Top 10 Best Ways to Get Content Ideas

Top 10 Best Ways to Get Content Ideas

How To Find Content Ideas –

1 – Use Google Trends :

Find your Topic and Your Niche in Google Trends it show the Google Searches and you easily find Post idea from google trend.

How To find Niche in Google Trends.

Sign up with your gmail account.

Go to Google Trend

Choose Country global our you Choose Country Which you have want to target. Serch your topic and find content idea.

2 – Idea From Quora :

Join Quora is very helpful website for bloggers, because it is great platform you get idea for your post. Quora is Answer question website people asked question and you can easily find your blog post from these question choose your related niche.

3 – Use AskReddit :

Join AskReddit Reddit is very Popular web site Million of active user on Reddit.

4 – Yahoo Answer :

Join Yahoo Answers site and Find your Nich related Question give their question answer and it is best platform to find New Blog post idea.

5 – Use Followerwonk :

Join Followerwonk Find your Nich Related Topic and Get Ideas From Followewonk.

6 – BuzzSumo :

Buzzsumo is Awsome Platform to find Topic and Find your topic Related Blog.You Can unlimited ideas for your new post from Buzzsumo.

7 – Email Newsletter :

Email Newsletter Subscriber Increase your Blog Traffic and Increase your Relationship with your reader.your reader asked question from you the give idea to you and your write post it si also best way to find idea for post.

Twitter Hashtags :

Twitter is biggest Social Media Website Million of user.blogger Share their content on twitter the use Find Idea from hashtags.

9 – Be Active on Social Media :

Use Social Media People Share Their Post on Social Media so your Can Get Idea From Social Networks.

10 – Blog Directories :

Join Famous Blog Directories About Your Niche.and Get idea for post.

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