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Firefox Test Pilot Wiki

Description of Firefox Test Pilot Wiki

Firefox Test Pilot is a series of stepping stones intended to take a rough concept to a shipping Firefox feature or Add-on.

Test Pilot combines iterative prototyping, user research, and an opt-in user-facing testing platform. Experiments will go through phases which are designed to evaluate new feature concepts quickly and at low cost.

Test Pilot will let us take larger risks with product concepts, giving us an inexpensive avenue to test and validate product concepts.

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Who is the Audience for Test Pilot?

  • Test Pilot is for people who like Firefox.
  • They consciously choose to use Firefox.
  • They appreciate our unique community.
  • Not afraid of trying new things.
  • Don’t need to be technical.


Test Pilot is currently in development for Desktop Firefox. We are interested in exploring similar systems on our mobile platforms, but do not have user stories for these cases at this time.

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