Top 5 Fun Apps To Train Your Brain

Top 5 Fun Apps To Train Your Brain

Feeling bored during your summer vacations? Need a useful time killer for commuting or wish to improve your memory and mental skills?. Here are top 5 apps that will help you train your mind with fun games. 

1. NeuroNation

Top 5 Fun Apps To Train Your Brain - NeuroNation NeuroNation helps you sharpen memory, focus and intelligence with a daily dose of fun brain-games. Once you finish the initial test, it will recommend courses for you to take. The free app offers a few courses and games but a premium monthly or lifetime subscription unlocks the full catalog. 


2. Lumosity


Top 5 Fun Apps To Train Your Brain - Lumosity


Lumosity promises to enhance your brain’s performance by making you play mini-games everyday in different combinations. The free version gives you a daily workout of 3 games and tracks your performance. You can unlock a full array of games, play 6 games a day and compare scores by buying a premium account.



3. Peak


Top 5 Fun Apps To Train Your Brain


Peak helps you train your brain with simple exercises which are colourful and fun. If you want to play more than once or have access to all 41 games, you will have to buy the “Pro” subscription. There are also “Advanced Training” plans created in collaboration with various researchers that can be bought as stand-alone packages.



4. Memorado


Top 5 Fun Apps To Train Your Brains


Memorado as the name suggests, is focused more towards memory-based training, but also helps in other areas. There are images, maths and language based games that test your overall brain power and then create personalised workout plans for training. If you feel the need for a break, try the mindfulness game.



5. Elevate
Top 5 Fun Apps To Train Your Brain - Elevate


Elevate uses language as a the tool for brain training. So you can also improve your language skills while using this, however it will be useful to English language speakers only. You can take the 14-day trial of the “Pro” subscription which gives you 5 games instead of 3 in daily workouts and unlocks all 43 games.


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