Top SEO Secrets, Which Experts Won’t Tell You

Top SEO Secrets, Which Experts Won’t Tell You

Over the last 10 years, SEO has gone from a ‘dark art’ to a legitimate profession that is accepted as a necessity in most companies. Today, we look at secrets that the top SEO consultants and agencies are hesitant to reveal to clients and those entering the field. So here are the top SEO Secrets.

SEO requires constant experimentation & failure

Whether it’s Google changes its search algorithm or users changing the keywords they use, SEO is constantly evolving. This means that optimization methods that worked in the past, may not work in the future (e.g., mass link building, spun content, cloaked doorway pages).

The truth is that the most successful SEO consultants and agencies are always testing out different methods to rank and build backlinks or content. This usually means running monthly, if not weekly, content and backlink experiments on their sites to see if it increases their rank. Most of these experiments will outright fail and never generate any substantial profit – but the act of testing and failing eventually leads to success over time.

Link building is considered as unethical

In a recent Q&A session, Google revealed that link building and content are still the most important search ranking factors. However, Google considers any attempts to build links for increasing your rank in search results as unethical and a violation of their website quality guidelines. This isn’t just limited to buying links, but also includes built backlinks through forum profiles and using standard content marketing tactics like info graphics and guest blog posting.

In Google’s eyes, any attempt to subvert how it ranks and lists search results is unethical. This means that most SEO experts and agencies are violating Google’s webmaster guidelines, a practice that would be considered “black hat.”

SEO doesn’t require deep technical understanding, but it certainly helps

Contrary to popular belief, SEO does not need a thorough knowledge of computer algorithms or even the ability to program/code. There are some SEO consultants who intentionally try to complicate the process and mislead clients into thinking that they have access to undisclosed methods to rank on Google.

Going viral is like trying to catch lightening in a bottle

There are some SEO and social media consultants that would say otherwise. Almost all content that goes viral was created without any intention of it gaining a massive volume of shares or attention. Creating content with the sole intent of ‘going viral’ is setting yourself up for failure.

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