Samsung UHD TV | NU6100 : More depth and deeper contrast

Samsung UHD TV | NU6100

Discover a world of exceptional colours, more depth and deeper contrast with Samsung UHD TVs. Enjoy immersive viewing experience through features like HDR, Purcolour & UHD resolution. Visit here for more details about Samsung NU6100 UHD TV:

Trivia :

UHD (more specifically UHD-1) is a video resolution that is 3840 x 2160 pixels. In other words, it is double the size (in both directions) of 1080-line “full HD”.

TV manufacturers seem to love calling UHD “4K”, even though the image width falls short of 4096 pixels. I suppose it is good for sales.

Samsung UHD TV Photos

But the movie industry uses “4K” projectors that produce images that are 4096 pixels wide. The projectors are usually 4096 x 2160, but other aspect ratios are possible too. To someone in this environment, UHD is different from 4K – just like HD is different from 2K.

Samsung UHD TV | NU6100



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