Nokia OZO 360 Virtual Reality Camera

Nokia OZO 360 Virtual Reality Camera

Nokia OZO 360 Virtual Reality Camera


Price  – US$ 40,000.00

This 360 virtual reality camera is built for online video platforms, content distribution
networks, and over-the-top providers. OZO Deliver intelligently packages 360° video for network
delivery with high resolution and advanced functionality. Meaning bandwidth usage dramatically
decreases while ensuring an optimal viewer experience.

Key Points –

1. Enabling the efficient delivery of OZO Reality to audiences everywhere.

2. Empowering storytellers to create immersive experiences.

3. Transforming the world through awe-inspiring experiences.

4. Beautiful Design

5. Powerful control to capture and produce world-class VR video and audio.

6.  – It integrates your RAW footage with your post-production workflow and
helps you, process, edit, stitch, and encode.

7. OZO Live software – It provides live broadcasters with the power and reliability to transport
audiences into these culture-making moments in real-time.

8. OZO Player SDK – It allows app developers to easily integrate virtual and mixed reality
playback across all major VR platforms and devices while supporting standard video formats and
best-in-class OZO format extensions.

9. OZO Audio – It is advanced spatial audio technology enabling sound to be captured and played
back naturally in 360°.It is perfect for smartphone, camera and other device manufacturers.

Nokia OZO 360 Virtual Reality Camera

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