Node.js with Google Cloud Platform

Node.js with Google Cloud Platform

Developers can use Node.js tools to build cloud-native apps, deploy at scale, and analyze data on Google Cloud Platform. Node.js is an open source server environment. Node.js was built on the Google V8 JavaScript engine since it was open-sourced under the BSD license, extremely fast, and proficient with internet fundamentals such as HTTP, DNS, TCP.

How to Use Node.js with Google Cloud Platform

Key Features :

1. Build planet-scale web apps
2. NPM modules
3. Use Google’s machine learning APIs with native library support
4. Upload Files to Google Cloud Storage
5. Analyze Audio with Cloud Speech API
6. Using Google BigQuery
7. Write server less apps with ease
8. GCP Console project
9. Quickly find and Debug issues
10. Create Big Data analysis application

Other Features :

Google Kubernetes – build powerful container-based applications.

Google App Engine  – Deploy, manage, and scale web applications and APIs with ease in Google’s PaaS.

Google Cloud Functions – Build bite-sized functions on Google’s server less platform.

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