Gulli-danda By Premchanda

Our English friends, I’ll say that, believe it or not Gulli-danda is the king of all sports. She still see the boys play Gulli-danda, then G is squeals room.If go and play with them. Plan not needed, not the courts, not net, not the pallet. Happily cut a twig from a tree, carved Gulli, and two men arrived, the game has begun.

Cherry games is the biggest weakness that his goods are expensive. Until at least a century, do not spend, would not have been among the players. Gulli-danda made myrobalan-alum here that gives the pure color; We Angreji on things that are behind all these crazy things were irritants. Three of every four children in schools have to pay each year is just to play. Anyone fail to see that the game feed, which are played without price-fetched. Angreji games are for those who have money. Why the addiction attributing poor boys head for? Well, there is the fear of schism Gulli eye, then head of cricket to be divided, ruptured spleen, broken leg does not fear! If the stain still remains Gulli in our foreheads, we also have many friends who are sitting pallet changing the crutch. It is in their interest. Gulli me all the sweet memories of childhood games look good and Gulli in the most sweet.

The morning to go out of the house, he went up into the tree branches to prune and Gulli-danda, the enthusiasm, the players Jmgte, she designated and Pdana, he fights, he is unassuming, the Cut-untouchable, Rich there was absolutely no difference between the poor, of the wealthily Choclon, performance, pride and there was scope, it will remember the moment when …. when …. Family members are deteriorating, Dad sitting on fours velocity bread are unloaded his anger, Ammaa race up to the door, but my bleak future in their ideology is shaken like a broken vessel; And I am overjoyed at the Pdane, is mindful of not bathing, not eating. Gulli’s just the small, but the sweetness of the worldwide wine and enjoy the spectacles is full.

The name was a boy in my peers. I have two or three years older. Lean, long, monkey-like, thin fingers, monkey-like agility, the same fret. Gulli What happen was Thalaivar such as lizard is Lpakti on insects. Not know whether or not her parents, where did he live, what was taken into account; Was on our Gulli-club champions. When she arrived at by his victory was certain. We all come from far to see him, he ran, were welcome and were able to make their Goiya.

One day I was playing two. He did Estate. I was down, but in some strange Pdane that we can stay cool throughout the day; Akrta is also designated a minute. I have to redeem all tricks throat, even without the prescribed canonical at such excusable, but his shot was not leaving without my body was.

I ran towards the house. The solicitation was not affected.

I ran and grabbed the stick and said the upturned-go with my stake. Pdaya big brave Banke, why fled to Pdne plum.

“You all need to stay Pdao I Pdta daylong? ‘

‘Yes, you have designated all day. ”

“Shall not eat, drink or go?”

‘Yes! I can not go anywhere without the line. ”

“I am your slave?”

“Yes, be my slave.”

“I go home, I do take a look!”

‘Will you go to the house; Is no pleasantry. A bet has been challenged and will be accepted.’

“Well, yesterday I was fed guava. He returned two.

“He then went into the stomach.”

“Get the stomach. Why did you eat my guava? ”

“You have guava, and I ate. I was not asking for you. ‘

“As long as my guava will not, I will not bet.”

I supposed, justice is on my side. After all I will be selfish fed him from guava. Who selflessly works with any treatment. Give alms to the selfishness. Guava when eaten by the then stake me to take him to what is right? By bribing people are digested blood, it will digest tolerably my guava? Guava was Paँcwale money, which was not destined to be the father. It was totally unjust.

He was dragging toward me and said go with my stake, I do not know guava-Smrud.

I was force of justice. He was dug in injustice. I wanted to run it from the arm. She would not let me! I abused her, she abused her hard, and abuse, not just a slap given deposit. I cut her teeth. He was credited stick on my back. I wept! Gaya was not able to compete against this weapon of mine. I immediately put away the tears, and smiling Poles forgot injury and came into the house! I sho boy was beaten at the hands of a lowly caste Lunde, it seems to me that time also resulted in degrading; But the house did not complain to anyone.


In those days the father was transferred there. In the new world of viewing pleasure puffed his peers to be separated from all the grief was not. Dad were sad. She was replaced by income. Ammaaji too sad here was everything was cheap, and the neighborhood women-Grav was a bit, but I had many happy fits of triumph. Zeit in boys was blown away, there are a few home. That such sky-high home that do things. There’s no master Angreji boys beaten in school, it would be Jehl. My friends had told me that currency dilated eyes and amazed how Sprdga was getting into his eyes! Bagwan was as if to say, you become brothers, go. We live and die in the same village lorn.

Twenty years have passed. I happened to visit the same district engineering and close accessibility to the town and stayed at Dakbagle. Given the place the child so sweet memories in the hearts rose up to drive out of town and I pointed stick. Like a thirsty wanderer eyes of childhood sports who were overwhelmed to see the sights; But the familiar name on there and was not familiar. Where the ruins, there were concrete houses. Where the old banyan tree, there was a beautiful garden. Was the transmutation of base. If his name had not been aware of the situation, I could not recognize him. Childhood memories accumulated and immortal opening his arms to embrace old friends who were getting impatient; But the world had changed. It was living that fell on the earth cry and say, you forget me! I still want to see you as the same.

Suddenly, in an open space, I saw two or three boys play Gulli-danda. For a moment I forgot myself. Forgot that I am a high officer, officialdom in chic, awe and right cover.

A boy asked why his son went, the name of the man lives here?

Gulli-danda traps the frightened voices of the boys who was said? Skinner was?

I casually said yes-yes same. If the name of a man? Perhaps the same.

“Yes, then. ‘

“Just can call him? ‘

The boy was running and in a moment comes with a five-arm appeared black Dev. I recognized from a distance. Wanted to grab his hand wrapped around his throat go, but remained an afterthought. Say has said, remember me?

Yes he bowed down to the owner, well, why not recognize! Are you relaxed?

“Very relaxed. You have your say. ”

‘Deputy hostler of Honor that. ”

‘Mti, Mohan, Durga Where is everyone? Some news?

‘Mti was dead, and Durga Mohan are both postman. you?’

“I am an engineer of the district.”

“The government already had large brains?

“Gulli-danda ever play?”

He looked at me, eyes full of the question now is what will play Gulli-danda government, business travelers do not have now.

‘Come, we-you play today. You Pdana, we Pdenge. You have a stake above us. Grab it today. ”

Been agreed with great difficulty. He stayed dollar earners, I have a big officer. And what we add? Poor was blush. But I did not look at ease; Not because I was going to play with, but because they embody the spectacle will make this game unique and will take considerable crowd. Where the crowd will enjoy it, but I have not played without. Finally persuaded that the newborn will play from the township and plenty of sweet juice that carry-over Khaange childhood. I went to both the Dakbagle came over and sat in the motor went out into the field. Taken with an ax. I was holding serious expressions, but the joke was to understand it yet. Yet his face was not any mark of curiosity or pleasure. Maybe it was the difference between us, that was rapt in thought.

I asked, you’ve never had to miss our? Tell the truth.

Jenpta has been said-I remember Hazur, what am worth. In part it was destined to play a few days with you; I do not count?

I said, but I have some sad and equal, you had to miss. That’s your stick, which was held upturned you, remember?

He said the boy had been bemoaning the government, everything Do not miss her.

‘Wow! The juicy remember my child’s life. The elixir of that you Poles, he now finds himself in regards’m not, not money. ”

So long as we come out three miles from town. Silence all around. Bhimtal is spread far to the west side, where the break came, we used to take the lotus flower and put in his ears used to make Jumk. Brother of the evening steeped in saffron standing. I climbed a tree and a branch cut Lpakkr brought. Ctpt Gulli-danda has become.

The game has begun. I tossed by Gucci Gulli. Gulli came out of the front. He Lpakaya hand, the fish are holding. Gulli spilled behind him. This is, as you sit in the hands was Gulli. The right-left somewhere, Gulli was delivered in his palm. Gullion like to put on the Captivate. New Gulli, old Gulli, small Gulli, large Gulli, Gulli notched, flat Gulli were all met him. His hands are like a magnet, draws to Gullion; But he did not love her for Gulli. Then I started Pdana. I was like Dhaँdliya. Practice cancer was completely foul. Hooch was played even rung. However, according to the scripture should be had to turn. Gulli had the nasty injury and he fell down on the slightest, so I take up again Jptkr corbel table imposes her own. This whole bay-Kaydgiya was looking; Speaks on had nothing, like he forgot all rules. His aim was so unmistakable. Gulli tons out of his hands seemed to come from the poles. His job was to be released from his hand collided with the Poles, but he never seems to stick Gulli! Is never right, never left, ever forward, never back.

After half an hour Pdane drawn in a Gulli poles. I have not engaged in rigged-Gulli poles. The course from; But not engaged.

He was not some sort of murmur.

‘Will not hurt. ”

“What I look at the poles does dishonesty?”

‘No, brother, you will cheat God?’

It remains that I had won by fraud in childhood dare! It sits up on the neck, but today I was driving the ease fool you. Ass! Forgot things.

Gulli suddenly started again with a stick and was so loud, like the shotgun be missed. Now somehow rigged the evidence in front of me at the moment, it did not dare to, but why not try to tell a lie once everyone do? What is my Hrj. If the value cheers, not three or four hands will then be designated. Feigning darkness will deliver quickly. Who comes to the stake.

In celebration of the victory was said caught caught. T bid.

I said, you seem to try to be ignorant see? I have seen.

‘T the government’s bidding! ”

And collided with a brick for?

How this sentence out of my mouth at that time, so I’m surprised myself. Belie this truth was the same as the night the day and lunch. We both saw Gulli poles seem louder; But my statement was accepted.

“Yes, that would be engaged in brick. So the sound does not seem to stick. ”

I then started Pdana; But the simplicity of having rigged so direct, I began to pity; That was the third time in Gulli poles, so I decided to give generously stake.

Now the darkness has been said, Brother, put on yesterday.

I thought, tomorrow will be very little time, it’s not how long Pdaa, so at this time would be good to make it clear Muamla.

‘No no. Yet is very light. You take your bet. ”

“Gulli Sujegi not.”

‘Not bothered.’

He began the Pdana; He did not practice at all now. He resolved to twice shelved; Both times were on the Hooch. Less than a minute he lost stake. I showed the immensity of his heart.

“Take a shot and play. If you already have on hand Hooch. ”

“No brother, no longer has to be dark.”

‘You missed practice. Do not ever play? ”

‘Where is the time to play, brother! ”

We both sat on the motor and lamp burning-burning stage reached. Gulli-Danda said the move was here to-morrow. The player will play all the old. You’ll come? When you have spare time, when players call.

I gave the evening and the next day went to see the match. There was a group of ten men. Many were my boyhood buddy! Most were young men, whom I could not identify. Game on. I sat down to watch the spectacle was seated on the motor. Today’s game was, I was surprised to see her dexterity. Corbel table does, so Gulli things from the sky. He hesitated a little of yesterday, she hesitated, he was neither discouragement. Who was in his youth, today he had acquired maturity. This week I would like somewhere Pdaya, I must cry. Poles eat his injury was Gulli brings news of two hundred yards.

A young man who Pdne some rigged. Gulli was caught in his thoughts. Gulli said-had been lifted pressed on the ground. This has led to scores in both pools. The young man was buried. Flushed face was scared of was seeing. If he is not buried, so certainly are beaten.

I was not in the game; Others on the game was coming to me in the joy of my youth, when we were to forget everything and become engrossed in the game. Now I know that was last played with me, only pretended to play. He pitied me explain. I rigged, foul, but he was not angry at all. Because he was not playing, I was played, was to keep my mind. He wanted me to remove Pdakr not my disintegrate. I’m in charge now. The rise from the wall between me and him became. I may have got the point, I can not respect, companionship can not. Boyhood, then I was his equal. Now I’m only getting the job deserves his mercy. I do not think that your addition. He has grown up, I’m short.

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