Important Mobile Advertising Strategies for Business

Mobile Advertising Strategies

Important Mobile Advertising Strategies for Business

With the growing number of mobile phone users, most of the business owners have planned to increase their mobile ad spend in this year. Moreover, famous social networks like Facebook and Google are also shifting more of their revenues to mobile. So it is quite apparent that mobile advertising is becoming increasingly popular day by day and is more than just a trend.

Use a mobile display advertising partner:  The advantage of these partnerships is that you can have an inventory of products at a low price and the hosting is done by the partner. Also, these types of advertising partners can help ensure your ad extents to a wider audience than other advertising forms. Additionally, features like contextual ads ensure that your ad reaches only the audience interested in your products and services, thereby providing a higher chance of activity and click-through.

Create a Native mobile Ad:  This works much like using partnerships. This form of advertising matches the website it’s running on, by being relevant to both the topic and audience. Unlike other ads, a native ad appears on the blog that has mobile phone reviews which create activity and increase click-through chances. By partnering with relevant sites in your field, you can create cost-efficient ads and target the right audience.

Take advantage of QR Codes:  A QR code is similar to the barcode on the grocery items that’s scanned in the shops before checkout. If used correctly, this form of advertising can prove to be a very effective way to drive mobile advertising.

How to take advantage of QR codes :

Match the experience: Recommend a good app to enhance user experience. Also provide a weekly bonus.

Drive the clicks to a simple yet optimized microsite: Give an offer along with a call-to-action button to encourage more sign ups.

Use real-time marketing with your ad – when customers get the code scanned, offer an instant discount to them when they present the code

Just keep the mobile experience in mind and make the most of this form of advertising.

Build a Foursquare Ad – The Foursquare ad is an easy way to target or reach customers nearby who are ready to spend on your business or are looking for similar products and services as you are offering.

This form of advertising is basically for local businesses. It helps identify local searches for consumers looking for your services and products.

Think local with your keywords – Probably the simplest and most cost-efficient way to benefit from mobile advertising.

It is to use local mobile searches as your form of organic advertising instead. Being optimized for these types of searches can help your physical foot traffic exponentially.

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