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Qwant is a French company that was founded by investor Jean Manuel Rozan, security specialist Eric Leandri and search-engine expert Patrick Constant in 2011. It launched its web search engine in 2013. Qwant’s headquarters is located in Paris, Île-de-France.

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Overview :

Founded : 2011

Founders : Jean-Manuel Rozan, Eric Leandri, Patrick Constant

Industry Sector : IT Services

Headquarters : Paris, Île-de-France

Status: Private, Independent Company

Subsidiaries : WISeQwant.com, Xilopix SAS

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Qwant offers several ways to filter results to areas of interest :
Web, News, Images, Videos, Music, Social

Trivia :

The company was confounded in 2011 by Jean-Manuel Rozan, a financier, and Eric Leandri, a specialist in computer security. It employs between 25 and 50 people, spread over three French cities, including Paris and Ajaccio, Corsica.

Qwant is the 64th most visited website in France. The French government in 2018 decreed that all government searches be done using Qwant.

In October 2015, Qwant released Qwant Lite, a lighter and faster version of Qwant.com, aimed at being user-friendly for those with older browsers and others that do not have powerful or resource-rich computers. Integrated features like video playback and JavaScript were removed and the on-site content was streamlined. The design of this version mimics that of Google’s minimalist interface.

According to its founder, Qwant does not want to compete with Google but prefers “to show something different”. Users can create a free account, which allows posting on the “boards”, a feature with functions similar to those of a social bookmarking platform.

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