One UI Wiki System software

One UI Wiki System software

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One UI is an Android-based custom mobile operating system designed by Samsung Electronics for its Galaxy devices. It was introduced in late 2018 on a beta build based on Android Pie for the Galaxy S9 Series, succeeding Samsung Experience.

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Image : Samsung One UI

Overview – One UI :

  • Developer : Samsung Electronics
  • OS family : Linux (Based on Android), Unix-like
  • Source model : Open source with proprietary components
  • Initial release : June 4, 2010
  • Kernel type : Monolithic (modified Linux kernel)
  • Default user interface : Graphical
  • Preceded by : Samsung Experience
Samsung One UI
Image : Samsung

Features of One UI :

  • The tab bar is on the bottom instead of being on the top.
  • The navigation bar has changed as has its icon. It can be changed to hide navigation bar. The gesture is based on iPhone X and stock Android Pie.
  • The applications has been fit for one-handed usage. There are Viewing and Interaction Areas.

One UI Wiki System software



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