Oracle Corporation – Products and Services

Oracle Corporation – Products and Services

Databases :

1.Oracle Database :  Oracle Database is a multi-model database management system produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation.

2.Berkeley DB :  which offers embedded database processing

3.Oracle Rdb : a relational database system running on OpenVMS platforms.

4.MySQL : a relational database management system licensed under the GNU General Public License, initially developed by MySQL AB

5.Oracle NoSQL Database : a scalable, distributed key-value NoSQL database

6.TimesTen : which features in-memory database operations

7.Oracle Essbase : which continues the Hyperion Essbase tradition of multi-dimensional database management

Services :

Oracle Cloud : cloud computing service offered by Oracle Corporation

Oracle Consulting :  technical and business expert services

Others : Oracle Product Support, Oracle Financing, Oracle Configuration Manager, Oracle Auto Service Request

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