Munia clothes torn from the moon the queen Vasudhas vocals filled eyes at the honor lap Taking Prince said, we the poor

How can this kind of indwelling Highness! Pte me your man not a day, I shall not delve into her home. A-preach that such abuses

Sixth milk should be remembered. Queen vasudha told an acute sense of humor, why, he says, not me, who is speaking in the middle? I would wish that he will. You took me to my alimony. You mean my other things? I’m not your slave.

Munia would bat boys here for three days was the servant. The first two or three households had a four-pot; Respect of the queens

They did not just learn to do things with. His scorched grimy face became agitated. Jarringly bid, Jis such things day by mouth

Removes mustaches will overthrow the government! He is not my slave, so what I am his servant? If he is my slave, so I am his servant. I you

Does not, I’ll feed him; Because he is a man-child. Plledari her far has to Kassala. Whether you wear torn; Not on her torn and old

Is wearing. When I do so much for him, so dare, that he show me the eye. So if your house umbrella-Copta man, that he

Bundi Berkha-be rescuers. If it were felt fear, not knowing when the house will fall, then who will be in the house. Her somewhere nice shade of the sugar cane.

Not knowing where I am sitting at sing-plays. Came home at ten o’clock at night. I speak to him all night, no. Feet were falling, Gigiane, then I pity

Saved! This is an evil in me. I is not seen her crying face. By this he is sometimes tempted; Now I’m fixed. Again

Quarreled they have or will remain the same, or I belong to. Why should I bear a threat of government? Khay who sit, he suffered bullying! Here equal

Let’s earnings. Vasudha the same serious expression he asked you to sit still and his bully tolerating feeds? Munia was spoiling for a fight like. Education, Government Kilayega sit there what? Man works out, we also work in the house that did not feel certain household chores? The work is then discharged out of the night. Do not even leave home from work at night. Whether you are the guy that I sit in the picnic me when it should be borne not by the prince walked out saying to Munia.

Vasudha the tired, Ruaansi eyes looked toward the window. Garden outside was green, the flowers are visible from here. Behind his golden head and raised a huge temple in the sky, the sun had got eyes. Women wearing colorful Vstrabhusn come to worship

Was. Golden lotus in the pond on the right side of the temple of dawn was smiling with joy and Kartik Cold Sun-image-life light Lutati

Was mobile; The picturesque beauty of nature on a joy Vasudhas could not provide. Prkhriti had known him at his condition was bitingly Muskira

is. Boatman on the banks of the lake, a ramshackle hut Like any Abagini old woman was crying. Vasudha’s eyes became hydrous. Floral and garden standing in the middle of the deserted hut luxury and opulence surrounded by his friends, was a lively mind. His spirit came in, wrapped around the neck of a hut, and go! And cry a lot! Vasudha come in this house were five years. He was first noticed for his fate. Parents’ small house except raw Anandhin, she came in a huge house, where property had seemed kisses her feet. The property had everything in his eyes. Love was married minor-C object; Substance could not satisfy his greedy mind, the husband began to beg for love. Some days it transpired, I got absolute gem; The confusion continued on in a few days. Kunwar Gajrajasinh were handsome, generous, were stronger, were educated, humored and knew how to act in love; The wire had staggered from the love of his life. Vasudha bloom of youth and tempt the gods appearance was only the stuff of humor. Horse racing and hunting, speculation and sensational entertainment as you drive in love buried was pale and lifeless. Being deprived of love, the love-craving Vusdha had cried their fate. He was not too happy to find two sons gems. Kunwar Saheb was more than a month, went hunting and did not come back yet. And so, the first was the only opportunity. Yes, now the term has grown considerably. A week before he returned; Then two weeks away and now number several times each month, began to report. Offering three months of the year, would become victims. Returning from hunting, the jogger Chidta melody. Never Meerut, Pune ever, ever, Bombay, Calcutta ever. Remain at home, with the most dissolute Risjadon do Gppen made. Seeing the guise Vasudhas husband Kudhti a silent mind and would dissolve. Dell fever had also stayed a few days.

Vasudha for a long time sitting sad eyes watched the scene. He arrived on the telephone again asked the manager of the infield,
“Kunwar was no letter of Honor?”

Phone replied, “Yes Zee, now has a letter. Kunwar Sahib is a very big lion killed.”

Vasudha the children said, “I can not ask for it! How come is it?”

” Nothing to write about. ‘

” How far from here is the point? ‘

”from here ! Be not less than two hundred miles. Pilibhit is hunting in the forests. ‘

” Give me two motors arrangements. I want to go there today. ‘

Several minutes later he answered the phone, “a motor that have taken them. I was sent to the governor’s mansion district, the third bank manager

Ride, the fourth is under repair. ”

Vasudha face red with anger lifted. Quote, “Kiske dictate motors bank manager and sent to the district governor Got you both ordered

Collect. I certainly go today. ”

“Both of them are sent Sahbon motors are always near; So I proceeded to send. Now giving you orders, you’ll order some more! ”

The call came from vasudha Travel goods began to recover. He came into the charge to decide his fate was decided. Like abandoned had wanted to live life not ended. You understand that if he went to ask Mr. Kunwar’s maid as I remain your property, then it will not me. Congratulations to you for your property. On my right, not your property is up to you. If you want to shrink over barley me, then I will remove from you the hand-over! Such injustice, and many inexplicable things in his mind was drifting like a rose. The doctor came to the door and cried, “I come in?”

Vasudha he said politely, “Excuse me today, I’m just going to Pilibhit.”

Surprise doctor said, “You are going Pilibhit! Your fever will be up. In this case I would not advise you to go.”

Vasudha the nonchalant tone said, “will be increased, should be increased; I do not worry about this! Aged doctor arrived and lifted the curtain on the lookout’s face is said to bring Vasudhas I accept your temperature. If the temperature is increased, then I concede I will not go. “No need to take the temperature. My intention is confirmed.”

“Your first duty is to keep focused on health.”

Vasudha smiled and said, “Be sure you, I’m not going to die so soon! And if death is a disease drug, what would you do?”

Once again urged the two-doctor shakes head went from amazement!

In the last ten miles to go by train from the station to the wild deserted way, so Mr. Kunwar were equal to the motor itself. Vasudha decided to go to the same. Ten o’clock came two motors. Dnnaivron vasudha on the flak anywhere now without my orders and took the motor, the motor will cut the rent you cite. Well it’s funny! House coat, cows become! We motors are laid to rest, not to flatter anyone. Fond of riding on the motor, the motor purchased. It saw the confectionery Dade sat reading the Fatiha! She left the two children Kunmunaie, but when realized, that are being killed, their hobgoblin Ammaa far the biggest trip was cold love. Vasudha did not love them in the morning. Burning why he thought I should love them, I only have their contract! He then went to live in peace and I sitting here wearing these chest. But taking the time to thrill the heart of a mother. Taken both alternately lap, kissed and loved throughout the hours of returning home with a promise out of the hydrous eyes. Remember the way her children were reoccurs. A village and small child come in the way of the motor race to see come out of the houses, and stand on the street clapping motor welcome, then to live in Vasudhas, Shall I love taking them on the lap. The velocity of the motor was going forward, the more the velocity of his mind was being blown backwards tree-groups. Desired times, I come back home. When he is not my damn, I shall even die in their care? Aven Aven pleases or not; But once her husband roundly consisting of temptation he could not stop to talk. Whole body was exhausted shattered, fever also came to be, suffering from head had cracked; All obstacles to press ahead with the resolution, were multiplied. Even at ten o’clock at night when he arrived in the wilderness post-house, he had not visited tan-body. Was loud and anguished. Mr. Kunwar came out after hearing the sound of the noise and asked, “How did you live here? Efficient then?”

The chauffeur, come near, “said the queen Huzur Sahib has come! Come in the way fever. If lying unconscious.

Kunwar Sahib standing there in the harsh tone asked, why you back

Not taken? Did you not know, here is a physician-Hakim.

The chauffeur replied Sitpitakr sir, he somehow holds the

Was not, so what to do? Dr. Kunwar Sahib Ta, quiet living, not make things. You will understand, see and lying-lying Soyenge springtime hunting. You asked me to go back, it will not.

Chauffeur – he had scold me sir!

‘You have said ?’

“If I said no sir!”

“Just shut up then! I also recognize you. You’ll have to return this time with a car. And with who are you? ‘

Schäfer said in a muffled voice, a motor queen herself on the bed and clothes are the boss.

“That is not no? ‘

“Huzoor! I am dictating liege. ”

‘Just shut up !’

Thus Jllate and slowly went to the Kunwar Vasudhas called Honor. When he did not respond, he gently placed his hand on his forehead. The head was hot griddle. The heat of the flame, as if pulled all their anger. Lpakkr came bungalow, sleeping men aroused Bicwaya bed, unconscious Vasudhas brought into the room and took the lap was put to bed. Then he stood by his head to look through the eyes distressed

Began. Raja-stained faces are full of dust and scattered her hair today he glimpsed Agrhmay love. The skit was seen as so far Vasudhas, regardless of whom their love was merry in their grooming itself today, in his dust Puder and pomade

There were visions of womanhood. He was asked how much, how was craving! Immersed in the joy of your flight; Now he came to the door of the cage was Pankfdfdha. What will open the door to the cage or welcomed? Chef said, the government would come here alone? Mr. Kunwar said the gentle gorge, Yes, and what. So man, taken with anyone. Could come comfortably by train. The motor is sent. So mind. How many hands are not that high fever. Slightly warm water and watch, make up something to eat. The cook thought Sohati Tkur-hundred mile race there will be much of the government! Sitting all day has passed. Kunwar Sahib Vasudhas pillow under the head of direct and said,
“we disintegrate those slips. Two days back, not erect them again matter. Such inane road in the world will not. ‘

A vial of oil extracted from him saying and began to rub it into the heads of Vasudhas. Vasudha fallen twenty-one days of the fever. The doctor came to the house. Dononbalk, Munia, servants, all come. Woods became Tue.
Kunwar was lying on the bed-in-law of vasudha Susrushaon supernatural joy and satisfaction she experienced. He was addicted to sleep until noon, in the morning, so get up early in the morning, her dietary and much of the rest of the straw looks after things. Just for a while bathing and eating

Go, come back and sit down. What was a penance. Her health was deteriorating, there was redness in the face of health. Some busy living

Were. One day vasudha said why do not you shoot today? I only came to shoot, but not how bad Sait

So you have to go to the austerity. Now I am absolutely fine. Just look at my face in the mirror. Kunwar Saheb had never noticed so many days of hunting. It was not discussed. Coming and going of predators, to visit was closed. Once a hunter with a tiger was mentioned. Mr. Kunwar some bitter eyes at him and saw that he was a bit dry. Vasudha sit near him, and his entertaining things, to pharmaceutical and dietary gave them joy. His enjoyment of life lived in this harsh vow was extinguished like. Sserekha was absorbed in drawing a finger on the palm of vasudha. Listened to the victim of someone else’s mouth, then see the fiery eyes. He heard it from the mouth of vasudha sad. He understands them so enamored of hunting! Resentment-filled voice said yes, and who better chance of hunting!

I am fine now urged vasudha, really! Look (showing the mirror) on my face, she was not pale. However you sick

Have become. Bahl will be Just mind. Sitting near the sick man is really sick. Vasudha said the simple fact; Mr. Kunwar at heart, he was like a spark. Here he had repented of his victims sometimes fever. Thus he not fall behind the victim, then why come here and why Vasudhas falls ill. The largest of them a silent mind was grief. He said nothing at the moment. Were probably not spoken a single word. Draw lines on the palm of vasudha him. Vasudha asked the same simple gesture, This time what you made a gift, just Maagao, gaze. Which of them would be best, I’ll take him. This time, I’ll come with you playing the victim. Tell me, will you take it? I will listen not. Do not fall for excuses.

Kunwar Sahib was Mrj gifts to show your hunter. Hundreds collect the skins were laid. Many rooms have floor-to their mattresses, coach, chairs, Modhe all skins were of the same. Muffle and the bed was too skins! Bagmberon made several suits were kept. Victim wore the same suit. This time too the horns, heads, claws, skins kept piling up. Vasudha of these things must be entertained. It did not understand that the lion-door entry Vasudhas not find the thief tried to enter through the door. Things went and brought Utwa; But under the guise of men stand before the screen went to him alone! Were afraid Somewhere my Utskuta Vasudhas evil themselves. Vasudha the curious and asked, did not bring things?

‘Brought, but the doctor is not far. ”

‘Doctor told him not to read and write. ” Brought gifts. Mr. Kunwar began showing one thing out.

Vasudha a redness on the face of weeks of joy had not seen, like a child I’m glad to see the spectacle. After an illness of children

Stubborn, equally eager, are equally simple. Books which have not engaged in mind, after the disease are read. The adoption of such glee Vusdha

I started playing. Leopard skins were of tiger, deer, the lion. Vasudha exaltation sees each new skins, such as a picture of the second Bayscop

Pictures are coming. One began to tell the history of Sir Kunwar gifts. This is how the animal was killed, what obstacles had to kill him, what

Measures may, where the first shot more. Everyone was listening to the story vasudha ripping tearing eyes. So lively, fun to date him Sfurthymay

A poem, music or merriment was also found. The fair was a lion skin. He scrubbed the same. Kunwar of Honor was the most valuable commodity. He kept on hanging in his room. He said none of you take Bagmberon. This is not a good thing. Vasudha said dragging toward the skin, let it be your advice. I will only worsen. Wiping tears from his eyes as he said Kunwar sir, you take it, I think he was telling you. I’ll kill ya so.
“Why did you trick me?”

“Who would hoax? ‘

“Well, swear to eat my head, it’s not the most beautiful skin? ‘ Kunwar Sahib laughing laughter defeat, saying
“Why Eat oath, the skins for a? A-million skins that if you give up and lose.”

When the hunter has taken all the skins, then Mr. Kunwar said, I will write a dedication on the skins of black wool.

Vasudha the fatigue hit the bed and said, Now I’ll come hunting. Then he started to think, and he will die in a lion skin

Husband will offering. Will be written on that beloved red wool! The light from each business to be slow, but every dish

Was enveloped by darkness, the light began to illuminate now. Vasudhas victims to hear the story of what was caught licking. Kunwar had to tell him to experience several times. G. was not satisfied with his hearing. Kunwar Saheb was far different world, whose grief-pleasure, profit-loss, hope and frustration that had nothing to do with the Vasudhas. There was no interest from the business of this world vasudha but detested. Mr. Kunwar hid from the separate worlds perspective; A bright light in his world now vasudha, became incarnate as a Goddess gifts.

One day vasudha urged, “Let me teach gun run.”
Allowing the doctor did not delay. Vasudha became healthy. Kunwar Sahib initiated her in an auspicious moment. When you look at that day, standing in the shade of trees, target practice, and take his test stand Mr. Kunwar. The day he killed the first bird, Mr. Kunwar jumped with joy. The prize given to the servants; Brahmins were donated. The joy in the good memory of that bird mummy was maintained. Vasudha a new enthusiasm in life, a new joy, a new hope. Hitherto deprived her heart was not plagued with bad thoughts. Now it was believed, was the force, was Anurag. After several days of Vasudhas Shuffle completed. Mr. Kunwar took him hunting and were convinced that he was a victim of the lion and tiger from a month here and surrounding villages was stormed. Andhakar was around, so dense that the earth seems to be groaning under the weight of her. Honor and a high loft shotgun on Kunwar Vasudhas refrain own sat for. Was very fierce animal. Just last night she dragged a sleeping man in the field to carry on staging fled. Those teeth were pressed under the broken finger on his cleverness. Could not reach the loft was so high that the leopard jumped. Yes, he saw that the man was asleep on scaffolding on the outside, made ​​head. Suji a wicked trick. He went to the nearby village and grabbed a long bamboo. Just crushed one end of the teeth and when she became her little scissors, do not let him lift the toes or teeth were gold man’s hair wield. He knew, hair will get trapped in the fibers of bamboo. In one stroke, the luckless man coming down. The psyche-eating leopard, two hunters were sitting in ambush. Was packed on a few blocks down the buffalo and the lion was seen waiting to come. Mr. Kunwar were quiet; Vasudha was beating on the chest. Even just a little rattle-like leaf, so he had hooked up with a start and in turn to direct shotgun sticks Kunwar Sahib. Mr. Kunwar were reinforced his guts in between.

“As soon as Base came on, I’ll make it all work. Pavegi not happen to your shot. ”

He said vasudha Sihrkr, and then raised missed somewhere?

“Then the second shot will go. Then took three guns are kept ready.

If you live Gbrata not? ‘

‘no at all. I want to hit the target first. ”

Kdkdha rose leaves. Vasudha alert was fastened on the shoulders of her husband. Kunwar Sahib put his hand in his neck and said, dear hearts strong.

He said vasudha humiliated, No, I do not fear, little had been shocked. “Buffalo suddenly brightened two Cingariya-C. Kunwar Sahib

Vasudha gently pressing the hand of the lion were reported and cautious. When the lion came to the buffalo, they hit the target. Was empty. Far be second. Cheetah is either injured; Spilled on. Driven insane by anger thundered so loudly that Dahal’s heart Vasudhas lift. Mr. Kunwar were going to Far third leopard killed zinc on the scaffolding. This staging of the next claw attack that shook Mr. Kunwar shotgun in hand, and fell down from the wind. It was so terrible! If a moment too late, then Mr. Kunwar’s welfare was not. Lion’s burning eyes were shining in front of Vasudhas. Durgndhmay breath in her body looked. Hands and feet were swollen. Eyes were being shriveled up inside; The threat brought on by the power of her nerves. Sabali his shotgun. Lion and was not much difference between his two hands. He wanted to come Uckkr Vasudhas shotgun put the barrel in his eyes left. Dhayen! The lion’s claws were loose. Fell down. Now the problem was horrific. Mr. Kunwar fell from three to four lions had to move on. If the injury was probably over. I just own the lion, so he will attack them there. Vasudha eyes were alive and wandering in force. The spear in his body at the time also gives a piece, it is not news! He was not in his senses. His work was unconsciousness of consciousness. He lit electric light. The lion is seen try to rise. The second shot hit on the head and jumped down to the revolver. The lion roared loudly. Vasudha emptied his revolver in front of the mouth. Mr. Kunwar stood Sablkar. Ran her chest was pressed. Hey ! What is this. Vasudha was unconscious. In fear for his life and his fist was self-defense. When calm fears came unconsciousness. After three hours of unconsciousness Broken Vasudhas. His consciousness is still the same alarming

Payroll was circumstances. He slowly opened the eyes timidly.
Kunwar Sahib asked, “Khasa G Darling?”
Vasudhas circle both hands to his defense, saying, “Get out of there! It does not lay their hands.”

Kunwar Sahib said laughingly, “When the lion was cold. She has had in the corridor. There personable and so I did not see the fierce lion.
Vasudhas –tumhen not hurt her?”

Kunwar – Not at all. Why you had to jump? Big feet will hurt. How you remained alive, it is a surprise. I was never so high

Can not jump.

Vasudha was surprised and said, I will! Where I jumped? Lion came on scaffolding, so remember. After that happened, I do not remember anything.

Kunwar was also awe, wow! You shot the two. When he fell down, then you also lunged and the revolver in her mouth

The hose stuffed. Just got the cold. Large animal unpardonable. If you would have missed, so he came down on me, of course, that hurt. I then

There was a knife. Released from the shotgun on the other hand had fallen. Some did not see in the dark. Right now I’m standing here with you, the same effect,

You gave me life. The next day morning was traveled here. Which tore the house was in vasudha, it enjoyed visiting it today,

Bicude’ve met someone like friends. Each object would appear to welcome him! Servants and handmaids of the mouth not quote directly from it for months, had asked him today efficient laughing-laughed and felt sore, like your previous Rukhaiyon Ptuti to be doing.

Evening sun, the sky was golden Kheta his yacht was traveling in the ocean! Vasudha sitting on pedestal in front of the window was a view of the front. Today life in that scene was, was development was hysterical. He’s so delightful boatman seemed deserted hut today. Siren was loaded in nature. Munia princes before the house was feeding. Vasudha rekindle faith in the gods had in mind today, which for years was sleeping. He went to worship and worship Maagwaye goods. The fun-filled treasure he was also able to donate something. Burning Flame except what flows from the heart. At the same time came Sir Kunwar said, “Well, are you going to worship. I was going there. I have served with a value of appeasement.”

Vasudha eyes asked the smiles, the Khasi appeasement?

Kunwar Sahib said laughingly, “Do not tell it.”



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