Samsung QLED TV Details, Features

Samsung QLED TV < The Next Innovation in TV

First of all, Disclaimer of QLED TV : Samsung QLED is Quantum dot based TV.

Tagline – “The Next Innovation in TV”


Experience perfect color with the QLED TV, featuring reinvented Quantum Dot technology and a new metal core for 100% color volume. Improved off-angle viewing and a boundless 360° design bring every scene to life, while the OneRemote puts you in control of all your devices.

Samsung QLED TV

Key Features

QLED with Quantum Dot – 100% color volume.

No Gap Wall Mountᵀᴹ – Hang your TV snug to the wall.

Invisible Connectionᵀᴹ – Connect devices with a nearly undetectable cable.

OneRemote – A single remote lets you control everything.

Quality Picture

With exclusive Quantum Dots that turn light into perfect color, our QLED TV is the first of its kind to achieve 100% color volume. That means color doesn’t fade, even in the brightest scenes.

Samsung QLED TV New HD Image

100% Color Volume

Samsung QLED TVs have 100% color volume and over a billion precise colors thanks to our exclusive Quantum Dots. Experience rich, perfect colors that stay true, even when the brightest scenes would normally wash out color on other TVs.


Watching TV during the day in a brightly lit room can be challenging, but Samsung’s QLED cuts through with superior peak brightness only on the parts of the screen that need it.

Qewing Angle

Get drawn in from every angle. With Q | Every View, color stays true from any perspective, so every seat is a great seat.

Invisible Connection

Goodbye messy wires. Connect all devices to the QLED TV with one nearly invisible cable and gain more space. The slim optical cable connects every device to the TV through One Connect, allowing you to place devices further away so you can use the space for your decor.

Clean back

Samsung QLED TV Features Hidden Cable

So, a beautiful TV deserves a better way to manage cables. Q8C QLED TV hides the wires in the stand so you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

Samsung QLED TV



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