Algyoja Story By Premchand

Bhola Mahato second engagement after his first wife died, the worst came to the boy Rggu. That time was only ten years old Rggu. Gulli-danda plays and went peacefully to the village. Jutna mother had come to mill. Emerald Rupwati and pride as a woman and is a kind of hand-in-cheek. He does not work with his hands. Raghu used to extract cow dung, Raghu used to feed mash to oxes. Raghu used to clean the utensils. Firin such that it is now in the eyes of gullible Rggu all evil-eye-lived faults letters. Emerald eyes closed Mryadanusar confess things he was ancient. Rggu of complaints does not care at all. As a result, the complaint left Rggu. Cry in front of whom? Not only the father, the whole village was his enemy. Big stubborn boy, Emerald not think so; Her caress is poor, feed-feeds of the same fruit. No woman can adjust with you other than me. He say, ’emerald is so simple that there is indwelling. Hear all complaints of strong, weak, no one hears the complaint! Rggu mother’s heart was rent by the day-to-day. Even eight years have passed and the message of death came a day named Bhola.

Four children, three sons and a daughter were to Emerald. Such a huge expense and no bread earner. Why Ragghu asks about the matter now? This was an accepted fact. And his wife will remain separate. A woman would come and worsen things. Was visible around the dark, dark emerald-lived. But whatever happens, he will not be in the house by becoming Asrat of Rggu. The house in which he ruled, is now not going to be her maid. Lunde explaining the slaves, not Takegi his mouth. She was beautiful, the stage was not so much something. Youth was on the whole spring. What he can not do any home? This only that the people will laugh. From curse! What happens in the community? Brahmins, Thakur had a short nose would be cut. It is in those high Jaton whatsoever ye do in the home, are covered outside the curtain. He can spot showing the world, then why are Rggu as the waxen?

One month had passed since Bhola’s death. It was evening. Emerald was lying on this matter and that suddenly occurred to him, the boy was not in the house. This is the time of the return of bulls, no boy should not have come down to them. Now who is at the door to look after them? No allowance Rggu Futiaankhon my boy. Never speak laughingly. Came out of the house, then saw Rggu Gaderia of sugar cane has been sitting in the hut opposite, the boy and the little girl standing against her hand in his neck, his back is trying to board. Panna could not believe her eyes. Today, it is something new. Maybe that shows the world how much I want my brothers and dagger is kept in mind. Ambush that is just lethal! It’s a black Snake, black Snake! Harsh voice bidding you all do there? Come into the house, is the time of evening, will come Goru.

He said I’ll have to see through the eyes Rggu unobtrusive Kaki, what is the fear?

The older boy spoke Kaki Kedar, Rggu grandfather had made for us are two cars. Looking at it, we Khunnu sit on, and the other on Jhunia Lcmn. Grandpa will pull both vehicles.

From a corner, saying he brought out two small cars. Phiye were four. Frames and stopping to sit on either side of the arm.

Emerald surprised asked who made these cars?

Kedar said the irritated Rggu grandfather built, and who? Bhagat’s house and brought demands Ctpt adze and wedge made. Kaki plenty hurries! I sat Kincuँ Khunnu.

Khunnu sat inside the car. Kedar started pulling. Scratchy noises as if the car is also participating in the game with the boys.

Lcmn said the grandfather, sitting in the other car, pull.

Rggu and placed him in the car and the car pulls to the Jhunia Ran. The three boys started clapping. Emerald astonished eyes was looking at the scene and was wondering what it is Rggu anybody.

Both cars returned after a while; The boy went home experience Yanyatra statement said. They were all so happy, values ​​are on the plane came down.

Khunnu Kaki said all the trees were racing.

Lcmn- and how Heifer Bagin, everyone ran all!

Kedar-Kaki, Rggu grandfather pull the two cars together.

Jhuniya was the youngest. His expression was limited to the power jump and eye-applause-was dancing, playing.

Kaki will be coming to our house cow Khunnu- now! Rggu grandfather told Girdhari bring us a cow. Girdhari said, tomorrow will bring.

Kaki is a three set Kedar- milk! Will drink a lot of milk.

Even so Rggu inside. Emerald asked why the sight-seeing disregarded Rggu Girdhari a cow you have asked?

Rggu price of the apology said yes, then asked, yesterday Lavega.

Rs Panna- whom come from home, it is also thought?

Kaki Rggu-‘ve laid it all! This is not my mark. Also, there are twenty-five bucks, five bucks will give allowance for heifer! That cow shall be.

Panna became silent. Now his unbelieving mind Rggu could not reject the love and generosity. Why do you allow the sale of seal bid? Cow Who’s the hurry? Jayँ have money in hand, take it. Throat will not quiet good. The cow is not so long, so there lived a boy?

Rggu spoke from the philosophical sense that children are the days of eating and drinking kaki! If you did not eat at this age, then what will you eat? I like not knowing seal wear. When will people understand that Mrgya father. Suji seal is wearing it.

Bhola Mahato died in cow worries. Had no money and did not cow. forced to. Rggu the problem solved so cheaply. Funds for the first time today to come to trust Rggu, quote only sell the jewel, so why Bechoge its seal? Take my clavicle.

Not Rggu- Kaki! It looks very nice on your neck. And men do, wear or not wear the seal.

Panna- running, I was old. Now what to wear collar-bone. You are just a boy, Your neck will do well?

Rggu smiled and spoke to you just become old? Which village is in comparison with you?

Rggu simple criticism of the emerald has been humiliated. His rugged face-Murjaye redness ran happiness.


Five years have passed. Which of Rggu hardworking, honest, it was not in the village’s wealthy second farmer. Page does not work without desire. Her age was now 23 years. Emerald repeatedly said, brother, daughter Bring get sent. Till when will you stay at your father’s place? Everyone maligned me, that does not come to the daughter, but was avoided Rggu. Just say what’s the hurry? Introduce some of his wife’s complexion had received from others. Bringing home a woman he did not want to interrupt his peace.

After one day and said, So you do not bring emerald his stubbornness?

“Just have to say that in no hurry.”

“You will not quickly, so quickly for me. I’ll send this man. ”

“You will Kaki, his mood is not good.”

‘You do not care. And speak to him when I do not, then fight with the wind? Will be able to make chapatis. Inside-out would not work with me, I’ll take the call today. ”

‘Want to call, call; But not say it does not fix Meharia, became his slave. ”

“Do not say, go and bring two saris and sweet.”

Mulia came on the third day of Mackay. Drums at the door, the sweet sound of Shnaiyon were heard in the sky. The ritual of unveiling was performed. He was in the desert serene stream. Wheatish color, the large sharp eye, a light chestnut-cheeked, strong attraction in the eyes. Rggu saw him become enchanted.

Morning carrying a pitcher of water, and her wheatish color with golden rays of dawn becomes Kundan, values ​​Usha all fragrances, smile and go away for the whole development and mania.


Burnt gruyere came from Mulia McKay. My husband tore chest to work, and remain seated emerald became queen, her boy became Risjade roam. Mulia will not be able to bear this. She will not be anybody’s slave. Your boys are not your brother whom do? Until it does not, Rggu surround. Just as soon as the adults, but shook off will disappear not ask it.

One day he told Rggu slavery is to be like you, I pray you, I will not.

Rggu- Then what should I tell you? Boys are not yet able to go home.

Rawat Mulia- boys, some of you are not. The emerald, which you had Trsati rash rash. I have heard everything. I will not live like a servant maid. RS-money accounts do not get me. What do you bring and what she does not. Do you understand, are in Rs house: But see, you get a single penny.

RS-money in your hand to Rggu- room.If what the world will say, thinking it.

Whatever Mulia- world, said. I haven’t been sold in the hands of the world. See, you can’t get out from a coal furnace without getting your hand dirty. Then you die for my brothers, I Mruँ why?

Rggu some did not answer. The fears of him, he fell head so soon. Now if he was very Tttho-Thnbho the year-six months and will work. That’s all, this float does not seem to be moving ahead. What is allotted cannot be blotted.

Mhua Sukhavn of the highlights of a day emerald. Rain had started. Was wet grain in the barn. Daughter of Mulia quote, just to see, I come from the pond bath?

Mulia said the casually-I’m sleepy, you sit out. What happens if one day Nhaogi?

Emerald laid off a saree, not the bath. Mulia’s attack went waste.

Emerald rice plant- returned one evening after several days, it was dark. Was hungry all day. Hoped, would set in law making bread, but saw here was lying cold hearth, and children were killed, dying of hunger. Emerald gently asked the hearth still burn today?

Kedar said this afternoon the stove burn Kaki! She not only built them.

Panna- Did you guys?

Kedar- nothing, was the bread of the night, the Khayin Khunnu and Lcmn. I ate the gram powder.

Panna and daughter in law?

Kedar- he was sleeping, not eaten.

Emerald lit the stove and cook immediately sat. Guँthti flour and cried. What is luck? Burnt in the fields all day, then come home in front of the stove was burning.

Kedar was the fourteenth year. Seeing all was the sense of her complexion. Kaki spoke, did not want her to be with you now.

Page asked what the alert said something?

Kedar- says the same thing in her mind was nothing but. Then why do not you let him leave? Regardless of who our God is.

Emerald teeth tongue pressing the up said, not forgetting to say such a thing in front of me. Raghu is not your brother, but your boss. Mulia understand if ever speak, eat poison.


The festival of Dussehra arrived. A hamlet in the village throughout the fair was cursing. All boys of village went to see the fair. Funds were also set to run with the boys; But where did the money come from? The key was with Mulia.

Rggu Mulia came and told the boy to be fair, the two give money to everyone.

Mulia said the money was not in the house carried Tyoriya.

Rggu- oilseeds was sold right then, you have to get up so quick bucks?

Mulia- Yes, wake up?

Where Rggu- wake up? Just listen, will not see this festival day fair boy?

Tell your Kaki Mulia-, Withdraw, will bury you?

Thykrggu key hanging on peg and took the key that would open the receptacle Mulia grabbed his hand and said, Give me the key, otherwise there will be no fine. Eat should wear, paper-book should, it should also look at the fair. Eat our earnings and mustache so that other proposals on it.

Emerald Rggu told the Brother, the money will do! The boys will not go to the fair.

Why not see the fair said Rggu Jayँge Jidkkr? The entire village is going. Only our boys will not go?

Rggu saying redeemed his hand and took the money given to the boys; But the key and gave to the Mulia, he threw him into the courtyard and lay wrapping mouth! The boys did not go to the fair.

Then two days were passing. Funds were also hungry and had not eaten Mulia. Rggu never celebrates it, sometimes, but not the rise, it is not. After all shocked by the Mulia Rggu asked the mouth saying something, what to do?

Mulia by addressing the Earth said I do not want anything, let me reach my house.

Rggu- up good, made-eating. Will convey.

Mulia eyes raised toward the Rggu. Raghu was scared after he saw her face. The melody, the charm, the grace had vanished. Came out teeth, eyes and nostrils twitched were were ripped. Embers bid good-looking red eyes, then it is advised Kaki, this mantra is taught? So here I am not so raw. Moong Dlugi both breast. Incidentally, what do?

Rggu- good, then take the same crew moong. Some will eat and drink, and only then will Moong Dal.

Mulia- now salivating Dalugi only when the house will be separated. Have suffered much, unable to tolerate anymore.

Rggu was numb. Not the voice of his mouth turned up a minute. He was not to be different dreams for. He was seen in the village two or three families are different. He knew plenty of bread to the people with heart split. Own people become aliens for ever. Yet they remain the same association, and the men of the village. Rggu was determined in his heart that the plague will not come into the house; But before his promising not lasted. Ahh! My mouth shall soot, will tell the world ten years after his father died in an indwelling could not. Then what should be different? Whom adoption fed, raised as children to whom, for whom suffered from such, should be different from them? Their loved ones out of the house to do? His throat got stuck What wilt thou that I spoke trembling voice shall be separated from his brothers? So think good, somewhere will be able to face?

Mulia- with these people so I would not indwelling.

Rggu- thou be separated. Why is Gsitti with me?

Mulia- I get sweets in your house? What is my place in this world?

Rggu- like your own, wherever you live. I can not be separated from your family. The day Jlenge stove in the house that day, two of my liver Jayँge pieces. I cannot bear with this wound. You’re suffering, can I remove it. You are the owner of the gear, water Anaj- thine hand now is what’s left? Jobs and do not want something, do not. God had given me the capacity, I would not take you to the straw. The delicate work of your hands and feet are not made to labor; But what to do is not just a few. Yet thy soul to do things he does not want to, do not; But do not tell me to be different, you’ll have legs.

Anchal’s head moved slightly, come near Mulia and I quote are not afraid to work, want to eat, not sitting; But I do not have any right to be bullied. Kaki your own house work tend to do so for themselves, for their children that. Some do not favor me, bully me, why are Jamaat? Your child will love them, I have your shelter. I can not see it with my own eyes that the whole family to rest, baby milk drink from a straw, and the force remains on its own household, he Trse Whey protein. No it is not interpellator. Just look at your mouth, what came out case. Patte the others will be ready in four years. You’ll fall on the bed in ten years. Sit down, stand up, why? What will you escape the slaughter? I will pack not strain, do not dictate or mistress? Frankly, you’re the big step-liver. I know, will come up with such Nirmohia, this house does not forget. If the mind does not serve too, mind you, but it took longer. Go home, and you’re mind will be here, do not ask me.

Mulia put these juicy things could not affect Rggu. He spoke the same coldly Mulia, it will not be me. Make note of how different my mind is not. This right shall not hurt me.

Mulia said then quipped wearing bangles and sit in it! Shall I felt bring mustaches. I understand that some of you have worthiness. Now see if you Londe Nire soil.

Both were standing in the hallway to hear the conversation of emerald. Now he could not stop himself. Rggu come out and be separate from the bid when it is determined, then why would you want to force him to be added? Be with You, our God When owner Mahato died, and was not anywhere Chhaँh of leaf when God indwelling that time, so now fear? Now, with God’s grace, have three grown children, no longer a concern.

Rggu the tear-filled eyes looking at Emerald Kaki said, is what you are crazy? Not know, when two minds are two loaves.

Panna- he considers not only what will you do then? God will free will, so will do? Wrote in Pralbd stick together as long as many days. Now it is the free will, then the right. You have done for my children, he can not forget. You did not put his hand to the head, not knowing what they would speed today, not who are stumbling to the door, where all not go begging. You sing to death quo. If your shoes have come in to my skin, then give it willingly. Whether you should be different, but the clock shout, ran like dogs come. It’s also not forget that you think I’m your bad Chetuँgi broke. The day will come in your Anbl my mind, that day will die by consuming poison. God, you Dudon Nhaon, Puton fruit! Asis to death that I would cry, and cry out to the boy that his father also. If your POS obey until death.

Emerald went her way, saying in tears. Rggu sat there like a statue. Had his eyes on the sky and tears were flowing from the eyes.


Emerald Mulia heard that it was twelve my morning. Ctpt arose, put the broom in the house, lit the stove and went to bring water from the well. Her take was finished.

One of the women in the village are two teams daughters, mother-in second! Laws are in your crew for advice and sympathy, sisters in their. Both have their different jury. Mulia at the well got two or three daughters. Today if you asked one old woman was washing a row.

Mulia said proudly to the conquest of so many days remain mistress of the house, leaving the royal party, who feel better? Sister, I do not want their evil: but where a man’s earnings to be blessed. I also have the same food, wear-covering are the days. Just behind them die, the children become Jayँ behind them die. All life should be cut wept.

The old woman wants a Bhu- servant remain across all birth. Coarse grained and had to eat it.

Second Bhu- matter what faith a dead-boy ask his own, boys relied upon? His hands and feet will be tomorrow, then who asks! Mehrion see their face. To reprimand already good, then there will be no stigma.

Mulia with water added, cooked and talked with Rggu go get a shower, the bread is ready.

Rggu the values ​​not heard. I am watching with hands on head towards the door.

Mulia- what I say, nothing is heard, the bread is ready, go get a shower.

I hear Rggu-, what am deaf? If the bread is ready to go and eat. I am not hungry.

Mulia said again. Go extinguished hearth, took bread, and he put on Cinke Daँkkr mouth was late.

Emerald quote came in a bit late, is ready to eat, wash and eat! Daughter will be hungry.

You will stay at the Kaki Rggu said angrily in the mouth by soot go out somewhere? The food is food, not eat today, tomorrow, I will, but I shall not be eaten. Kedar do not come just from the seminary?

Panna- just did not have to do.

Emerald boys that it was not until he Kilayegi prepare the food and will eat itself Rggu not not eat. Not only that, he will have to battle Rggu, it must declare the required sulfur. This will show him that I do not want to be different from what he died on this matter and will dissolve Gul-. She lit the stove and cooking started thinking differently. So in came from Kedar and Khunnu seminary. Emerald said Come on, son, eat, bread is ready.

Asked his brother Kedar shall not invited?

Panna- Come and eat. The bride made his bread is different.

Khunnu- brother asking me not to go?

Panna- when they would live, eat. You sit and eat, you mean these things? Would eat the living, not the law would not eat. When he and his wife are bent on separation, then who celebrated?

Kedar- Ammaji So why do we live in a different house?

Panna- his soul, live in a house, soul cast into the courtyard wall.

Khunnu peeped on the door came, the thatched cottage, was lying on the bed was drinking coconut Rggu.

Khunnu- brother still sitting on coconut.

G would Panna-, eat.

Kedar- brother had not rebuked her?

Mulia was listening lying in your closet. His brother came out, so do not scold you now come Daँton bid.

Kedar’s face lost color. Tongue not opened yet. The three boys and the food came out. Lu began walking. Boys and girls of the village in the garden of mango which fall from the air were making common. Let us choose common Kedar said today, plenty general are falling.

Khunnu- grandfather who are sitting?

Lcmn- I will not, scold grandfather.

Kedar- He now separated.

So now we will beat Lkshmn- No, not even speak the grandfather?

Kedar- Wow, why not speak?

Rggu saw the three boys standing at the door, but could not say anything. Before stepping out of the house so she sat scolding them, but today she sat immobile like a statue. Now the boys have some courage. Some moved away. Rggu still not said how he said? He was thinking, Kaki-feeding the boys gave a drink, asked me not to. The curtain has fallen on his eyes; If I called the boys and if he not come? I will be able to not have beaten them. All dead-heat shall be killed. Jayँ not fall ill somewhere. His heart remains Msoskr, but could not say anything by mouth. The boys saw that it was not at all speak so boldly walked.

Mulia suddenly came and said that even now not get up now? Whose names are on the Faka, they happily fed the boys and you eat, sleep are now. “Do not ask that drink peacock, peacock Suhagin Boat.” Brother’s mouth so that not even once burst, eat.

Rggu this time suffered a debilitating influence. Mulia’s harsh words sprinkled salt on the wound. Afflicted in thine own eyes were seeing spoke, he did so. Go now, drums!

Mulia- not, you are sitting plate for serving.

Rggu- not teasing me. I’m after you insulted. When you want to be somebody, and then do the other’s thunder, to flatter thee? Go and ask Kaki, boys are choosing general, hold them bring?

This quote is showing Thumb Mulia. If you smash a hundred times, and ask her.

Funds also come from within so forth. Asked the boy went into the garden Rggu Kaki, Lu is ongoing.

Who is he now Pucttr Panna-? Jayँ in the garden, climb trees, water Duben. Only on what I do?

Go and bring Rggu- hold?

Panna- when you go through your mind, then let me tell you why? Would you stop, do not stop it? If you must have the same?

Emerald was not sufficient to put in the corner, and the coconut orchard on Rggu driving.


Rggu boys returned from the garden, then saw the hut still standing in Mulia. Why do not you go and eat spoke? I’m not hungry this fiddle.

Mulia Aentkr quote Yes, why look hungry! Brothers ate, he would have already reached your stomach.

‘I do not burn the teeth grinding Rggu Mulia, will not do well. The food is not absconding. Do not eat a fiddle, not Jauँga dead! Do you think, the house has no small thing today? You have not lit the stove in the house, set fire to my liver. I am proud that the matter should be, not the disease but the split in my house Piga, my pride ye be smashed. Pralbd matter.

You are all natural Coh Mulia Tinkkr quote that someone has to? I do not see anyone like you Bisurte.

Rggu Mulia said he drew breath cold, sprinkle on the wound not non. Cause thy dust in my back look. I would not desire the household, then who will? I only added it dead-dead. Kelaya whom lap, but now I will be striped. I had children who rebukes them tight with eyes can not see. I speak of it, even to do, then the world will say that it takes your brothers looted. Leave me be, just not something I will be eaten.

I kept Mulia- swear I will not let go secretly.

Looking Rggu-, still nothing is impaired. Leave your persistence.

Mulia- drink our blood, which were not eating.

Rggu said what did you do with hands on his ears Mulia? I was waking up. Will eat up. Who shall separate washing, but it can tell you whether that instead of four to six should eat bread, thou me dip into the pot of oil, but it stains not perish from my heart.

Mulia- stained-greens all will be erased. First of all think so. Do not see, however, how peacefully ringing descent, he was convinced that somehow it all Jayँ separated. Now he’s back in the house that does not have many silver Come all disappear! Why now lived with us?

I said the same thing in an offended tone Rggu gum. Kaki, I had not expected that.

Rggu seated dinner, which seemed to gulp the mouthful of poison. It seemed, have bran bread. Dal water suspiciously. Descends throat was not under water, not seen on the side of milk. Couple eating grass came up, such as a loved one’s memorial to be food.

Dinner, he did likewise. What food, full of promise. His mind was agitated overnight. An unknown suspect had flashed through his mind, like gullible Mahato sitting at the entrance to cry. He often woke up with a start. It seemed simple to see with the eyes of disdain on his part.

He had two meals in June, as the home of the enemy. Did not descend from the eyes of the gullible sombre statue. He does not sleep at night. He wakes in the village, then stole the mouth, head bowed as if to be killed cow.


Five years have passed. Rggu was now the father of two boys. Was dragged into the courtyard wall, and in the fields, were put Meden Bchia bull had gone to distribute. Kedar became of age nineteen now. He had quit reading and farming. Khunnu was shepherding cows. Lcmn seminaries was only so far. Emerald and burning of the face of each other Mulia said. The two boys often live near the emerald Mulia. While they Mlti rouge, mascara serve the same lap, the mobile, but not a word of grace comes from the mouth of Mulia. Neither was willing its emerald. He used some of that sense Nirwyaj. Her two boys were now earning. The girl was able to cook. He picks up work. Rggu against it was alone in his house, he also weak, disabled and youth aging. Not more than thirty years of age now, but there was a hair slang. Lean also ran waist. He had chronic cough. Seeing it was pity. And agriculture is the object of sweat. Such service should be cultivated, he could not have her. And where does a good crop? Some loans were. That concern was also killed exert. So it was that he should get some rest now. Head after so many days of continuous labor burden is lighter, but the selfishness and shortsightedness Mulia swinging the shattered agriculture. If all live together, it is still able to pension, enjoying coconut drinks sitting at the door. Brother work, he advises. Mahato went up. Fights ever paid anyone, anywhere saints serve. That opportunity was lost. Now Cintabar day-to-day became great.

After continued slow-slow fever. Heart-prong, anxiety, lack of hard work and the rewards. Some of the first regardless. You will be deemed to be good, but began to grow weak, was concerned about the drug. Who has been told, ate, where the power to go to the doctors and herbalists? And affordability Even if you’ve spent more than what the outcome was? Low fever medicine is rest and nourishing food. He could not take the spring-Malti and could not sit down and invigorating food. The increasing weakness.

Emerald opportunity, it gives him comfort her, but did not talk to her boy Rggu now. So do drug-alcohol, and mocked him. Brother understood apart from that we will keep gold and briquette. She was also considered, gold will paradigms. See now who asks? Sisk-hiss off then tell not die. Very ‘Hi! Hi!’ Not too good. Man enough to work as much as possible. That does not give life to give Rs.

Emerald Khti- Rggu poor Who’s to blame?

Kedar Khta- running, I’ll understand. Brother’s place I would have a talk with the Poles. Thus insists that the woman was fun. It did the trick brother. It was all straight-Bdhi.

After a day of Rggu twinkle of life was extinguished lamp. The death brought an end to all concerns.

The time he was called Kedar, Kedar had to water the sugar cane. Scared, do not send much medication. Excused.


Mulia’s life was bleak. Mnsubon land on which he built the wall, he had slid down. He was bouncing on the strength of the Kuँten, he was uprooted. Villagers started to say, how God punished immediately. Cried to her two children that died of shame poor. The courage to face anyone in the village. Each creature seemed to be saying to him-not kept a foot on the soil of pride’mare: Why not become a punishment! ‘ How would living in this house? He will, by whom? Who will cultivate the force? Poor Rggu was ill. Was weak, but as long lived, worked his. Died of weakness and sometimes the slightest own head ached from holding the hand used to run. All agriculture was ruined, and who will take over? Daँten grains were lying in the barn, dried sugar cane was different. What would she alone? If the man does not work alone irrigation. From where three workers! How many workers were in the village. For men, the pull was getting. What to do, what not.

Such is over thirteen. Was discharged from the funeral. The next morning the two children in their arms raised and grain mill Mulia lasted. He then reached into the barn a soft bed to sleep on the grass under the trees, and other grain mill began to sit there. Haankti oxen and cried. What therefore God had delivered him? Seeing what has happened since? These days, even last year was Maadha grain. He returned to Rggu was brought in sherbet and peas Guँgni. Today there is not ahead of him, not behind, but am not a servant! Still had not repented of her separation.

However, he suddenly heard a child’s cry Taqa, the big boy had been telling him Chumkarkr Tup Baia Be Shut Tup. Withdraweth gradually hand over her mouth to silence and was perplexed. If not, the child somehow not up to him, he lay down and fell in love with him by the chest; But this effort was not successful, so he began to cry.

At the same time came and the little boy ran Emerald adopts quote was picked boys love me, why did not the law? Hi! Hi! Lott had on earth is poor. So when I die, do whatever, I just won, not separated from separating children.

Even if you did not leave Ammaa Mulia said, what?

So you come here early Panna- What? Daँt Maad are not. Three boys, and what will work day? So yesterday I was telling Kedar mill; I said, before letting water get into sugar cane, then Maadna today, ten days after Maadhai may be, did not irrigate sugar cane will be dried up. Gilded tomorrow, day after tomorrow will be introduced to the farm. Then shall be Maadhai. Ayga not believe thee, brother, when the dead has been great concern to Kedar. Asks a hundred times a day, so the law does not cry a lot? My boys are not hungry. A boy cries, then running by, Ammaa like, what happened, why the baby cries? Rocker-Ammaa said yesterday, I went so fast Jayँge brother, they would have some service. Where was awake-awake up, now watch, the hour it takes to work up from the night. Khunnu slightly yesterday, saying we’ll give water to your sugar cane, sugar cane and brother in the will. Kedar scolded so that the mouth of Khunnu not speak out again. He said, What you and how our sugar cane? The district would have no brother, so today would have either died or are begging elsewhere. Today you have become a big Ukwale! It is to them that the re Pratap made good man are sitting today. The day after the call to eat, sitting in the shack was crying. Asked, Why are you crying? So said Ammaa brother is the “pain of Algyoja died, not just what was their Umir! It is not thought of that time, do not spoil them why?

Significative part of the sight-seeing emerald saying Mulia said that you will remain separate in-law, says brother died for us so we Jayँge die for their children.

There were tears in the eyes of the Mulia. Emerald true pain points today, true consolation, true concern was loaded. Never mind that his side had not attracted Mulia. That her sarcasm and fear of retribution, they are so kind, so were well wisher.

Today was the first time shame on her selfishness. At first the spirit Algyoje damned.


This event has been going for five years. Emerald has today become old. Kedar is the owner of the house. Mulia is the mistress of the house. Khunnu and Lcmn marriages are extinct but is Cwara Kedar yet. Says: I will not marry. Talks from many places, many Sgaiya came: He took not accepted. Funds raised by the Kmpe, net spread, he caught on. Women who Khta- happiness? Meharia man came in and changed the mood. And that is something he is Meharia. Parents, brothers, are all foreign. When the brother of the man changed the mood, then others do count? Two boys and what God gave you. Without the two sons got married, what is more, what is? Consider that she is his; The non-Treat, the non.

Page said one day how will your descendants?

My sons have Kedar- running. Both boys understand their own.

Panna- on the understanding, then you will understand Meharia Mulia also own?

If you do get abused by Kedar said ablush Ammaa!

How Panna- rebuke thy law is the same!

Why did he ask me to Kedar- Jesse Ltt-clod!

Panna- to you saying, then I ask her?

Kedar- my Ammaa far cry-song themselves. Emerald-your heart, then I shall fathom things-things of his mind?

Kedar- I do not know, do whatever you want.

Emerald Kedar got it in mind. Mulia come on boy’s heart, but does not say anything for fear and inhibitions.

The same day he told Mulia daughter what to do, will remain in the minds of mind longing. Kedar is also home to the bus, then I would be certain.

It not only adds to Mulia-.

Panna- says, met a woman who lived in the home match, then Shall.

Where such a woman will Mulia-? Shack somewhere.

Panna- I have found it so.

Mulia- true, what is the village?

Panna- not just tell them, I know what currency it should be engaged Kedar, and Kedar’s life should become the home should also be successful. Not that she would not let the girl.

Why not admit Mulia- Ammaa, earning a handsome, good-natured and where God is found? The birth of a hermit-saint, not fights without fear of who is married. Where is, I refuse to go and bring him.

Panna- you want to, it convinces. Up yours.

Mulia- I’ll go today, Amma, her legs refusing will bring suffering.

Panna- tell, it is you!

Mulia Ljakr Ammaaji bid you, do get abused.

How Panna- abuse, the law is the same!

Mulia- old woman like me to ask why?

He is sitting on you tooth Panna- fitted. He abhors you, and not someone else. Says fear not; I know his mind.

The yellow of the day widowhood hobby languid Mulia Arun became like a lotus. In ten years, what was lost, so he got a moment with interest values. The same grace, the same development, the same charm, the same elasticity!

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