my house should, and had to pay the price of this ambition. Bulls ever and ever new Goi home repair, to buy ever for relatives practices, never sick, need money for the drug-Drink lived, and when he should not work as well at very Ktrbyont removes any form or something. Out of hand once again did not return anything. She, then, how many of these expenses are deferred; Where had to arrive at the point of honor, he spent lavishly. Heti was in the village, so what is the point! People would wear that name, isn’t it. Dulari too had ornaments. There were a couple of things, near Mathura, but not sweet touch his things. Gone are the days of wearing their food. Why they Fansen affairs!

The dearest boy, so sweet to celebrate the birthday of the proposed sputter.

Shiv done against what advantage? And the days will come when God’s mercy-engaged, then take fanfare.

Why do Huslon full of lovely heart! What this quote grandfather say? So there was no fanfare for the firstborn boy is when? Mind do not accept it Then the world would she say? Big names with narrow philosophy. I do not ask you something. I will do all my tackling.

Forehead jewelry will be, and what? – Worried Shiv told yarn a day like this will not escape. Explained how, son, brother-bhaujai are not any. Two things keep him, then all Johenge mouth; No, no one will even talk straight

It made him beloved mouth, as if he had heard a lot of old things, and said to her, they do not ask, so too are his own. With me is my religion, their religion with them. So what will take him on the chest will die?

The birth anniversary was celebrated with fanfare. The feast day of the whole association barahi. People went to eat out, lovely day-long piece of tired-Maadi yard sack in the back straight and began to spread. Eyes were blink. Mathura immediately went into the house. Newborn son to see his mind was troubled. Dulari solar house was left. His body became weak in pregnancy, also went off mouth, redness of health today faces were grim. Solar restraint and nutritious food to the body were smooth. Mathura came near and saw him in the yard and looked intently at Stephen’s cute once, determined to get her sleeping baby in lap he took and began to kiss her mouth.

After the sound of sweet eyes were opened; He pretended to sleep and says, forcing the eyes to enjoy it was sports. Both parents take turns kissing a boy, embracing and were staring at her mouth. How was heavenly bliss! Beloved mistress for a moment forget the hungry longing. As the Mukbddh halter, was loaded, Haankne suffering from nagging ones, run-run Turng breathless and hoarse voice, takes Knautiya situation causing a muffled snicker forget his replies, some of the sweetest condition Hui. Which her maternity cage, silent, passive was lying nearby had come alive and concerns of motherhood Chkar heard out of the cage to put wings flapping.

Mathura said, That’s My Boy.

The boy said his favorite lap Ciptakr Yes, why not. You are then placed in the womb for nine months. Sasat the mine, to be called the father plunged you.

Mthura- my boy had not happen in my case. Physiognomy, do not look all that which is mine?

What it does Dulari-. The seeds come from the trader’s house. Field is of the farmer. Farmer owns crop and not the grocer.

Mthura- not win you any points. My son will be grown, then I drank hookah will happily sit at the entrance.

Dulari- read-write my boy, will prevent any major Hudda. Like you do not follow the day-long bull. Mistress say, tomorrow should build a crib.

Now very early in the morning and do not take Mthura- torn chest do not work.

Dulari- the queen will live?

Mthura- I pity the poor. Who else is there for her? Hmin people die. Brother has, so far would have been a mother of two to three.

Only in the throat to stop her tears so that his whole body shook violently taking velocity. What was his deprived life in the desert, the dry sand, he was tried in vain to find a green garden.


Shiv also died a few days later. The dearest and had two children. She also stayed busy most of the children’s upbringing. Farming work had to be done by the labourers. Mathura worker was so good, the operator was not good. Never got the opportunity to work independently him. He himself was working under the survillance of his brother After monitoring the father seemed to work. Did not even know the meaning of farming. He sanctioned the residing here who were not working, were skilled in flattery, so beloved in the day now also required to give two or three rounds. To say she was still mistress, but a servant of the house was filled. Tyoriya changing sanctioned him, bully him arranges landowner pawn. Efficiency also requires food; Boys so as often asserted, as often something-something. Dulari was pregnant, she needs full nutritious food. Mathura was a ruler of the house, he had the authority who can take away? Why were sanctioned to the concession. Came out on all the lovely effort. He was a crummy thing; If half Khay stomach, then could not harm anyone. At the age of thirty on his gray, was lumbered, eyes reduced tillage; But he was pleased. Pride of ownership of these works of healing touch.

She said one day Mathura, is now living somewhere to go abroad. Here gotten goods seldom prosper. Some how I get food for the stomach. Ro-wash too. Many people have come from the east. He says there are two to three daily wages of Rs. Even four or five years longer, then will be rich. Now the children were supposed to do something for them.

Support will be done over the four money dearest, boys study a-Likhayenge. Somehow we were cut off, the boys make the man.

Cutie was stunned to hear the motion. His mouth seemed to heed. Never before had such a conversation. How to tune the ride? She suspected, probably because my sense has occurred. Quote I would say not to go forward, whichever is desired. Teach boys to enroll here-is the seminary. Then the day will remain constant. Two-three years, agriculture has become, then everything will be.

Mthura- been cultivated for so long, when not yet built, so now what shall become! Such a day will come, shall live in mind-to-mind. And now Puruk also is tired. Who will cultivate it. I plowed farm boys do not like to spoil their life.

Dear brother said, bringing tears to the eyes, while at home, at midnight, the whole should not Dhavna, if any thing from me, then do your homes in your hand, give me a piece, I will be lying .

Mathura humid throat and spoke in law, this is what you say. It has gone so far Sanbale in your home, would not have gone into the abyss. You have ruined the back of the Girsti, dissolving her body cast. I am not blind. I understand everything. Let our people go. God willing, the house will be steady again. We will send you equal Really-Brc.

Sweet said that if you leave it, where all the children ye return tie.

How can quote dearest sister, young and educated in the country will write here. They will not live there without children. Racing-run home come and rail labors, shall be eaten. The Krcha abroad alone, the closer he will be comfortable in the whole house.

So I will stay here and what lovely quote? Please take me too.

Dearest was not prepared to walk away with her. Wanted to enjoy a few days of life, the scenes it is binding, so what’s the point of going. Quote sister, so you don t matter, but here again the business will be ruined. You’re going to have some more of that care.

A day before the date of departure Rampyari awake the whole night and the breads Pakayin pudding. When you come into the house, but did not have the opportunity to be alone for a day. The two sisters were always together. Today saw the opportunity that hideous heart cutie was seated. He was seeing the delights Mathura, hair-cast forgotten to eat or drink to enjoy the journey, it makes her living, without duality that are similar, like, love and affection of the legs and put crushed, but the Kadyl Mamata the eating was raised, was shocked to see him fall on his face was not stopped. So that was sitting back and dearest, as if going to a fair. Nyi- new things to see in the new system which had wandered anxiously Kriyashuny him. All arrangements had loads of lovely head. All the clothes in the laundry of the house have been, or not, with the kitchenware What will, how much money will be needed to meet expenses. There was a child cough. The other days were diarrhea, grind, tamp, and hundreds of those two drugs, were busy working. Ldkori rather raise children, he was skilled in nutrition dearest. Look, do not weep kill babies. Unashamed to kill the child or become stubborn. The child has to go to become a man with children. Be who you want to have more children than the rest of us sit quietly, not Hilayen limbs, so it can not be. Children are playful nature. Put them in some form or another in the work Fansaye. Dele’s toy is more than thousand Gudkion. Dulari heard these teachings and thus reluctantly, values ​​have no Snkkr Buck.

The day was the day of the exam for sweet farewell. It was his spirit should go somewhere where he would not see the footage. Ha! Watch it around the house will be deserted. He was alone in the house all day will be. Who Hॅnsegi-will speak. Thinking that his heart was trembling. As the time grew near did, there would flail his professions Thynkvh while working as a lost and heed Aplk eyes look at an object from. If ever there was little opportunity to go into solitude. Was explaining to mind, it then would people go on this way. It is a kind of obedience; Is no compulsion on anyone? However, for others die even if your are not. How much water in the oil received, the different circumstances Rhegakbchche wearing new coats, made the Nawab were dating. Sweet love them to want to adopt, you cry even from which escape by mouth. He knew what their children on such occasions often become inexorable.

Ten o’clock came bullock cart at the entrance. Boy sitting on that already. How many men and women came to the village. Only this time, he seemed to be bad. She wanted to cry together sore secluded dulari a while, Mathura folded hands wanted to say, echoes my adherence Who else but in my world, but there was no chance of these things to him in the Bmbd. Mathura and dearest and beloved both sitting in the car to be parked at the entrance stood weeping. He was so Vihrivl not remember him getting out of the town to reach.


What was lovely was unconscious for several days. Not out of the house, not the hearth lit, mouth or hand-washed. Plowman and says it repeatedly Joku – ‘mistress, get up, mouth wash hands, eat and drink something. How long will you keep lying down like this. There was such a calming village and women. In the sense of a kind of calming his jealousy seemed hidden.

Joku was reflected in the tone of true sympathy. Jokhu was doodle, chatty and addict. Cutie was always scold her equal. Once he had a two-out single. Picked up again at the request of Mathura. Joku sympathy-filled sweet Jhunjlati heard today, it is not working. Here is lying behind me, but he would not live up to rebuke. He seeked sympathy at that time. So what we get from spiky fruit trees are left to them?

The agitation velocity gradually decreased. Life began to trade. The whole weight of agriculture was lovely. They suggested a solution to break up the two farms, rather proud of the sweet beating of drums was not to accept his defeat. All tasks started to run as usual. The Mathura send correspondence received from his pride and excitement. He understands, I’m sitting her shelter, sending him the letter I received not a fund. If it’s not my concern, I’ll care when.

I now work at home so special, dear all day engaged in farming activities turn. Melons were sown. May he flourish and sell well. Whole milk is spent at home, now selling. Only a bizarre change of attitudes has come. He now wears clean clothes, the greater the peak demand was not indifferent. Interest started in jewellery also. Money in hand as soon as he started sparingly mortgage jewelry and meals delivered. Sea before the fields were empty Sinckr themselves. Exhaust pipes were now closed. The water in the ocean waves were piled up and the light-light, were in bloom lotus.

Joku lose a day returned, then went dark. So far, there has been a beloved asked?

Joku said had survived four beds. I thought, let ten thick and stretching. Who will wait for tomorrow’s mess?

Joku now work a few days began to feel. Unless the owner lived aboard his head, he was reluctance-excuses. Now everything was in his hands. There would have been a lovely day walking in defeat, so now it was responsibility.

Lotte said, keeping the best of sweet water, wash up and pour. Man with life works, hi-hi does not work. Farm today were not there yesterday, was so urgent.

Joku thought, dear is worsening. He was so involved in his grasp and was understood, would be appreciated. Here criticism. Spoke contemptuously mistress, Dahne-left both sides moving. What do not you understand, why it jumps for? If there are dry for tomorrow Uncwa farm. Kuan was empty today, with great difficulty. I reached early, so someone else does not Cenk? Then the long wait to watch Atware. Till then everything would have gone

Only at his ingenuity Hॅnskr quote Hey, I told you I am a little crazy. I would say that working with John. Somewhere ill, so will have to take.

Joku- who will be sick, I? In twenty years, if ever head not afford to lose, do not know further. Say works all night to live.

Pyari- I Januँ, you only sat stanza day, and was asked to say if it was were- Zur, was carrying Drd.

Joku Jenpta spoke up when she was talking, the owners wanted to take a piece of it. So now I know that my forehead. I will not be replaced if everybody loses.

I do not care what Pyari-?

Joku- you will, and go two plum. You can not be sitting there all day.

Pyari was fascinated by his honest behavior. So late at night burn hearthstone bid. Why not take an engagement?

Joku said washing the mouth mistress say you plenty! Your stomach is not so wide, Shall engagement! June full quart quart eat! Both should set for June two.

Pyari- good, eat in my kitchen today, watch how much you eat that?

He said he is delighted Joku mistress, creating it you will get tired. Yes, half-half set by the two feeding rota two, then eat a. I do the same thing. That’ll make the dough and cake on Sankr two Lit take fomentation. Mte never, never salt, eat onions’ll ever have to come and live.

Pyari- I will feed you bread today.

Joku- then eat all night would be spent.

Pyari- Nonsense, Ctpt and sit down.

Joku oxen mash-waters-just go sit so.


Joku was embattled and beloved.

Sweet said I say, no need paddy planting. Showers should look, should overwhelm the farm. Berkha should be closed, the farm should be dried. Millet, millet, flax, pea-things are not right rice.

Keeping huge shovel on his shoulder when Joku told everyone, so I will too. All will be drowned, then I will be covered. Why do I have to stay behind? In times of less than five acres planted Baba was the one-two bigha Birju brother and extended. Mathura also planted a little every year, so I’m the the-barred? I Lagaooga not less than five bigha.

Then the two young workers were in the house. ”

“I eat alone two of them equal. Why should not I work equivalent to them?

“Running, liar. Used to say, two sets eat, eat four sets. Set in the left half. ”

“Then one day weighed know.”

“Weighed. Big eater! I’ll say I do not get sanctioned Ropo not rice, let alone have to harass.

‘Your goodness, I Hoonga harass you? This body will work on what day. ”

Sweet took the shovel on his shoulder and said to watch you watch the night rhythm of the night will be in my soul Ubega alone.

Jokhu didn’t have any experience of boredom. No work, the man fell to sleep. Why should one get bored Spoke live to be asleep so bored. Then I’ll stay home and live Ubega. I sit empty is so frequent eating Sujti. Things are delayed, and overcast.

Sweet said good, go tomorrow, today sit.

Joku said the best falls in bond values, sat down, and say what do you say?

Only when asked Vinod say hey, I am asking you, why not take your engagement? I die alone. Then will be two from one.

You spoke of the same thing happened to shuck Joku Srmata unleashed, mistress! Whom Shall engagement here? What will bring the Meharia who eats my life are for jewelry.

If you bet big link Pyari- it. Where a woman who will not even make jewelry?

I say that this little jewel Joku- not well; yes, my life is not Khay. Have you ever used for jewelry, not persistence, but gave all my jewelry on top of others.

Cheeked cutie arrived slight color. Good quote, and what do you want?

Joku- I betake myself say, then go wrong.

Did see a line of shame in the eyes of the beloved, quote say to worsen, then Bigduँgi course.

Joku- so I would say.

He said he would call her back Telte how sweet, I spare the messengers.

Joku- I want it to be like you, be serious, be clever in the same conversation, the same good cook, so be economical, such cheerful. Just such a woman will do so, I will not have the same kind.

Cutie’s face was blood stained with shame. He retreated and said you’re big naughty! Everything playfully Hँsi- were saying.

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