Peru Economy – Exports And Imports

Peru Economy – Exports And Imports

Peru is a South American nation. Peru is classified as upper middle income by the World Bank and is the 39th largest in the world by total GDP. Peru is one of the world’s fastest-growing economies with a 2012 GDP growth rate of 6.3%.

< Peru Economy Overview :

Currency : Sol

GDP per capita : 6,045.65 USD (2016) World Bank

GNI per capita : 12,480 PPP dollars (2016) World Bank

GDP growth rate : 3.9% annual change (2016) World Bank

Internet users : 36.5% of the population (2011) World Bank

Gross national income : 39,668.47 crores PPP dollars (2016) World Bank

Peru Exports And Imports

Peru’s main exports are gold, zinc, copper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, manufactures and fish meal, its major trade partners are the United States, European Union, China, Chile and China.

Peru Economy < Exports And Imports



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