Big Brother Story By Premchand

Me my brother was five years older, but rank ahead of only three. He also started at the same age when I started to read; But the importance of education in case he did not like to work with haste. The foundation wanted to put a lot of emotion on this luxurious palace to become stronger. One year’s work was done in two years. Sometimes it could take three years. Foundation is not strong, so the house became Payedar how!

I was young, he was older. I was nine years old, she was fourteen. He was my birthright Tnbih and complete monitoring. And this was my decency dictate that the law interpret them.

He was by nature large Agyynshil. Always sitting opened the book and probably never copy to mind at rest, but the margins of the book on birds, dogs, cats used to make pictures. Sometimes the same name or word or sentence put down ten or twenty times. I emulated a lion repeatedly beautiful letter. If ever such phraseology which would have no meaning, no harmony! For instance, once I have a copy of it on special meaning Deki-, Amina, brothers, cousins, per-se, brothers, Radhe Shyam, Radhe Shyam, Messrs, one hour, followed by a man’s face was a Tak. I have tried to remove any sense of this puzzle; But failed and had not the courage to ask. He was ninth in the league, I in the fifth. It was great for me to understand his compositions little mouth.

I did not read all my soul. Sitting with book for even one hour was impossible. Hostels come in and out of the ground at first opportunity ever Kankriya flips, paper butterflies ever breathes, and so far has found no partner are jumping down to ask what ever mounted on the wall, sometimes riding on the gate, he ran back and forth are enjoying the motor. But come into the room to see the brother’s soul wither as dire. Hota- their first question “Where were you? ‘ Always the same question, and the answer I was asked the same sound was only silence. Why not let it out of your mouth that just was playing out. My silence told me that confession and the brother had no treatment besides the affection and hospitality to me in words, mingled with fury.

Thus read English, then keep reading throughout life and will not Herff. English reading is not a joke to read whatever, no era that scholars are all English-Gara Natthu-Khaira. Here there is a clock Fodni eyes to burn and bleed, the mode where it comes. And what comes, yes, there is to say. Great scholars can not write perfect English, I speak so far. And I say to you that I see how many snails do not learn too. I’m so much effort, you see their eyes, if not see, which is the fault of your eyes, your mind is the fault of. There is so fair-spectacle, I have seen ever watch, cricket and hockey matches are everyday. I do not have separates. I always reads, on the one higher in rank two, three years, then how do you expect that you’ll be lying quantify time in game-Kud, Gawakr’ll get? It takes me two or three years only, age around you are in the same rank will be decaying. If you like this Gawani age, so better go home and have fun Play Gulli-danda. Why spend hard-earned money to the grandfather do? ”

I shed tears when they heard sounds kick. What was the answer. So I did the crime, who suffered kick? Brother were accomplished in the art of preaching. Such so-called do things, such as gnome-run arrows that are pieces of my liver and guts are omitted. Breaking the power to know the work I could not and I think that for a little longer in despair Lgta- Why should not go home. The work is beyond my capabilities, it should put his hand down my life why. I was a fool to be approved; But much work! I was so dizzy. But an hour later, a cloud of despair that I intend to rip and plenty of further Pdhuँga diligently. A time-table into a Ctpt. The map created without advance, without any scheme designed to work do you start? In the time-table, just fly towards sports. Morning get up at six o’clock freshen up, have breakfast and sit reading. Six to eight English, according to the eight to nine, nine to nine and a half of history, food and school again. Back from school at three-thirty and a half hour, four to five geography, five and six of the grammar, Aga hour jogging in front of the hostel, and six to seven from English composition, then eight to nine meals translation, nine Hindi to ten, ten to eleven different topic, then relax.

But the time-table to make a point, to implement it is another. From day one itself, the criticism started. The pleasant greenery of the field, gently stroke the air, jumping football, kabaddi the stake-power, pace and maneuverability Balibal unknown to me and he will inevitably get pulled, I forget everything and go there go. He murderous time-table, he would not miss any Ankhfod books, and then trounced brother edification and an opportunity. I run away from their shadows, their eyes away from the aims. This comes in the room that they taper shank is not news. He got up and looked at me out of my life. A naked sword hanging over the head always feels small. Yet even in the midst of death and misery as man remains bound in the bond of attachment and illusion, I rebuke and scorn of Sports could not even eat Gudkiya.


Yearly exam took place. Brother have failed, I got close and came first in rank. The difference between me and them only two years left. G came to the great penance your brother criticized Lu- go? Look at me, I enjoy plays and rank among the best in the am too. But she so sad and depressed that I sincerely sympathize with them, and the idea of ​​rubbing salt on their wounds seemed shameful. Yes, now I have something up my pride and increased self-esteem. Rob’s brother, he was not on me. Began to participate freely in sports. Heart was strong. If he trounced me again, then told what Duँga- arrow struck by lighting in your blood. I first came to play, jumping higher in rank. Tongue is not the arrogance of asserting the courage of my complexion was clear that the brother of the terror is not on me. His innate intelligence Lia- brother sensed it was very intense and the dawn of a day when I do all the time by offering fine dining at Gulli-danda returned, as if the sword brother Saib pulled me down and see Pde- , this year became the first to come and rank, then you have the mind; But Baijan, not boast of so large, what your personality is, it will be read at the recent history of Ravana. What did you preach his character? Or rather have read? Not just something to pass the test, the real thing is the development of intelligence. Understand the meaning of what you read. Ravana was the master of the globe. Such kings Chakraborty. Today, the British state has expanded greatly, but can not call them Chakraborty. Many in the world do not accept the hegemony of British Rashthr. All are independent. Chakravarti king Ravana. All the kings of the world paid him tax. Slavery was the great god. The god of fire and water were his slaves; But the end what happened? Boasting up to trace his name be erased, not even giving him a Cillu save water. To a man who has sexual relations; Let not pride, not Itraye. And the pride of the poor world.

You must have read the condition of the beast. It was pride that more true than God, there is no devotee. Finally it was pushed up from heaven to hell. Shaharum too had once boasted of himself. Died, asking-begging. You still only have a Rank and just turned your head, then you’ve grown. Its hard not to take it with you, blind hand caught quail. But only time can give quail is not repeated. Sometimes Gulli-danda-hit shot in the blind turns. work is worship. Successful player he is, no trace of which would not empty. Do not look at my failure. I come in rank, the teeth will be sweating. Aljbra and Jametry gram iron will when chewing and Sovereign have to read history! It is not easy to remember the names of kings. Henry has spent eight. Henry’s case, what time, what happened, what do you think it easy to remember? Replacing Henry VII and Henry VIII wrote all the numbers disappear! Shaven. Cipher will not, even zero! What do I think? James Drjno are Drjno William, Charles Kodion! Dizziness brain starts to eat. The disease is wind. Not to connect these Abagon name. Second behind the same name, Soym, Charum, putting Panjum left. If I was asked, I would have told one million names. And geometry! God help me! A place of a b h h b write all the numbers were cut. Do not ask why these cruel Mumthinon a b h b h in a matter of what is the difference and why waste the blood of students do. Dal bhat-rice-bread and cheese bread eat or eat, it is just; But care what Testers! He then see what the book is written. Guys want characters-characters enter vigor. And the name of Rtnt and education have kept all these things be-read what is the use of head-to-toe?

He dropped two perpendicular to the line, the delay will be twice the base. Ask, its purpose? Not twice, should quadruple, or are only half, I do not care, but to pass the tests, then it will have to remember all the theories. Gave saying ‘punctuality’ Write an essay on which not less than four pages. Now you open the front copy, pen in hand, cry his name. Who does not know that punctuality is very good. This man’s life comes restraint, others seem to be the affection and her business is promoted; One small thing but how to write four pages? What can be said in one sentence, I need to write four pages? I understand it dared. The economies of the time, but in vain misuse that something was stuffed. We want to say to the man who is taking his own way, tell Ctpt. But no, you have to paint the four pages, such as whether to write. And Pages, the whole foolscap size. If the students do not torture, what is? So it is said that disaster, briefly write. Write an essay on punctuality in short, not less than four pages. Fine! In short, the four pages, there probably Likwate hundred-two hundred pages. Sharp also Dudie and too slowly. Vomiting thing or not? Even a child can understand such a small thing, but these teachers are not so manners. He claims that we have teachers. Lala me come in rank, and the dough will roll-dal, papad, these expressions have known. The higher in rank came first, then do not keep feet on the ground. Therefore, I assure you say. Million, failed, but you’m older than you, I have experience of the world. Whatever I say, he did not snarl Pctaiyega Badia.

School time was near, not to God, and when it ends, Mala preaching. Today, I was feeling a little food Niःswad. When I despise it’s going to be, then maybe on the failure to take the life Jayँ. Brother of his graduate studies, dreadful picture was drawn; It terrified me. How not ran home from school, it is surprising; As such disdain but also books-of-my distaste remained unchanged. Sports does not miss any opportunity. He studied, but too less. That should be enough to complete the task of the day and not have to be higher in rank Jalil. Who was born to his faith, he was lost and then found thieves cut a little life.


The annual examination, and then something happened that I had to chance and brother have failed again. I did not go on to be very hard not to come first in rank. I myself was surprised. Brother had worked hard till the last breath. Of course, were licking each word; Here until ten o’clock at night, emerging from four o’clock in the morning, from six to nine and a half before going to school. Currency became pale, but have failed the poor. I had pity on them. The result was read, he wept and I wept. I had the pleasure of your half. I also would have failed, the brother so trouble not, but the point of law which postponed.

Me and only a petty difference between brother and left. There was a nasty feeling that somewhere in my mind Rise Jayँ brother a year and failed, then I shall be their equal, then on what basis will be able to revile me, but I thought this bastard force took off from the heart. After all, he would scold me if the idea of ​​my interest. At that time, of course I feel unpleasant, but it’s probably the effect of his teachings that I would pass the tide, and so with good marks.

Now the brother had become much more soft. At times, he patiently took the opportunity to scold me. Maybe now he began to understand that he has the right to scold me; Or very little was left. Increased my freedom. I felt Unki exploit tolerance. I had some notion that I’ll be nearby, or not read a read a my destiny is stronger than the fear of the little brother used to read, too close. Knkaua new hobby was born to me and blow all the time of kite flying was gifted, but the brother I was politely, and his sight was saved Knkaua breathes. Do Maaja, Kanneh pairing, kite tournament preparations were done and resolved Smsyathaa Guptu now. Brother, do not doubt that he wanted to give honor and respect to my Njro has reduced.

A day away from the hostel evening I rushed wildly Knkaua rob. Eyes toward the sky, and her mind that Akashgami wanderer, who was walking slowly toward the Jumta fall, out of heaven like a soul detached new impressionable minds are going. A whole army of children suffered; And had been rushed to meet them to scrub bamboo. No one has never heard of her back and forth. Believe that with all the kites were flying in the sky, where everything is flat, not Motrkaren, no trams, not Trains.

Today I shall be sick, then your flower extremities. Grandfather to the wire but you and shall not perceive; But your grandfather is in place, do not let anybody wire, not afraid, if not delusional. Mrj identifying himself will treat him without success, then will call a physician. The disease is a big thing, of course. We do not know-you so much to spend for the month, month to go. Grandfather who send him money and we spent twenty-two and twenty-money to become obedient. Snack stops, the laundry and barber takes steal mouth; But as much as we and you are spending, the largest part of her half his age grandfather rode with dignity and reputation and has followed a family in which all nine were men. Look at your own Hedmast and Honor. MA That not; And The MA No, Oxford. Find a thousand, but their home care who does? His old mother. Master Degree of Honor was useless to be here. Before they used to arrange for their house. Expenses were not enough. Debtors lived there. When his mother took over the management, such as the house came Lakshmi. So Baijan, put it out of the proud heart that came near me and now you’re free. You will not see me Berah. Thus you will not do, so I (slap showing) can use it too. I know you feel my words are poison …

TILT-head with them in this new device is. Today I really felt my levity and brother of reverence in my mind occurred. I told hydrous eyes No way. Firma whatever you are, it is true and you have a right to.

Spoke brother embraced me and I refuse Knkaua does not blow. Even my soul that entices, but what to do, how to protect yourself or your Berah leave? This duty is also on my head!

Incidentally the same time, a sliced ​​Knkaua undergone us. Its rope was hanging. The boys ran behind the goal was coming. Just think about the long, jumped and caught the door and ran wildly hostel. I was running behind.

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