People who want to be here, basil Mahato Subhagi your girl the boy would not love Ramu less over barley. Ramu was young and still jobbernowl. The children also love to God is good. Describe a Subhagi does not scold him so effortlessly he lived. Do not tell the boys from the wrong, it was not fear, fear – of an eye! Eleven-year-old widow was the Subhagi today.

Was created uproar in the house. Lakshmi was Pchhaden eats. Basil head beat. Seeing them cry Subhagi also cried. Mother repeatedly asks why Ammaa cry, I will not leave you, why do you cry? Mother heard her girlish heart was even cracked. She used to think that your god is fun! Play the game, for others; he has. Let it be crazy. Crazy man send him asylum; But you do crazy, no penalty. What’s the sport in that second coat and you laugh. You are compassionate people say. This is your kindness!

And Subhagi What were you thinking? Throughout her closet are worth, so he kept it hidden. Then one day the market goes and Ammaa secretly fancy clothes to bring, when the grandfather came to ask if giving out Rs eat, how happy Ammaa-grandfather.


Subhagi occurred when young people began putting pressure on the girl’s home Tulsi Mahto do elsewhere. Thus, the young girl not rev. There is no condemnation in our community, so why do you think?

Basil said the brother, I am willing; But also considered Subhagi. Somehow he did not agree.

Harihar Subhagi explaining the daughter said, even if we say to thee. The now elderly parents, their faith. How long will you sit like this?

Subhagi bowed down and said, uncle, I’ll get your point; But my mind says no to home. I do not care about the rest. I am ready to face everything. And what you say, he will force the head-eyes; But not tell me to settle down. When I move my head to see-misdemeanor. I drape true man’s daughter, spoke strengthen the drape. Shame then again who are God, just tell me what that celebrity.

Ramu said foolhardy – if you think that Commavenge brother and I will both sitting, this is not to be trusted. The birth of the Indenture is not anyone here.

Ramu of Ramu bride was higher than two fingers. We had a little quote that birthed the Krj Mtkkr sitting across the full. Here’s fine to eat should be fine to wear, it is not our forte.

Subhagi voice full of pride in the said law, I’ve never your shelter and God willing will not ever. You can see, I do not worry.

Ramu was known that when the bride will not Subhagi house, even his head was. Khucd always a hit-or-live. In her teary as it was fun. He got up from the night watch of poor catches in Kootenai-grinding, four-pot does Pathti dung. Then go to work in the field. Noon came and everybody feeds quickly cooked food. Oil put with mother in the head at night, never pushes his body. Basil was a devotee of pipe. Frequent feeding pipe. As far as your bus shows, parents do not work. Yes, brother, do not stop. Thinks, this young man, it will not work, how will the household.

Ramu but it looks bad. Mother and grandfather and I grind the straw does not even want to. One day he even got out of the chariots. Subhagi spoke with great affection of the people, so why not live to be different. Then serve the service, then it seems that the sweet bitter. Others praise is easy to take force. He is brave, to work on his strength.

Subhagi then gave some answers. Moving thing feared. But his parents were listening sitting. Mahato was not looking. Spoke what Ramu, why fight it Gribin?

Ramu came and spoke to why you jumped in the middle, I would tell him.

Basil until I win, you can not say anything to him. Follow me to do whatever you want. Poor’s made it difficult to stay in the house.

Ramu- you daughter is very sweet, keep it tied around the neck. So I can not bear it.

Basil is good. If you wishes it, then it will be. Tomorrow I’ll make the village men called mitosis. Whether you discount villages, Subhagi can not discount.

Basil old thing he remembered lying on the night when Ramu birthday party he had borrowed Rs, and Subhagi was born, the house is not worth living, he spent a penny. Son was deemed Gems, daughter penalty for the sins of pre-birth. And how nice it turned out punishment so harsh that gem.


The next day the men of the village, by submitting Mahato said Pancho Puche, now indwelling in Ramu and I would not have one. I want whatever you guys give me justice, he shall be separated from. Kitsch Kitsch-day night-not good.

Mukhtar Babu Sjnsinh village men older gentleman. He called Ramu asked why live, you want to be separated from his father? Are you not ashamed to say that the woman give parents separated? RAM ! RAM !

Ramu said with petulance when a passing unless separation is good.

Sjnsinh – What bothers you in?

Ramu – tell you a thing.

Sjnsinh – Btlao something.

Ramu – Sir, with these indwelling will be one of mine. Just I do not know anything else.

Ramu made declaring shows there.

Basil – the mood of the people you’ve seen! Whether you give him three parts in four parts, but I will not with the wicked. God daughter grief gave me had to do with agriculture-turn. The account earns residing! Seventh Son of God do not let the enemy. “Good boy girl who is saved Kulwanti.”

Suddenly came Subhagi bid – grandfather, all share-Bkra be my only reason, I do not turn aside. I’ll sail belly up by hard-labor. Whatever will become of his, will keep your service; Will stay on separately. So are home-Bara-sharing is not seen me. I do not want to blur your face it.

Basil said the daughter, dropped the world, whether we should not leave thee! I want to see Ramu mouth, stick with it, far from.

Ramu’s mouth, not someone you want to see the bride bids, we are not too anxious to worship you.

Slay broke the law by Mahato gnashing of teeth, but people caught.


Once mitosis and Laxmi Mahato received pension values. Either the day before, but also some more of refusal of Subhagi once lived; He was now on full rest. Both milk and ghee were longing. Subhagi saving a few bucks took a buffalo. The old man’s life, their cuisine. Good food, so they do not stay on what basis. Very opposed Chaudhry. Behold, thus less chore that you have this new mess sail. Subhagi to console them saying – Grandpa, do not eat me feel better without milk.

Daughter Lakshmi said laughingly, lie when you were speaking. Do not ever touch the milk by hand, which tells of eating. Whole milk is stuffed in the belly of the people.

Look where everyone in the village admires Subhagi mouth. The girl is not Divine. Two Mrdon involved in the service of the parents are also made. Sjnsinh say so, it is the goddess of birth.

This will not stand for long, but maybe Mahato wrote.

Seven-eight days Mahato was loud and anguished. Not even the clothes on the body coil stays. Lakshmi was crying sitting nearby. Subhagi the standing water. Just a moment ago, Mahato had asked him for water; Until then take on the water, drowned their anger and the extremities were cold. Subhagi Ramu went home and said his brother had seen the case, let’s look at how today’s grandparents are not. Fever for seven days did not.

Ramu-lying bed lying if I said I see the doctor-Hakim to come? Unless were good, so long as there were their necklace. Now began to die, I have come to call!

At the same time, his wife came out from the inside and from Subhagi grandfather asked what has happened to sister?

Ramu has happened before Subhagi woke speaking, just a few are dead.

Subhagi again said nothing to her, went straight to Sjnsinh. After she spoke to the woman laughingly Ramu – Triyacritr say this.

The woman – the Triyacritr Who is it? Why do not you go away?

Ramu – I will not go. As it ended the way to be with him. Go also should not have died.

So you will have to fire a woman would die, where he run away?

Ramu – Never? All their lovely Subhagi said.

Woman – Why do you started!

Ramu – as I parted with it and how to live!

Woman – not law, it is not good. Aven’s see. However, the father would have. Who will show face again in the village?

Ramu – Shut up, I do not preach.

The Babu Sahib heard as soon as the condition of Mahato, who fled with Subhagi moved immediately. Then wreck Mahato had arrived. When viewed pulse was very slow. Understood that life had ended. The terror of death was capped. Hydrous eye and said – Mahto, brother, what is law?

Mahato Spoke like waking up from sleep very good brother! Now is the time of the walk. You are the father of Subhagi. You are handing over to him I am.

Mahato’s brother said Sjnsinh crying, take it easy, God willing you will be fine. Subhagi so I always thought my daughter and think it will be until Jiooga. Be sure you do. Lakshmi Subhagi or a peek in my eye can see them. And some say he wishes.

Mahato said unobtrusive and will not say anything, brother-seeing eyes. God bless you always.

Sjnsinh – called Ramu brings. If the mistake forgive him.

Mahato – no brother. I do not want to see the mouth of the wicked murderer.

Then there was the preparation of Godan.


Ramu explained throughout the village; He did not agree on a funeral. Said the father did not accept dying to see my face, not my father, nor I am his son.

Lakshmi dah-action. Subhagi these few days to collect the bucks were not how the villagers have started to tackle the backer’s dozen eyes were opened. Kitchenware, clothes, ghee, sugar, gathered from all things abound. Ramu was jealous watching. Subhagi him to show and to burn all this stuff.

Daughter Lakshmi said, Spend at home. Now a breadwinner is not sitting, you only live from hand and water to drink.

Subhagi bid papa’s work will be grandly Ammaa, are or should be home. Babuji Avenge the few. I want to show the distress brother can do. He will understand nothing of these two will be. It will break their pride.

Lakshmi was silent. Brahmins of the village’s feast day was eight backer’s dozen. All around, there was praise.

It was past noon; Eat and were gone. Lakshmi was so tired. The only things remaining lift-lift was keeping Subhagi Thakur Sjnsinh daughter came and said now you can relax! Morning to make it all work.

Grandpa said Subhagi am not tired yet. How many bucks you were added?

Sjnsinh – What will she ask her daughter?

‘Nothing would ask casually. ”

‘Raises three hundred bucks. ”

I said I was afraid of the rupees Subhagi debtors.

“So I ask you not. Mahato My friends and brothers. Some of them even have my religion. ”

“That’s kind of what you believed so little that me, who I 300 / – gives? ‘

Sjnsinh started thinking. The distress of the religious sense or not Warpar anywhere.


Lakshmi was in women whose husbands go off-separation life-source. Fifty years later, it’s arch-sex secluded mountain was life for him. It is now known that my intelligence, my strength, my best counsel if I was deprived.

How many times he had pleaded with God, take me to the front of the owner; But he did not accept this request. No control over death, then life is not controlling?

Lakshmi, who was famous for his wisdom in the village who had been learning to another, has now Burhi. Quite simply does not work.

Lakshmi’s Dana-water have been released from the same day. At the request of one of Subhagi fours; She does not, however, under the jugular. Fifty years without a day not, that the husband may not be eaten themselves. Now how to break the rules?

After he began to cough. Infirmity soon put on the bed. Subhagi what to do now! Thakur Sahib was a need to work whole-heartedly to pay Rs. Here mother fell ill. If mom is speaking out. So to work out who is sitting next to them. Seeing that it was the condition of their license Subhagi mother also came. Mahto was also the fever.

Leisure in the village and who does that shine. Both come Sjnsinh time, see Lakshmi, medicine drink, Subhagi explains, and they go; But Lakshmi’s condition was deteriorating. Even the fifteenth day of the world, he has passed away. Ramu deadline came and wanted to touch his feet, but Lakshmi admonished him that he could not approach her. Subhagi he blessed, having a daughter like yours-added level. You are my funeral to be. In a petition to God that my birth sanctify my womb.

Subhagi mother after the death of the life of only one target left Sjnsinh pay Rs. 300 / – Father’s funeral had begun. 200 / – parents involved in. 500 / – and his lonely life of the loan! But he did not dare lose. Subhagi three years, night and day by day, by night did not understand. Seeing his work force and masculinity finger pressed under those teeth. After working throughout the night to turn agriculture-four Paseri exert grind flour. Thirtieth Day 15 / – to the swells took Sjnsinh. It does not ever Naga. It was as if nature unalterable rules.

Now came the message of her engagement around. All had spread to her mouth. The house will be Subhagi, his fate will again. Subhagi the answers, that day has not come yet.

Subhagi paid the last installment on the day, the day he was delighted. Today her life is complete rigorous fasting.

He then became a Sjnsinh daughter said, you is my prayer. Say say say, not say, but that’s going to obey promise.

Subhagi gratitude and seeing the grandfather said, if you talk to who will listen and not obey. My then fluff-fluff is your slave.

Sjnsinh – you sense it in your mind, then I would say not. I have not yet told you so that you understand your debtors were mine. RS now been missed. Mine is not a favor on you, not one ounce. Do tell?

Subhagi – get your orders.

Look Sjnsinh- do not deny, I will show you again not his mouth.

What is Subhagi- command?

Sjnsinh- I wish you sanctify my house as my daughter. I’m obsessed with caste, but you broke my bonds. My boy is a priest of your name. You saw him Baraha. Say, do you accept?

Subhagi- grandfather, having so much honor will go mad.

Sjnsinh- respect you are God’s daughter! You are the incarnation of Goddess interview.

Subhagi – I understand your father. Whatever you will do for me, though. How can I refuse your orders.

He said placing a hand on his forehead Sjnsinh daughter, you’re immortal Sohag. You kept my word. What in the world and lucky me, who?



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