Motorola RAZR flip phone is coming back

Motorola RAZR flip phone is coming back

Motorola’s RAZR phone was a noughties fashion icon – and the king of flip phones, with eventual worldwide sales of 130 million units.

Now it’s coming back, with the flip phone set to be relaunched in a very hi-tech new version with a foldable touchscreen, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Motorola RAZR flip phone set to be relaunched in a very hi-tech new version with a foldable touchscreen
Image : Motorola RAZR

The phone is set to be a limited edition of just 200,000 created by tech company Lenovo and Motorola, and will be a ‘premium’ device costing up to $1,500 (£1,100).

Motorola Razr was launched in 2004. Because of its striking appearance and thin profile, it was initially marketed as an exclusive fashion phone, but within a year, its price was lowered and it was wildly successful, selling over 50 million units by July 2006. Over the Razr’s four-year run, the V3 model sold more than 130 million units, becoming the best-selling clamshell phone in the world to date.

Being the slimmest phone during its release in 2004, the Razr easily stood out amongst other phone models. It was one of the most popular mobile phones since its first release, having been spotted in the hands of celebrities and business people alike until the advent of smartphones, it is frequently seen in reruns of movies and TV shows.

Popularity :

The Razr became identified as a “fashion” product and an iconic cell phone in the late 2000s. The Razr was used in several television shows and featured in several movies. In the 2006 film A Good Year, Russell Crowe’s character Max Skinner used a BlackBerry whilst working as a high-flying London financier, but chose a black Razr to accompany his later laid-back life in rural Provence.

In the computer game Counter-Strike: Source, the character Leet can be seen holding one. In Prison Break Series, Alexander Mahone used the Motorola V3. Also, in the 2006 film The Devil Wears Prada, characters played by Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci used Moto Razr phones.

Motorola RAZR flip phone is coming back



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