Google Home Max is now available in Canada

Google Home Max

Google has today announced that the Google Home Max, is now available in Canada. You’ll be able to purchase the device in both “chalk” and “charcoal” at both the online Google Store and at Best Buy for $499 CAD.

Google Home Max
Image – Google

Google unveiled Google Home Max during its October 4, 2017 event and was released on December 11, 2017. It is a device with stereo speakers, an audio connector, and a USB Type-C connector intended for a wired Ethernet adapter.

Google Home Max New Update

Home Max also includes “Smart Sound”, an adaptive audio system that uses machine learning to automatically adjust sound output based on factors such as the environment and time of day.

Analysts considered Home Max to be a more direct competitor to other speaker products such as those of Sonos, as well as Apple’s HomePod. Just like Apple’s HomePod, the Home Max can tune itself for the room it’s placed in using a machine learning feature called Smart Sound. Google says Smart Sound can tune the Home Max for the audio you’re listening to, be it a song, podcast, or a phone call. It can also raise or lower the volume depending on what’s happening in your house, like turning up the volume when the dishwasher is running.

Google Home Max



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