Polycom Trio Wiki – IP Conference Phone

Polycom Trio Wiki – IP Conference Phone

Polycom Trio is the IP Conference Phone for conference rooms. Providing the Legendary voice quality for the clearest and richest audio experience.

Polycom Trio Wiki
Image – Polycom/YouTube

Key Features:

  • Two-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Secure Wi-Fi Network Connectivity
  • Awesome Voice Quality
  • Voice Activity Detection
  • Comfort Noise Generation
  • One-step-to-join meeting experience through calendar integration.
  • 360 ° microphone coverage and up to 20-foot (6-meters) microphone pickup. Easily extend the reach with optional expansion microphones
  • Accelerate user adoption by pairing your own portable devices via USB, Bluetooth/NFC or IP.
  • Hybrid registration support for connecting to multiple platforms simultaneously. Register up to 3 separate lines.
Polycom Trio
Image – Polycom/YouTube


Polycom Trio brings video, voice and content sharing together into one collaborative hub. Use the phone as an audio conferencing. Connect the conference phone to your network via WiFi or Ethernet.

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