Mcafee Publishes Top Dangerous Keywords

Mcafee Publishes Top Dangerous Keywords



McAfee, creators of arguably the most bloated antivirus and spyware software suite, has recently
Unveiled a list of the most dangerous keywords to look up in search engines. The list fills Out
various niches from the obvious downloads like screensavers, free games, to celebrities, Movies and
prescription medication.

The topics are diverse, and except for Webkinz – which I admittedly had to look up, all are
Relatively popular fields of interest with some that intertwine and overlap. BTW, for those who
can’t Be bothered to look up Webkinz, it’s some sort of virtual pet site for kids or teens. The
danger In these keywords stems from an increase in the volume of search spam doorway pages, that
redirect Two volatile pages containing trojan and rootkit installers.


Mcafee Publishes Top Dangerous Keywords

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