Tips to create SEO friendly Articles

SEO friendly Articles

SEO friendly article tips

Whenever you create a blog post or an article your aim is to be on top of search engines. Writing good quality SEO friendly content is the most effective way to get ranked in search engines. When users search the internet they are looking for clear and precise information presented in a concise manner. In this blog post I will be providing some important tips for writing SEO friendly content.

  • # Be careful in providing valuable information to your visitors with tips, guidance etc. Providing good quality unique content is the best way to attract visitors and search engines to your website.
  • # Choose the relevant keywords for every article before you start writing. Try to include those keywords multiple times in the title, sub-headings and description of your content.
  • # Link building is another important SEO factor that will affect the ranking of your articles. Adding internal links within your website or blog will increase the traffic of the website and create a more search engine friendly website.
  • # You should add images to your article to make it more attractive. You can add keywords to the images by using ‘alt tags’. Adding bold, heading and emphasis html tags to the keywords make your article more search engine friendly.
  • # Adding keyword rich meta description in 160 characters to your blog posts or web pages will highly influence your ranking.
  • # Do regular updation of your blog or website to provide attractive and informative content to the visitors and search engine.

It will always take time to get good ranking for your content and to develop a strong web presence. Search Engine Optimized content is the basic building blocks to get good ranking in Search Engine Results. These are some of the important tips to create SEO friendly articles. Focusing on them will help you to develop articles for search engines and users.

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