What is the Intranet? – Definition of Intranet

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The term intranet is a comprised of two words: “Intra” means internal and the “net” represents the network. The Intranet, therefore, can be defined as the internal network. It is a private network with access limited to the authorized users only. The Intranet can be as simple as a private website or it can be as big as a private organizational infrastructure, accessed by only the authorized users.

Intranet Software

Intranet Software :

Microsoft SharePoint is the dominant software used for creating collaboration areas on intranets. Estimates indicate that around 50% of all intranets use SharePoint; however, there are many alternatives. In 2016, SAP introduced SAP Jam Collaboration as modern intranet.

What is the Intranet? < Definition of Intranet



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